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Difference between Psychic and Tarot Readings?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 07/12/20 10:12 PM EDT
  • Updated: 11/09/20 6:22 PM EST

What Is the Difference between Psychic and Tarot Readings?

Divinatory practices involve foreseeing the future or personal traits by following specific techniques, which might vary from culture to culture. Generally speaking, divination requires extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychic abilities to uncover mysterious occurrences. The predictions that were derived through these special mental abilities are known as Psychic Readings.

On the other hand, there are different types of methodologies that can be simply learnt. One of the most common ways to foresee the future and provide feedback on an individual’s life is to read the Tarot cards. Although some psychics might incorporate their unique abilities, Tarot readings do not require the extrasensory perception or supernatural skills. Rather, one can just acquire knowledge with practice.

Despite the fact that psychic and Tarot readings are different from each other, the two distinct methodologies are commonly misconceived. To differentiate these two techniques of fortune-telling, the article will be divided into 4 sections, including the following:

  • How Do Psychic Readings Work?
  • How Do Tarot Readings Work?
  • What Is the Difference between Psychic and Tarot Readings?
  • Are Psychic and Tarot Readings Accurate?

By exploring the topics listed above, you will get a general idea of how each type of reading works and what are the major differences between psychic and Tarot readings. Finally, the last section of the article will discuss how accurate the predictions provide by psychic and Tarot readers are.

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

Psychics can predict the future using various tools, including stones and crystals. They can also provide readings by feeling the aura and energy.

Even though psychic readings involve various materials and techniques, the main goal is almost identical: to forecast future events employing mental abilities and the energy that connects a psychic with a particular individual. The materials and techniques that a psychic might use for reading include gemstones, globular crystals, personal items, aura reading, or just touching a person.

Considering the materials being used to predict the future, psychics can be categorized:

  • Lithomancers – use different stones and gems to predict the future;
  • Crystallomancers – use a ball-shaped clear crystal to look into and foresee the future;
  • Clairvoyants – feel and read the aura of an individual through their perception and mental abilities;
  • Psychometry Readers – provide readings through physical contact to feel the energy of an individual.

Note that this is just a shortlist of psychic types. Other objects and techniques might also be used for psychic readings.

The main idea is that a psychic can predict the future through extrasensory perception and mental abilities that cannot be learnt. Psychics have been gifted with senses, which are not characteristic for ordinary people.

How Do Tarot Readings Work?

Each card of the Tarot deck is unique and reveals a personal characteristic or predicts future events.

Tarot readings also predict the future based on the meaning and position of individual cards from the Tarot deck. But what is the Tarot deck?

The Tarot deck is a set of 78 cards, which can be further categorized in the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards, which are implemented while uncovering spiritual or karmic aspects of life. These cards are considered to predict secrets with greater importance and value. On the contrary, there are 56 cards in the Minor Arcana, which are linked with personal characteristics and are used to predict day-to-day occurrences.

Each card from the Tarot deck has its unique meaning. Along with these meanings, Tarot readers consider the relative position of each card while spreading them in a specific pattern. Some of the most prevalent spreading techniques include the Celtic Cross Spread, Success Spread, Three Card Spread, Tetraktys Spread, Relationship Spread, Cross and Triangle Spread, and Past Life Spread. Every individual spread is used to explore a particular aspect of an individual’s life, such as his/her past, love life, success, and spiritual side.

Typically, Tarot readings do not require the use of psychic abilities. Instead, one can learn how to spread and interpret Tarot cards based on the meanings, positions, and neighboring cards. Still, there are some psychics who incorporate the use of Tarot cards to predict the future and uncover mysterious secrets.

What Is the Difference between Psychic and Tarot Readings?

Considering the preceding two sections, the main difference between psychic and Tarot readings should already be obvious. To make it clearer, the primary difference between psychic and Tarot readings is that psychic readings require extrasensory perception and special mental abilities. In contrast, Tarot reading techniques can be easily learnt.

Besides, the type of information that is being uncovered during the séance is also contrasting. For instance, psychic readings are significantly influenced by the emotions of a psychic, as well as an individual receiving the reading. Plus, they provide in-depth feedback on broader issues.

On the contrary, Tarot readings provide solutions to much more specific issues and are not emotionally biased. Tarot readers use specific spreading techniques to predict things linked with a particular aspect of an individual’s life.

Summing up, psychics can tell you whatever they see in your future, while Tarot readers will only examine the part of your life that you are willing to be explored. The reason for this is that psychics feel your energy and connect with you through their mental abilities. Thus, they can see each and every aspect of you. Meanwhile, Tarot readers spread cards in a pattern that can be used to foresee only one specific angle at a time.

Are Psychic and Tarot Readings Accurate?

Of course, there are dozens of scammers out there who will do their best to take advantage and make you a victim of arranged psychic fraud. But there are lots and lots of talented and experienced psychics and Tarot readers providing accurate readings and predictions.

Since psychic abilities are believed to be gifted rather than acquired, people usually think that psychic readings are more precise and real. Although Tarot readers can simply learn how to interpret different cards, predictions are still pretty accurate.

You should just find the right psychic or Tarot reader with enough expertise to provide valuable feedback on your daily life as well as the future.

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