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Wheel of Fortune Tarot: Psychic Revelation

  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 09/14/21 9:33 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/01/21 9:36 PM EDT

Wheel of Fortune Tarot: Psychic Revelation

As you may already know, Tarot is one of the most widespread tools used for psychic readings and other occult practices. Initially, the Tarot was a deck of playing cards used in a couple of European countries. Later on, people started using Tarot cards for divination purposes. For that reason, illustrators initiated the production of custom decks, specifically for cartomancy and Tarot card reading. By adequately interpreting Tarot cards and spreads, one can receive comprehensive answers to a variety of questions. Luckily, a complete Tarot card interpretation and meaning is offered by Psychic Revelation, one of the best psychic reading platforms featuring a wide range of readings and individual card meanings.

In this article, we will summarize the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card meaning offered by Psychic Revelation. Since Tarot cards have contrasting meanings when they are spread in upright or reversed positions, we will teach you how to interpret the card in both orientations. Besides, the definition of the card varies depending on the matter in question. Hence, we will provide the interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune card with respect to different question topics, including love, career, finances, health, and spirituality.


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot: Psychic Revelation – Overall Interpretation & Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune is the 10th Major Arcana card in the majority of Tarot decks. The Wheel of Fortune card is commonly considered as one of the most symbolic cards among the Major and Minor Arcana cards due to so many details represented by the Wheel of Fortune card. Here is a comprehensive Psychic Revelation Tarot meaning of the Wheel of Fortune.

Typically, the Wheel of Fortune card features a six- or eight-spoked wheel representing the wheel of the goddess Fortuna. In some cases, the wheel is accompanied by a human or a Sphinx-like half-human. Some Tarot decks include the Wheel of Fortune card with letter inscriptions, T-A-R-O and T-O-R-A, clockwise and counterclockwise, respectively.

Depending on the Tarot deck you have, the Wheel of Fortune card might also depict various creatures surrounding the wheel that are linked with four fixed zodiac signs: the angel (Aquarius), the eagle (Scorpio), the bull (Taurus), and the lion (Leo). This symbolic arrangement of four elements is also known as a tetramorph.

The creatures portrayed on the Wheel of Fortune card hold books associated with the Torah, the Pentateuch of the Hebrew Bible (Five Books of Moses). It is believed that the Torah was featured on the Tarot card to communicate wisdom and self-awareness.

As you may also notice, Egyptian figures rotate in a cycle, which highlights the nature of life once again: when one comes up, the other goes down. For that reason, the Wheel of Fortune card meaning is also linked with life cycles.

Most of the time, the Wheel of Fortune card in an upright orientation indicates positive changes in life. However, these changes might also be challenging and traumatic for some people. Upright Wheel of Fortune is also related to changes, cycles, luck, fortune, fate, and unanticipated events. The Wheel of Fortune card in reverse also warns you about some changes, but these alterations will probably be linked with bad luck, bad situation, lack of faith or control, delays, or other gloomy changes. Keep in mind that the neighboring cards also influence the complete interpretation of the card. Hence, the meaning of the Wheel of Fortune card in upright and reversed orientations can be slightly altered.


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning – Upright

The Wheel of Fortune in upright tells us that our lives consist of both positive and negative aspects and we cannot really intervene in the cycle. If you are enjoying your life and everything seems to be just fine, be aware that things might get slightly worse in the nearest future. Similarly, if you are in an awkward situation, things will get back to normal eventually. The upright card suggests that the forces that control the seasonal changes are also responsible for governing our luck and fate.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – General Meaning

Generally speaking, the Wheel of Fortune card in upright tells us that things in our lives will eventually pass, whether good or bad. Since everything changes, you should always enjoy your time and simply make the most of it until it changes. Although so many aspects of your life are outside of your control zone, you should always remember that it is totally fine! Adapt to changes and maintain a positive attitude toward different events occurring around you.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Love Meaning

Our love life is full of unexpected occurrences and the Wheel of Fortune is the card that warns you about possible changes in a relationship. It does not necessarily mean that your committed relationship has come to an end. Instead, the card lets you know that you and your romantic partner might need to sit down and talk about your current issues. Sharing your feelings and re-negotiating about current challenges might help you fix your romantic relationship that is gradually falling apart. In some cases, an upright Wheel of Fortune card might also indicate that a relationship is no longer going to work for a couple. However, you might manage to get some positive reactions to actions dedicated to saving your relationship.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Career Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune in upright might be a sign that you are no longer enthusiastic about your current position at work. Even If it is an excellent job, you might still decide to leave it, just because you can no longer put your heart in it. It might also be a sign that you have reached the last state of career development: career decline. The card tells you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams. It indicates some of the biggest changes that enable you to be even more successful career-wise. This is a great time to make some moves toward positive changes in your life. Although the changes might be challenging, they will enable you to develop a variety of skills and give you room for growth.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Finances Meaning

Generally, the Wheel of Fortune is a good omen when it appears in a Tarot reading about your finances. If you have been in a financially unstable situation recently, the card tells you that things will change, probably for the better. You might achieve financial stability and finally have a prosperous period of life. However, if you have been pretty stable financially, you should expect the opposite to happen. Be ready for possible financial problems in the nearest future. Still, things will eventually get better for you.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Health Meaning

If you have been struggling with disorders or any other health issues in general, the Wheel of Fortune card indicates that the wheel is gradually turning in your favor. While the card carries a positive meaning for a person with health problems, it might not be that promising for an irritable person with no obvious health issues. If you feel like you tend to be easily annoyed, do your best to control your feelings and maintain your stress level. If you are an elderly person, you should also be extremely cautious about possible health risks. Take your time to relax and achieve inner peace through meditation or even yoga exercises.

·       Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Spirituality Meaning

In a Tarot reading about your spirituality, an upright Wheel of Fortune card means that it is an excellent time for you to grow and develop. You should make the most of every opportunity and let the universe guide you on the spiritual path. You might find a spiritual person who will assist you in the process. Do not feel scared if you find yourself surrounded by signs, symbols, and synchronicity.


The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning – Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune in reverse also tells you that something is about to change. Unfortunately, it is an indication of misfortunes and negative events happening in your life. You should not blame yourself and think that a wrong action of yours has led to this. External forces initiate these negative occurrences and you have no control whatsoever. This card teaches you that there are some aspects of life that humans’ actions cannot alter. You should learn how to let go; Otherwise, life might bring even more suffering and struggle. Do your best to forgive yourself and simply move forward. A new cycle will begin and things will get better eventually.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – General Meaning

Although reversed Wheel of Fortune is a sign that some changes are coming, the context of these changes is not that clear and obvious as depicted by the card in an upright position. However, it tells you that the changes are associated with challenges and difficulties you might face in the near future. The card might indicate that something is going to change suddenly or fall apart unexpectedly. You might feel a bit out of control due to strong external influences. The tough period predicted by the Wheel of Fortune card enables you to learn karmic lessons and prepare for ups and downs that are part of our life.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Love Meaning

If you have been struggling with your love life, it might be a sign that you are in a relationship without enthusiasm. There is a high probability that some external events are affecting your faithful relationship. If you feel like you can no longer control your love life, the loss of faith will not be helpful for sure. Instead, do your best to adapt to the changes and accept your current romantic situation. Keep in mind that a wrong action can end your relationship. Therefore, it is of huge importance to take your time and discuss some of the most critical questions with your romantic partner. Negotiating and cooperating will definitely help you fix your relationship and live a much more joyful life with a person you are truly in love with.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Career Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card in reverse might be a sign that keeping up with the changes in your career is challenging for you. The events occurring around you tend to prevent your career advancement. To escape from career confusion, you should forget your past and make decisions according to your current situation. Things that had been working for you in the past might not be that beneficial at the moment. Along with facing some serious responsibility changes, you might randomly decide to leave your current job. Not because there is something wrong with the job itself, you just no longer feel enthusiastic about your current position.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Finances Meaning

Reversed Wheel of Fortune card indicates that you will face some big changes regarding your finances. While there is a chance that your financial situation is going to improve, you should also expect unwelcome events occurring around you. This is the right time for you to deposit some money, build your savings, and increase your emergency fund. Note that you might not necessarily go bankrupt. Just be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. No matter what happens now, it will all even out eventually.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Health Meaning

Reversal Wheel of Fortune card tells you that you should seriously start taking care of your health. It warns you that resisting changes can severely affect your health status. However, you should not just accept everything that happens in your life. Instead, choose your battles wisely and be selective of the events you get involved in. Save your time and energy by fighting the problems that truly matter to you. By taking part only in the most important “battles” of your life, you can easily control your stress level and maintain a positive attitude toward different issues. Proper nutrition, enough rest and sleep, and physical exercises can help you feel better and enable you to deal with any challenges whatsoever.

·       Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot – Spirituality Meaning

The Wheel of Fortune card in reverse reminds you as an adult that you are never just a blameless victim in any event. You should always contemplate the ways you could have possibly contributed to a given situation. Always identify and face your responsibilities in any occurrence that you are somehow involved in. If you feel like the entire world is working against you and there is nothing you can do to prevent it from happening, keep calm and do not freak out. The universe might be testing your faith and patience. Take your time to strengthen your spiritual connection to your own self. Try to accept the changes and follow the flow of your life. Things will pass and you will still be able to live a joyful life.


How to Find Tarot Card Meanings on Psychic Revelation?

As we have already mentioned above, Psychic Revelation is among the top-visited psychic reading platforms with a bunch of paid services and free educational content. If you are enthusiastic about learning Tarot reading, you should first explore the meanings of different Tarot cards. Psychic Revelation provides brief descriptions of the Major and Minor Arcana cards with respect to various aspects of our life, including love, work, finances, health, and spirituality.

To find Tarot card meanings and interpretations by Psychic Revelation, you can just go to the official website at www.psychic-revelation.com. From the menu, you select the tab “Reference” and choose “Q-T” from the drop-down menu. Next, you click the link mentioning “Tarot – Interpretation” and you will be redirected to a page listing all Tarot cards from the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. To explore the meaning and interpretation of the desired card, find it in the list and proceed to the link.

Another way to find specific Tarot card meanings by Psychic Revelation is to use Google Search. By simply typing the name of the card of interest and adding “psychic revelation” to it, the description of your chosen card will be listed in the top 3 search results. For instance, if you want to learn more about the Justice Tarot card or the Temperance Tarot card, you just Google “Justice Psychic Revelation” or “Temperance Psychic Revelation” accordingly. In this way, you can save up some time and easily find whatever you are looking for.


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