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Who are Docler Holdings?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/17/20 9:04 PM EDT
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Oranum Company Overview

Docler Holdings aka Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à r.l.  is a massive conglomerate with a variety of massive media properties online. In this article about them, we will go over a few of their most well known, an adult Platform called Live Jasmin and a psychic platform called Oranum.

Oranum advertises itself as the world’s largest spiritual community with worldwide recognition for its psychics. Users can contact spiritual advisors for a range of services through a live webcam platform to talk through video chat. Their mission is to empower and inspire the spiritual community across the globe by combing ancient knowledge with modern technology.

A fun fact- Oranum featured on Christina Aguilera’s Your Body video in 2012!

What Services Does Oranum Offer?

Live psychics on Oranum often have more than one skill. They can provide love and relationship, home and family, and dream interpretation readings. There are experts in Tarot Card readings, Clairvoyance, Numerology, and Palm Reading. You will also be able to find specialists in Astrology, Rituals and Energies, Sound Healing, and Spiritual Guides. While the majority of psychics speak English, you will find some who can perform the reading in Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese.

The Oranum Blog is packed with free information on topics such as getting in touch with your intuition, overcoming the “Sunday Scaries” and easing back into the workweek, and signs of healing after a broken heart, as well as other articles on lifestyle and wellbeing.

Also on the blog, you can find your horoscopes. This can be a general weekly horoscope or one that focuses on love and relationships. There is a monthly horoscope covering a range of matters and a very interesting Chinese weekly horoscope that tells you about the impacts of the different Chinese animals on your life.

New to the Oranum Blog is a Tarot Card reading. Focus on a particular question and choose three cards. You will receive a past, present and future meaning. There is information on different cards, and tips for you to get a better Tarot Card reading. If you are interested in learning about Numerology or interpreting your dreams, you can find plenty of information here too.

How Much Does Oranum Cost?

All of the information and articles posted on the blog are free to anyone visiting the page. Even the horoscopes and Tarot Card readings are free. You can join Oranum without any cost. Once you are signed up, you can search for psychics based on what you are looking for or if you are just curious, you can look through the top 100 psychics until you find something or someone who interests you.

Each psychic will appear in a live chat room if they are online. If they are offline, you will see just a photo. Under the photo or video, you can see their fields of expertise, star rating, and the languages they speak. If you are logged on as a free member, you can join the live feed and take part in a conversation. You can choose different psychics to follow and they will be saved in your list of favorites.

If you want private chat or readings, you need to subscribe to the particular psychic, you will need to buy credits. Credits can be bought, and the general opinion is that the prices are reasonable. It costs approximately 1€ or $1.18 for one credit. Prices vary depending on the psychic, but the average is about 2.99 credits per minute. Many psychics will offer promotions and Oranum gives you 9.99 free credits when you sign up. It is true that the free credits help you explore some of the psychic’s Premium content. And the free chat helps you to get a better feel for them too.

Opinions Regarding the Quality of the Psychics

In general, the psychics on Oranum are trustworthy though there is no real way to verify this. Oranum has a screening policy but many would consider this to be a feeble attempt. The better the psychic is, the stronger their reputation, and the more money they can earn, so it makes little sense to try and scam your way as a psychic. Users can leave reviews on their experience, so it is easy to filter out those with more accurate skills. Due to readings being quite intimate, it really does help to have the option to chat before actually paying so it is unlikely that you won’t be satisfied with the quality.

The History of Oranum

Oranum was founded in 2011 by György Gattyán, a Hungarian businessman. György saw the benefits of live video streaming with his earlier webcam site- LiveJasmin. This adult content site has more traffic than even CNN. LiveJasmin and Oranum are both part of Docler Holding, which has more than 1,300 employees providing various other Internet-based services. György Gattyán’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million. Oranum brings in an estimated annual revenue of $11 million. Today, Oranum’s top competitors are Ask Now with an annual revenue of $10 million and Outlook Amusements (who own California Psychic and Psychic Encounters) with a revenue of $28 million per year.

Working for Docler Holding

The majority of employees were satisfied with their job at Docler Holding. They liked the fully stocked fridge with free fruit and free coffee too. There were plenty of social events and staff outings and the people are all friendly to work with. Though it would seem that there is little support from management. The hardest part of the job was related to Oranum and its services. 72% of employees were happy with their salary. The average annual salary for a personal assistant is $68,364 and receptionists can earn around &17 per hour.

Working for Oranum

Oranum is constantly on the lookout for new psychics and there are a number of benefits. Essentially, you are freelancing so you have the option to set your own fees. Oranum suggests you can earn up to $5 per minute but obviously that will require some time on the site to build up your fan base. There are 660 thousand active customers with approximately 1.1 million monthly sessions, so the audience is definitely there. You have access to live chat support and are paid every 15 days. One top psychic earned $16,234 in a month, which is certainly not bad from the comfort of your home.

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