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Who are Outlook Amusements?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/15/20 7:54 PM EDT
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Who are Outlook Amusements?

For 20 years, Outlook Amusements has been working towards connecting people with top-rated premier advisors so that they can enjoy a more peaceful life, increased self-awareness and more direction. It falls under the Information Technology Services Industry and the Entertainment Industry. Outlook Amusements prides itself as being no ordinary company that combines innovative solutions and a close-knit culture, caring about the well-being of clients and its staff. Outlook Amusements has two brands, California Psychics and Psychic Encounters.

What is California Psychics?

California Psychics is a platform that allows people to contact psychic advisors. You can choose from a range of reading types from love, career, and money to pets, missing loved ones, deceased, lost objects even life paths and past lives. You may also want to choose from the different psychic abilities, including clairvoyant, clairsentient, dream analysis, remote viewing, and more.

As the position of the stars and planets change, California Psychics can also provide accurate horoscopes based on the shifts of the heavenly bodies. Horoscopes can be daily, weekly or just the weekend, monthly, or yearly, with a chance for you to prepare for what is to come.

All psychics that work for California Psychics have been tested and proven to assure that they are the best in their specialties. To ensure the highest quality of professionalism, the recruitment process is tough. Each psychic must be able to pinpoint past, present and future aspects of a person’s life. Only 2 out of 100 applicants make it through the process. Since 1995, they have provided more than 6 million readings to people all over the world.

To find the right psychic, you can either use the filters on the platform or take a quiz that will help you identify your needs. Readings are then carried out by phone. There are three pricing tiers. Popular psychics cost $1 per minute. Preferred psychics have built a strong relationship with clients and cost $2 per minute. For Premium psychic readings, it costs $4 per minute. The platform also has a good range of blogs that offer advice on plenty of different topics. You can read a much more indepth review about California Psychics on our Review Page.

What is Psychic Encounters?

There are more than 250 psychics at Psychic Encounters with an equally large range of specialists as California Psychics. The platform differs in its delivery of readings as Psychic Encounters wants clients to be able to get accurate readings fast and at their fingertips. This is why you can talk to psychics via phone call or text message.

When you open the Psychic Encounters website and click on See All Psychics, you will see a list of profiles. Each one lists their fields of expertise, and two links. One link is for a phone reading and the other is for a text reading. The prices are clearly labeled on the links. If your favorite psychic is already in a reading, you can choose to be notified when they become available.

Psychic Encounters has its own app that can be downloaded from the App Store or from Google Play. This way, you are able to contact psychics 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The app has a chat feature that will store your readings for up to 60 days.

Both phone and text readings cost $0.00 per minute and Psychic Encounters boast some of the lowest prices around. For Top psychics, phone and text readings are $1.99. Payments use multi-layered digital encryption and the company name doesn’t appear on your financial statements so that you are guaranteed privacy. You can learn more about Psychic Encounters on our review page where we review them indepth.

Outlook Amusements Locations

The company has two locations. San Antonio focuses on accounting and payroll, creative services, customer service, human resources, and marketing. In Burbank, the team also takes care of HR, marketing, and customer service but also deals with analytics, technology, product management, and advisor services.

Each office has its own benefits, for example, in San Antonio, the staff has a healthy kitchen topped up with food that promotes well-being. In Burbank, they have a gym on-site and even a meditation room.

Working for Outlook Amusements

The website offers a number of benefits, plenty aimed at the culture of the company. There are yoga sessions, employee social events, dental care, free psychic readings, subsidized gym membership, and more. But the benefit that most seemed to appreciate was the free food, which leads you to question the quality of the other benefits.

Employee reviews were very mixed. Overall, the work environment seemed to be pleasant and they do work hard to create a diverse environment. However, reports of management not listening to staff ideas was a common message. There is an excellent work-life balance, but it might not be the right company if you are looking to move up the career ladder.

The average salary at Outlook Amusements is $74,000. 71% of employees considered their salary to be fair with respect to their role. Most of the positions pay between 10% and 37% more than the national average. This is with the exception of Sales Reps, Product Managers and Senior Managers, but this may vary from person to person.

Outlook Amusements Business Overview

Over the two locations, there are more than 115 staff members from writers to software architects, data analysts to quality assurance engineers.

The CEO and founder is Jason Freeland. Jason started in the psychic and astrology business in 1991 when he wrote and produced one of the first infomercials about psychics. Carrie McCray is the Vice President of Product and Portfolio Management. Isaac Abecassis is the Vice President of Technology and Daniel Perini is General Counsel and Vice President of Human Resources. The final member of the Executive team is Khali El-Hendi, the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Revenue, and Analytics.

Compared to its competitors, Outlook Amusements is doing very well. The company has an annual revenue of approximately $28 million. Its closest competitors offering similar services and employment opportunities are Psychic Source with 80 employees, Oranum with 60 employees and Hollywood Now with 50 employees. Their annual revenues are approximately $17 million, $11 million, and $9 million respectively.

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