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What Is the Meaning Behind Different Aura Colors?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/09/21 8:48 PM EDT
  • Updated: 03/08/21 8:50 PM EST

What Is the Meaning Behind Different Aura Colors?

Many of us have probably walked into a room of people, been introduced to someone new and got a bad vibe off them. Some say it’s the heebie-jeebies, others feel the hair on the back of their neck stand up. Generally, we can’t put our finger on it, but we know there is something off. This sense is what practices believe are auras.

What Is an Aura?

All living beings radiate very low levels of electricity that even scientists agree is our electromagnetic field. Our auras are these energies that we radiate. These auras are said to be in different layers and the layers are represented by a different color. The different colors and the way they interact can point to your emotional, spiritual or even physical state. First, let’s begin by looking at the different layers.


What Are the Different Aura Layers?

There are 6 aura layers around your body. Here is a brief description of each.

  • The left side of your body- incoming energy, the feminine side of your body or the yin. It is our future energy and provides insight into our feelings, imagination and our opinions of ourselves.
  • The right side of your body- outgoing energy, the masculine side of your body or the yang. It speaks of the past energy and can tell you about changes that you have experienced, your memories and other people’s opinion of ourselves.
  • The center/heart area- colors will often show in this area when your feelings and emotions are very strong.
  • The throat area- it is related to how we communicate. You may find colors are only present when we are expressing ourselves verbally and our communication is quite intense.
  • The space around your forehead and top of your head- the colors often present in a semi-circle or arch around your head. This area indicates your hopes and goals, things that you are currently working towards. Above this arch, there is the final color which is also related to your conscious but more about your present thoughts and energy. The closer the colors in these areas, the more powerful your thoughts are at the time.

Different aura experts may have different areas for the different colors, it often depends on which culture or practice they are following. For example, rather than areas around the body, some feel that the colors correspond with the chakras.


What Do the Different Aura Colors Mean?

Red Aura

Red is also the color of our Root Chakra, which keeps us grounded, so it will appear for those who are in touch with their physical self. They like turning their dreams into reality and tend to be fearless and don’t apologize for who they are. The tone of red can have different meanings. For example, if the red is darker it could indicate that you have pent up anger or that you aren’t able to let go of a traumatic experience. It may also mean that you are lacking energy.


Pink Aura

A darker pink may suggest that you aren’t taking after your mind and/or body enough. A slightly dull shade of pink points to dishonesty or perhaps an immature outlook, both of which can lead to personal problems. Baby pinks tend to show that a person is gentle, sensitive. As pink has the same vibrational frequency as green, and the heart chakra, a pink aura can mean that a person is romantic. People who have a pink aura are often good at healing others.


Magenta Aura

This color shows originality. Magenta is a combination of red and blue frequencies and is a little bit like the best of both worlds, the red of the physical self and blue of the higher conscious. They don’t like to follow the crowd and would rather look for innovative solutions, even if that means they come across as eccentric. Despite being intelligent, people often don’t understand them. If your aura is blue, you may have a good sense of humor and you are overall an optimistic person.

Orange Aura

Orange auras are all about sensuality, friendships and social interactions. An orange aura can mean a person is good at teamwork, you will notice that exchange things like time, love or even money is a simple experience. If your aura is orange, you can enjoy making friends easily, you will be hard-working but appreciate a work-life balance and you like experiencing new things. Be careful though, a low-frequency orange can point to an addictive personality or difficulties committing.


Yellow Aura

Yellow is a very confident color and radiates happiness, a good sense of self-esteem and an inspiring personality. People with a yellow aura are natural leaders because of their energy and positivity. They are motivating and extremely supportive. If you see yellow in your aura, you can enjoy inner happiness and a knack for understanding difficult situations. For darker yellows, you may be too confident or trying hard to be perfect, which causes you to be self-critical.


Green Aura

This color is associated with unconditional love, a sense of peace and balance. Those who frequently have green in their aura may be attracted to nature and healing. They are responsible and assertive. A green aura acts like a bridge from the spiritual and physical worlds. A green aura for you could mean that you are extremely creative and focused. You are probably aware of green being linked to jealousy, but this is normally a darker green.


Blue Aura

If you have a blue aura, you will be good at speaking your mind, but this is often based on your feelings rather than your intelligence or knowledge. Your relationships are very significant in your life and for you, it’s important that they are honest and open. The lighter the blue, the more positive energy and peace you radiate.


Purple Aura

Purple points to powerful people who want to make a difference in the world. They have both wisdom and intuition which enables them to see the bigger picture rather than focus on the smaller details. They are understanding and are good at picking up on other people’s energy.


Gold Aura

People with a gold aura can have incredible spiritual power, so much so that their vibrational power is frequently felt before seen. Being around or having a gold aura means you are above goodness; you are wise and full of inner peace. This rubs off on those around you.

White Aura

This is a sign of an enlightened mind, and it is a color that only appears for the lucky few. They are spiritual and receptive to the universe, they possess cosmic wisdom.

Black Aura

Black auras are extremely rare and is almost like a soulless presence. You have to remember that while your auras make be dark and suggest negative aspects, this isn’t the same as black.

Your aura colors are subject to change. It could be as simple as changing your feelings or you might need to work on cleansing your auras through meditation, visualization and healing.

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