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Who is Adrian Ross Duncan?

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  • Published: 02/05/21 2:05 PM EST
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Adrian Ross Duncan Review

Astrology is among the oldest divination practices originating from 19th-17th century BCE Mesopotamia. More specifically, Western Astrology is the system that spread from Mesopotamia to Ancient Greece, the Arab World, Greece, and Europe (Central and Western parts). Although astrology is so old, it is still prevalent nowadays. There are hundreds of thousands of astrologers, but not many of them have managed to gain worldwide fame. And even though some astrologers are renowned among different societies across the globe, some people still doubt their credibility and trustworthiness.

You might have already heard about Adrian Ross Duncan, a world-famous astrologer with over 35 years of experience working in the field. Although Duncan is so famous, people are still unsure how accurate his astrological reports actually are. The main reason for the controversy is that Astrology Answers has been offering horoscopes and astrology reports with Duncan’s signature.

However, things are a bit trickier than you might have thought initially and your first impressions may be totally wrong. Adrian Ross Duncan is a legit astrologer and if you are willing to receive guidance directly from him, you should go to AstroWOW instead of Astrology Answers. Still, the latter one is also a legit platform offering tons of astrology reports, horoscopes, and live psychic guidance.

If you are still unsure who Adrian Ross Duncan is and what his relations with Astrology Answers are, keep reading. This article will cover some facts about Adrian Ross Duncan, Astrology Answers, and AstroWOW.

Who Is Adrian Ross Duncan?

Adrian Ross Duncan is a full-time British astrologer and the author of a couple of astrology books with more than three decades of experience working in the area. Adrian was born on July 17th, 1949, in York, England. In 1971, he moved to India and started exploring astrology in greater detail. During the following 13 years, Duncan has been studying astrology in India and Britain. He also moved to Denmark and became a part-time astrological consultant within Copenhagen Astrological Association.

In 1985, Duncan became a full-time astrological consultant and was already offering consultations for a large variety of clients, including politicians, psychologists, artists, and other professionals worldwide. The experience and knowledge he managed to gain during these years were based on his astrology books, software, and reports.

From 1989 to 1991, Adrian was invited as a host astrologer for the program series “Ugebladet.” He published his first book called “Doing Time on Planet Earth” and released the book in Denmark as “Det astrologiske urværk.” You can purchase the paperback format of the book on Amazon for about $25.

Later in 1991, Duncan organized the Copenhagen Astrology Congress and invited astrologers from iron curtain countries. This was their first working visit to the West.

From 1992 to 1997, Duncan developed an astrology quiz software for a TV program. In 1995, Adrian launched his first website through which he offered various astrology-related articles, unique software, and horoscopes. The software was later translated into a few other languages, including German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Greek, and Hungarian.

To educate and train those interested in astrology, Duncan established AstrologSkolen (AKA The Astrologer School) in Copenhagen. He aimed to coach astrologers and guide them through the process of becoming successful consultants.

In 1998, Duncan moved back to England and started working as an editor for the Astrological Association of Great Britain Journal. This was the most distinguished astrology journal at that time. During the following years, Adrian developed another software called “Astrology for Lovers,” which was later translated into Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, and Greek.

From 1998 to 2002, he participated in a couple of congresses, including United Astrology Congress in Atlanta and Orlando, Norway Congress in Seattle, NCGR Congress in Boston, and Australian Congress in Melbourne.

In 2002, Duncan published his second book called “Astrology: Empowerment and Transformation.” Kindle and paperback formats of the book are available on Amazon for approx. $16 and $30 respectively.

In 2003 and 2004, Duncan created his third software called “The Astrological Calendar.” He aimed to increase the distribution of astrology reports worldwide. During the next couple of years, Duncan became a portal partner with MSN Denmark, Spray (Sweden), Lycos (UK), NetDoctor, Jubii, and Aller.

From 2009 to 2014, Duncan had been working from India on the promotion of WOW products all around the world. He also developed the second generation of WOW software and converted his products (Horoscope Interpreter & AstroCalendar) into real-time report-producing software.

In 2014, Duncan moved back to Copenhagen, where he developed the Sun Sign app for Android and iOS users. Sun Sings offers a wide range of free and premium content, including horoscopes, monthly moon reports, and daily Tarot readings. If you prefer getting astrological predictions via your PC, you can also go to

Currently, Adrian Ross Duncan works as a full-time astrologer and offers consultations both face to face and online. In a nutshell, Adrian Ross Duncan is a legit astrologer with extensive experience and knowledge in the field. His readings and predictions are 100% reliable and there is literally no reason to doubt his credibility.

For further details about Adrian Ross Duncan’s biography, click here. You should also check out this short video interview to learn more about Adrian.

What Does Adrian Ross Duncan Have to Do with Astrology Answers?

Considering the previous section of the article, it is clear that Adrian Ross Duncan is actually a genuine astrologer with extensive experience working as a full-time consultant in India, Copenhagen, and Britain. However, his name is commonly associated with cheesy email reports sent by Astrology Answers. Therefore, many people consider Duncan as a fake astrologer and do not recognize his unique set of skills and astrology-related knowledge.

However, spam letters you receive from Astrology Answers after providing your email address are not directly from Adrian Duncan. Rather, he gets a fixed monthly fee for the reports Astrology Answers sells with his signature. To make things more explicit, refer to the following sub-sections.

Adrian Ross Duncan Writes About His Relations with Astrology Answers

Since so many people were dubious about whether Astrology Answers was selling fake reports signed by Adrian Ross Duncan, Sylvia Sky decided to send him an email and reveal the truth behind the cheesy emails. In January 2016, Sylvia received a response from Duncan in which he shared all the details about his relations with Astrology Answers.

Duncan wrote that Astrology Answers has permission to use his name to promote the reports supplied by him. Although they have not parted ways with Duncan, he claims that the company has always been doing something strange.

Astrology Answers has managed to sell Duncan’s reports in the most successful way compared to other companies and Duncan had even been promoting the services through various videos. However, he mentioned in the email that Astrology Answers distributes crappy emails signed by Adrian Ross Duncan. To solve the issue, Adrian has already stipulated several conditions regarding editing and reviewing mails that would be signed by him. However, it is pretty challenging to keep track since Astrology Answers keep writing new mails on a daily basis.

Adrian claims that Astrology Answers is a great platform offering a variety of free and premium services. And if you do not want to receive random emails, you can just unsubscribe or even request a refund.

Overall, Adrian Ross Duncan only sells his reports and Astrology Answers is allowed to use his signature to promote the reports and videos supplied by him. Note that he is not responsible for the quality of services offered by the platform.

If you are not satisfied with other services offered by Astrology Answers, you should contact them at

Is Astrology Answers a Reliable Platform?

Putting things in a nutshell, Astrology Answers is a totally trustworthy astrology platform that offers a bunch of free and paid services. You gain access to your daily horoscope without even registering on the website. If you want to receive a more detailed and accurate prediction, you should create an account and pay only $4.99 per month for extended daily horoscopes. You can also get your personalized birth chart entirely for free.

If you are looking for more personalized guidance, you can contact highly experienced life psychics through Astrology Answers. Depending on your personal preferences, you can either call, chat, or send a message to a selected psychic advisor.

Overall, Astrology Answers offers tons of helpful resources, some of which are entirely free. What people do not like about the platform is that they keep sending spam emails that might be a bit frustrating sometimes. If this is the case, I would recommend unsubscribing instead of refusing to use the platform at all.

What Is AstroWOW and How Does It Work?

Although Adrian Ross Duncan is typically associated with Astrology Answers, he only supplies astrology reports and educational videos in exchange for monthly payments. Besides, it seems like Astrology Answers no longer offers reports and videos created by Duncan.

In reality, Adrian has been working hard to create one of the most useful astrology platforms on the web. In addition to that, he has developed a couple of unique software products for server-generated report production. As a result, Adrian launched his website called AstroWOW and offers a bunch of free and premium services there.

AstroWOW works similarly to any other psychic platform. If you are looking for some free horoscopes or daily reports, you can access those without creating an account. However, you will need to register on the website to get paid services.

The following subsections provide further details about free and paid services offered by AstroWOW and talk a bit more about how accurate they actually are.

Free Services Offered by AstroWOW

On, you can receive a number of free services, including the following:

  • Free Astrology-Related Articles

Adrian Duncan shares some useful articles discussing a variety of astrology-related topics and many more. Although he only shares about 6-7 articles annually, they are entirely free and you can gain knowledge of various aspects of astrology in just a couple of minutes.

  • Free Horoscopes

If you are into horoscopes, AstroWOW shares free daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes created by Adrian Ross Duncan. You can also check some general characteristics of a particular zodiac sign and see the list of celebrities born in the selected sign.

  • Free LoveMatch

If you want to calculate the cosmic chemistry between you and your partner, you can do that on AstroWOW for free. By providing your name, gender, and birthday, you can get a free reveal report.

  • Free Meditation

Adrian Duncan also shares 40-minute-long meditation audio that you can access for free. All you have to do is to find a quiet spot and relax!

  • Free AstroPage

By signing up, you can get your AstroPage completely for free. Your free AstroPage includes daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly sun signs, a personalized daily horoscope, long-term trends, a horoscope wheel, a mini astrology report. See the AstroPage video clip here.

Paid Services Offered by AstroWOW

Along with free services, AstroWOW offers high-quality premium content designed exclusively by Adrian Duncan. Some of the most popular services are provided below.

  • Premium Astrology Reports by Adrian Duncan

Adrian Duncan has designed four different astrology reports to guide you through challenges and help you gain insights into future circumstances. These reports help you identify what is going on in your life and teach you how to deal with various issues.

AstroWOW reports created by Adrian Duncan include:

  • Character and Destiny Report for $33.50 (English, Danish, Spanish)
  • Essential Year Ahead Report for $33.50 (English, Danish)
  • Astrology Calendar Report for $27.50 (English, Danish)
  • Comprehensive Lovers Report for $37.50 (English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese)

These reports are available in a variety of languages and you can also select a suitable currency, including Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Danish Krone, and Swedish Krona.

  • Premium Astrology Software by Adrian Duncan

Adrian Duncan has developed three different software programs for Windows devices. If you want to get an in-depth understanding of your birth chart and life trends, be sure to download one of the software products listed below.

  • Horoscope Interpreter Software for $89.95
  • AstroCalendar Software for $89.95
  • Astrology for Lovers Software for $89.95

These software products are available in different language options, including English, Danish, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, and Dutch. You can also choose a suitable currency when purchasing the product.

The cool thing is that you can actually save up some money when purchasing multiple software programs as a combo. So, you can pay $149.95 for two programs and $199.95 for all three of them.

  • Premium Astrology Courses by Adrian Duncan

Adrian Duncan offers 6 premium astrology courses, each for only $24.95. The courses cover topics, such as the 12 signs, the planets, the houses, the aspects, synthesis, and transits. If you want to learn more about some general elements of astrology, you should definitely consider purchasing the courses by Adrian Duncan.

  • Consultations with Adrian Duncan

If you want to receive more personalized guidance from Adrian Duncan directly, you can sign up for a consultation through his website. The types of consultations Adrian currently offers include:

  • Skype Consultation for $180.00 and follow up consultations for $130.00 each
  • In-Office Consultation in Copenhagen for $240.00 and follow up consultations for $145.00 each
  • Question Consultations via Skype from $40.00 to $70.00 (for existing clients only)

Is AstroWOW a Reliable Platform?

If you are still not sure about whether AstroWOW is a legit astrology platform or just another scam, here is a short answer for you.

AstroWOW is a reputable and trustworthy astrology website designed by one of the most prestigious astrologers, Adrian Ross Duncan. He has spent the last 35 years exploring astrology-related topics and improving his skills to provide accurate horoscopes and predictions. Adrian used all of his knowledge and experience to create the most unique and useful software programs that allow you to gain insight into your present and future life in just a couple of minutes.

Considering Duncan’s level of expertise in the field, there is no reason to doubt the accuracy and trustworthiness of the services provided by him.

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