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What Psychic Power Do I Have?

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  • Published: 08/13/21 9:33 PM EDT
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What Psychic Power Do I Have?

Have you ever noticed that you possess certain supernatural abilities? If yes, do not freak out; you have not gone crazy. Psychic abilities do exist and many experts believe that people are born with psychic powers, but not everyone is capable of unlocking and harnessing their innate ability. Contrarily, others claim that only selected people are granted psychic gifts. Besides, some professionals in the field assert that people can develop special abilities through continuous practice and patience. Overall, having a psychic power and being a bit of a woo-woo can be pretty beneficial on many occasions.

Finding your strongest supernatural power is key to further developing and enhancing your natural abilities. While things might seem a bit tricky at first glance, the task is not that challenging in reality. You just need to know how to get started and what steps to follow in order to discover and strengthen or psychic skills. If you have no idea where to start, we are here to guide you through the process.

In the following sections, we will briefly overview what psychic abilities are and how people use them to gain insights into various situations and events. Besides, we will discuss some common abilities psychics and mediums possess to help you discover your true potential as a psychic. Finally, we will list some quick and easy ways to unlock, develop, and harness different psychic powers.

Psychic Abilities: A Brief Overview

Many people believe that psychic abilities are all about witchcraft, voodoo, or necromancy. The truth is that psychic powers have nothing to do with voodoo dolls or witches. Instead, psychic skills are the innate abilities that allow us to perceive things beyond normal sensory channels. Psychics and mediums claim that supernatural powers and extrasensory abilities enable them to search for clarity in life through the use of intuition and a “self-guidance system.”

Different psychics possess unique sets of paranormal powers and they often use contrasting divination techniques to perform readings. Depending on the tools and methods psychics use and the types of questions they answer, there are specific reading services. Some of the most popular psychic reading types include Tarot reading, palm reading, numerology reading, tea leaf reading, photo reading, angel readings, animal reading, relationship readings, and deceased loved one readings.

As psychic abilities are not always that obvious and people are pretty skeptical about various paranormal phenomena, those with special gifts often ignore their real powers. Still, they usually feel that something strange is happening in their lives. For instance, some people foresee future events and their visions are particularly accurate on many occasions. Besides, others have encountered their spirit guides and spirits visit them from time to time.

If you have already experienced any paranormal phenomenon in life, you might actually possess certain psychic powers. Hence, it is the perfect time for you to explore and discover the type of ability you have been granted. We have already published our complete psychic ability list for beginners, so do not forget to check it out!

What Is My Strongest Psychic Power?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What psychic power do I have?” If yes, we’ve got you covered. This section will help you uncover your psychic abilities.

Although people typically possess more than one psychic ability, one of these powers is often more powerful than others. What this means is that a specific psychic skill can be more noticeable and insightful compared to other innate abilities.

While you can use different psychic abilities simultaneously, it is always better to unlock and harness your strongest power first. This will help you discover your other abilities and make it much easier for you to hone them. The main reason for this is that it is relatively straightforward to develop your strongest power, which acts as a foundation for your weaker skills.

Clearly, there are hundreds of specific psychic powers that people use for divination purposes. However, there are some common abilities that most psychics and mediums possess. Below is a list of abilities that includes 9 of the most widespread psychic powers. After exploring each, you should be able to tell what your strongest psychic power is.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: If none of the psychic powers listed below apply to you, it does not necessarily mean that you do not possess any supernatural abilities. You might have been gifted with special natural gifts that are not that widespread across the globe. To unlock your extrasensory gifts, you should keep exploring your inner self. Developing psychic abilities is not an overnight task and it requires willingness, patience, and constant practice. Do not give up and do your best to accomplish your goal.

1.    Clair Senses

Clair senses are among the most widespread psychic abilities that enable people to gain clarity through channels that are not related to normal sensory sources. Clair senses are often associated with extrasensory perception (ESP), sixth sense, and intuitive abilities. In a nutshell, Clair senses involve sensing things with the mind and developing feelings about events through intuition.

There are 6 main clair senses, including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizance, Clairgustance, and Clairalience. Below are brief descriptions of each.


Clairvoyance = Clear Vision

The power of clairvoyance enables people to have clear and pretty specific visions through their third eye. The visions might be about particular events, people, locations, or even objects that are distant in time or space. In some cases, visions are not like what we regularly see on a daily basis. Clairvoyant visions often include different symbols, letters, numbers, or pictures.

If you are having clear visions of the events happening in the past, present, or future, you may be a clairvoyant!


Clairaudience = Clear Hearing

Clairaudients gain psychic knowledge through various sounds, including music, words, phrases, and others. In some cases, these sounds are just thoughts that seem to be louder than what normal people experience.

If you have noticed that unfiltered words are randomly popping into your head, there are chances that you possess clairaudient abilities.


Clairsentience = Clear Feeling

Clairsentience is all about having clear feelings and sensations that are typically pretty intuitive. The feelings do not necessarily have to be physical. Instead, many clairsentients gain insights through emotional sensations. Such psychics are also known as psychic empaths as they are capable of experiencing what other people are going through.

If you have a lot of empathy for others and you sometimes feel the physical or emotional pain of those around you, you may have been gifted clairsentient abilities.


Claircognizance = Clear Knowing

Claircognizance, also known as Claircognition, is a psychic ability that allows people to gain knowledge about different aspects of life without any logic behind it. Claircognizance is all about inner knowing and is also commonly associated with intuition and gut feelings. Explaining the way claircognizants gain insights into various situations is pretty challenging and sometimes even hardly possible.

If you have noticed that your gut feelings are particularly strong and you randomly experience flashes of insights throughout the day, you may possess claircognizant abilities.


Clairgustance = Clear Tasting

Clairgustance involves gaining psychic insights by analyzing various tastes. While some people believe that clairgustants have especially sensitive taste buds, others claim that they can just differentiate tastes well enough to provide accurate readings based on such experiences. The truth is that Clairgustance does not involve an actual process of physically tasting things. Instead, clairgustants taste the energies of food, living beings, plants, places, and events without putting them into their mouths.

If you can taste energies of different objects, places, and people around you, you may actually be a clairgustant.


Clairalience = Clear Smelling

Clairalience allows psychics to gain clarity into different occurrences through specific smells. By simply smelling things, clairalients can deliver accurate readings. What makes clairalience so mysterious is that ordinary people might not even smell things that psychics do. For example, clairalient psychics often smell sulfur whenever spirits are involved. However, a normal person would not be able to detect any specific smells.

If you believe that certain smells tell you specific details about various events, objects, or people, you probably possess clairalient abilities.

2.    Mediumship

Mediumship, also known as spirit channeling, is a psychic practice that involves communication between living human beings and spirits of the dead. While there are different techniques of mediumship (meditation, trance, Ouija boards, séance tables, automatic writing), the main goal is always the same: to connect with the spirits and deliver messages from the other side of the world.

Although mediums often rely solely on spirit communication, they may also use other divination techniques in tandem with spirit channeling. For instance, empathic mediums use their psychic empath abilities while connecting with spirits of the dead, whereas clairvoyant mediums rely on their clairvoyant skills as well.

If you have already encountered a spirit before or noticed that you can actually communicate with the deceased ones, you may actually be a medium. To further advance your spirit communication abilities, you should learn how to interpret the messages that your spirit guides carry for you.

3.    Energy Medicine

Energy medicine is one of the alternative medicine branches based on a belief that individuals (healers) can direct healing energy towards the “patients” to positively charge their energy vibrations. Some of the most widespread energy medicine techniques include energy healing, spiritual healing, Reiki, Qigong, meditation, magnetic healing, crystal healing, shamanic healing, and others.

Depending on the form of energy medicine, healers use different techniques and tools to perform rituals. The process often involves observing and analyzing personal energies, enabling healers to determine what could work best for a specific patient.

Oftentimes, healers are exceptionally empathetic and they can easily pick up on other people’s energies. Some of them can detect even the tiniest shifts in energy, which makes them so good at healing people.

If you have noticed that you can easily connect with other people’s personal energies or those of divine spirits from the other world, you should definitely consider learning more about energy medicine. Learning how to heal people can be pretty beneficial for yourself and the people you really care for.

4.    Psychic Dreaming

Experts believe that every single individual projects his/her own psychic activity into the experience of dreaming. Many psychics and mediums claim that their powers are enhanced while they dream. And in some cases, psychics receive information through their dreams. Most of the time, they see pretty lucid dreams full of symbols and different types of messages. Psychic dreaming enables people with supernatural powers to gain clarity in life by interpreting their dreams and assigning specific meanings.

If your dreams are vivid and they sometimes include predictions, it means that you are receiving messages by means of dreams. The best way to enhance your paranormal abilities is to keep a dream journal and describe your dreams in great detail. Gradually, it will get easier for you to interpret your dreams and know exactly what they are trying to warn you about. Developing the ability for dream analysis will make your readings even more accurate.

5.    Astral Travel

Astra travel, also referred to as astral projection, is a psychic practice that involves intentional out-of-body (OBE) experiences during which a soul is separated from a physical body. An astral body travels throughout the universe and this is often achieved through dreams or meditation. Many psychics specializing in the field assert that astral projection allows them to visit different worlds, including heavens, hells, and astrological spheres.

To check if you possess psychic abilities to travel as an astral body, you should let your consciousness leave your physical body and explore the world around you from whole another perspective. Astral projection episodes are even more common in people who have had near-death experiences. If this applies to you, you might actually be able to view various otherworldly events from the outside of your physical body.

6.    Remote Viewing

Remote viewing (RV) is a psychic power that involves gaining insights about distant or unseen occurrences, objects, or people. Although we are listing this ability separately, it is often combined with other psychic skills for better results. Specifically, remote viewers commonly use Clair senses, especially clairvoyance. This is why remote viewing is sometimes referred to as traveling clairvoyance.

Besides, many professionals in the psychic field believe that remote viewing is linked with energy fields and vibrational frequencies. They claim that psychics pick up signals and deliver readings based on the energies they feel.

If you can seek knowledge of distant events in time and space, you probably possess remote viewing abilities. To enhance your supernatural power, you should focus on Clair senses or any other technique that works best for you.

7.    Telepathy

Telepathy describes the transmission of information from one person to another by means of thoughts and feelings. Telepathic abilities do not involve the use of any human sensory channels or physical interactions between people. Telepathy is more about thought reading through extrasensory perception or clair senses.

If you can easily read the thoughts and intentions of people around you,  there are chances that your telepathy skills are pretty powerful. Instead of ignoring this exceptional gift from the universe, you should further explore your capabilities and do your best to harness your psychic powers.

The most optimal way to master your telepathic abilities is to practice via Zener cards. You can also use any deck of cards, but the Zener deck has been designed specifically for testing extrasensory perception and the accuracy of various supernatural powers.

8.    Precognition and Retrocognition

Precognition and retrocognition are psychic abilities that enable people to foresee the future and have knowledge of the past, respectively. While precognition is often linked with trance states and dreams, retrocognition can be explained by reincarnation or déjà vu experiences. In both cases, people gain insights about various situations without physically being there or seeing things through ordinary sensory channels.

If you have ever felt like you know what happened at a particular place years ago, or you had a vision of what is going to happen in the nearest future, you may actually possess precognitive or retrocognitive psychic powers. You should pay attention to your dreams and visions in order to learn how to interpret them correctly.

9.    Psychometry

Psychometry readers use extrasensory perception to determine the history of an object by making physical contact with it. Therefore, psychometry is commonly referred to as token-object reading. Psychics who possess psychometry reading skills can discover the correlation to events in which the particular object was involved.

If you have ever touched an object and perceived its history, you definitely possess psychometry skills. You probably feel the energies and auric fields of different items, enabling you to determine past events these items were involved in. To enhance your psychometry reading abilities, practice on a regular basis and try to deliver readings using your friends’ belongings or objects that you have never seen before.

Tips to Unlock and Advance Your Psychic Power

If you have already determined your strongest psychic power using the list we have provided above, now it is time to unlock and advance your true psychic potential. As we are all unique, there are no universal tips that work for every single individual. However, there are some proven ways to strengthen your psychic skills. Here are some tips and recommendations to harness your supernatural abilities.

·       Have Faith in Yourself

You should keep in mind that believing in yourself is key to accomplishing goals and achieving success in life. If you genuinely want to develop psychic powers, you should always have faith in your capabilities. Even if things seem a bit challenging at first glance, try to view them from another perspective. There is nothing you cannot do and the same applies to the development of your innate abilities.

·       Practice Regularly

Practice is an essential aspect when it comes to unlocking and strengthening your psychic abilities. Even if you have discovered your supernatural skills, you still need to practice regularly to apply your powers to real-life situations. Believe it or not, learning how to use your psychic abilities is key to becoming a successful psychic or medium.

Some of the easiest ways to practice is to deliver test readings for your friends or family members. You can even offer your friends online Tarot reading services to make things even more straightforward. You can also use angel cards or other series of cards to master various reading techniques.

Note that you can use any medium for divination while practicing your psychic powers. It all depends on what type of readings you can deliver and which tools you prefer to use.

·       Complete Psychic Ability Tests and Quizzes

Taking a “psychic ability test” or a “what psychic power do I have quiz” will make things much more explicit and straightforward. These playing quizzes will not only help you determine what psychic powers you possess but also enable you to find quick and easy ways to strengthen them. To make the process even more enjoyable, you can even complete the quiz with friends. Comparing the results is the fun part!

·       Be Honest!

Being honest is one of the most essential factors in developing your psychic abilities. If you truly want to unlock and enhance your psychic powers, you should simply forget about cold reading and let your innate abilities guide you through the process. Otherwise, you will never be able to deliver accurate and trustworthy readings for yourself and those in need of psychic or spiritual guidance.

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