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What Is Palmistry and Who Are Palm Readers?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/03/20 10:38 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/10/20 7:33 PM EST

What is Palmistry and Palm Reading?

The methodologies used to uncover the significance of mysterious past, present, or future events are commonly known as divinatory practices. Divination involves different types of psychic techniques for readings and fortune-telling. While there are dozens of kinds of psychics, this article will primarily focus on the practice of Palmistry.

Palmistry is one of the divinatory applications, which reveals your future or even your past by observing the lines and mounts on your palms.  But how does this art of telling the future really work?

In the following sections, I will explain in detail what Palmistry is all about, who palm readers are, and how the divination works. Since one of the most frequently asked questions is whether readings are accurate or not, I will also address the issue of how real palm readers are in foretelling the future.


What is Palmistry?

Palmistry is a pseudoscience, which claims that an individual’s past, present, and future is reflected in the palm. The practice is also referred to as Chiromancy or Chirology. The term “chirology” is a combination of Greek words, which can be translated as “hand divination.” The gifted people who can read palms and forecast the future are known as palmists, chiromancers, chirologists, or simply palm readers.

There is no evidence of the origin of Palmistry, but many believe that it should have started in ancient India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Babylonia, and Persia. The occult advanced and grew during the 19th century. It has been part of the culture of various countries and regions since then.

Although religious groups and certain scientific societies regard Palmistry as superstition, the practice has lots and lots of followers all around the world.

If you are wondering how the art of reading palms actually works, read on!


Who Are Palm Readers?

As mentioned in the previous section, palm readers are commonly called palmists, chiromancers, or chirologists. These are people who have been gifted with supernatural ability to interpret the physical appearance of a palm and predict possible future occurrences along with seeing the past of a given person.

Despite the fact that some palmists learn how to read different shaped palms, they also need to have an extrasensory perception to feel the energy that comes from an individual’s hand.


How Does Palmistry Work?

Each line and mount on our palms has its unique meaning, which can be used to read palms and predict the future.

But how does the divinatory practice of palmistry work in real life?

There are different techniques through which a palmist can provide readings. Generally, the shape of the palm and its physical characteristics, such as lines, planes, and mounts, are examined and interpreted. While these are some basic tools for reading the palm, the procedure might sometimes be much more advanced. For instance, some practitioners also take into account the visual features of fingers, fingernails, fingerprints, and color and texture of the palm. Some palmists might even check how flexible your hand is to uncover some additional details about you and your future.

The following are the primary characteristics, along with some meanings that a typical palmist might observe to read the palm.

  • Shape and Color of the Palm

There are four major shapes of the palm, each corresponding to one of the four elements. Along with the shape, palmists pay attention to color and undertones of the palm to link it with Earth, Air, Water, or Fire.


  • Mounts of the Palm

After examining the shape and color of the palm, it is time to observe mounts and plains. These mounts are associated with seven planets, including the Sun (Apollo), the Moon (Luna), Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Accordingly, there are seven mounts with a different location on the palm:

  1. Mount of the Sun – located at the base of the ring finger, it reveals the emotional characteristics of a person.
  2. Mount of the Moon – located at the base of the palm, the mount is linked with mysterious events and imagination.
  3. Mount of Mercury – located at the base of the pinky, it shows intelligence and wisdom.
  4. Mount of Venus – located on the ball of the thumb, it represents the love life and romantic moments.
  5. Mount of Mars – incorporates three mounts: The Mount of Inner Mars, the Mount of Outer Mars, and the Plain of Mars. They are associated with bravery and hostility, self-control and endurance, and energy and desire to fulfill goals, respectively.
  6. Mount of Jupiter – located at the base of the forefinger, it highlights the leadership and self-esteem of an individual.
  7. Mount of Saturn – located at the base of the middle finger, it is connected with moral characteristics and ethical features.


  • Lines of the Palm

There is a wide array of lines on our palms. These palmar flexion creases are not only used to identify particular medical conditions but also to foresee the future. Believe it or not, each line is associated with a specific factor that shapes our destiny.

Among so many palmar lines, there are three major ones:

  1. Heart Line
  2. Life Line
  3. Head Line

More importantly, not only the length and appearance of the individual lines but also the sum of their lengths can be used to predict some life-changing events or identify personal characteristics.

Along with the three major lines, there are other minor lines that should also be considered while reading the palm. Some of the smaller lines include:

  • Fate Line
  • Sun Line
  • Mercury Line
  • Gridle of Venus
  • Union Lines
  • Travel Lines

Note that this is just a shortlist of lines that are commonly used for palm readings. Dozens of other markings need to be considered for uncovering some of the mysterious aspects of a person.


Are Palm Readers Genuine?

Last but not least, the issue of whether palm readers are reliable and their readings are accurate should also be examined. There is no brief answer to the question since there are various factors affecting the accuracy of the readings.

One of the reasons why people do not believe in palmists is that there are plenty of scammers that play on the emotional triggers of their clients. If we neglect fraudsters who only try to take advantage of someone’s unawareness and get paid for telling a bunch of ridiculous whoppers, the art of reading palms is definitely real.

It is evident that every single palm on the planet is unique in its own way. Every mount, plain, and line is different. If the palm is read accurately, it will give an extremely explicit reading about what might happen to a specific individual.

All you need to do is to be careful while choosing a palmist. Do your research to avoid being a victim of a planned fraud and be open-minded during the séance.

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