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Who is Dawn Anne from AstrologyAnswers?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 02/12/21 10:15 PM EST
  • Updated: 02/11/21 10:24 PM EST

Who Is Dawn Anne Astrology Answers?

Dawn Anne began her spiritual career as a Tarot card reader. It wasn’t until the 1980s that she became interested in astrology feeling that her clients needed more help with the specific timing of their life’s events.

Knowing that astrology is something that must be learnt, Dawn Anne dedicated herself to astrological studies. She became certified in neuro-linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy and earnt a master’s degree in Reiki. She is the author of the best-selling book, Spirit, Mind and Money and holds intensive retreats twice a year. At least that Dawn Anne according to Astrology Answers.

According to her website, Dawn DelVecchio is a business mentor. Aside from hypnotherapy, Reiki practitioner, master tarot reader and astrologer, Dawn DelVecchio is a priestess, womb keeper and NLP life coach. Are we sure it’s the same Dawn? Yes. Dawn Anne is wearing the exact same outfit in her Astrology Answers bio as she is in her website photo.

Dawn DelVecchio’s website has a lot of talk of hiding from our true potential, spiritual awakenings and teaching the goddess ways to the next generation of female leaders. She does everything in her power, whether sacred or strategic, to fulfil her role “during this great awakening on Earth” and unfold your soul path.

She has two programs available through the site. One is a 3-month soul path program and the other is a 13-month moon priestess apprenticeship program. They are both one-on-one with Dawn either online or in-person. Dawn claims on her site that she won’t get rich from her gift— the cost is $1111 per month but you can save a bit if you pay $13,000 in full. But the 13 moons of training and sisterhood is a massive $39,000 when paid in full. Dawn also claims she isn’t in it for the fame. So, with her own successful programs, why would she need to be one of the key faces of Astrology Answers? And why the name change?


What Is Astrology Answers?

Astrology answers is a website that offers horoscopes, astrology, tarot and psychic consultations. The company believes that everyone has their potential but just needs a little help reaching it. Dawn Anne is one of 5 contributors to Astrology and there is one soul space facilitator and spiritual guide. The other 12 contributors are writers.

There is plenty of free information on the site. You can read daily and weekly horoscopes and also specific areas like love and career. You can also get a free three-card Tarot reading for free. There are some rather in-depth articles on topics like numerology and dream interpretation too. That being said, you will notice a lot of “Sign-up for” and particular readings sent to your email.


Where Does Dawn Anne Fit In?

Honestly, we aren’t too sure about this! Though she is listed as a contributor, there is no way to contact her directly. When you click on Psychics, you can choose a psychic you want to talk to, but you can’t choose to have your birth chart or horoscopes by Dawn Anne. In fact, when we requested our horoscope, a message from Cecilia popped up and we haven’t found her listed as a contributor or psychic.

Astrology Answers on Facebook is just as concerning. There are more mentions Dr Kadiri and Dr Ikeh, spell casters, than there was any mention of Dawn Anne. We did find one 2-minute video with Dawn which does verify there is some connection with Astrology Answers.


What Do People Think of Astrology Answers and Dawn Anne?

The reviews are generally quite positive. People liked the personal service provided and they found the horoscopes to be very knowledgeable. Others were pleased with the accuracy. There were even some who mentioned receiving emails with letters signed by Dawn herself.As with any business, and more so the sceptics of these practices, there were some people that have complained. The majority are unhappy with the amount of spam email they receive with offers to buy products. As this is a practice used by many con artists, it’s understandable why people may feel it’s a scam. On the other hand, these emails aren’t like many we have seen warning of curses and the need for a spell or other scare tactics.

The team does reach out to every complaint and encourage people to contact them to resolve any issues. One response made us smile when the team pointed out the unhappy customer had used abusive language and they don’t tolerate that—so there is definitely a human touch there.


Is Astrology Answers a Genuine Website?

Another reason that some feel that Astrology Answers is not real is because of the generated answers. This is also true of many sites. It would be impossible to answer every free request a website sees. So, my Tarot reading was selecting three random cards and the website provides a script for those three cards. The point of the free stuff is to get the reader motivated to sign up for paid products.

What Astrology Answers does is use well-known and genuine astrologers as social proof and therefore attract more customers. This has been confirmed by Adrian Ross Duncan who has signed hundreds of emails from Astrology Answers. He was paid a set amount by Astrology Answers to create astrology reports. We suspect that this is the same deal with Dawn Anne.

When you click on any link that says “Free Horoscope Reading from Dawn Anne” you can safely assume that it won’t be from Dawn. A woman that charges thousands per month is hardly going to sit at a computer and type responses for free. These will be computer-generated responses based on the details you provide and signed by Dawn.

That being said, most agree that the horoscopes are spot on. It might be a case of horoscope reports being created by genuine astrologers like Dawn Anne and then a good team of writers turning them into website and email content. As not all of us can afford Dawn DelVecchio’s prices, we felt it is definitely worth reading all the free horoscopes on Astrology Answers and if you are prepared for almost daily spam, go ahead and sign up for more readings.


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  1. Last night, I renewed my subscription to you Dawn and I did not get any answer from you; please check your records and get back at me.
    Thank you

  2. I had purchased a transit period guide for 12 months back in july 2021. I have gone in to my library area to find it not available for one reason or another. I dont know btu am starting to feel its a scam unfortunately. I do agree with all the free horoscopes and other things feeling they are pretty spot on. Feel played having purchased something.

  3. I found this somewhat strange that, when there is much positive happening in my life, the generated “answers” seemed very negative. There are some areas in my life, which I am in the process of adjusting and correcting; however I seem to have most of that in control. The “report” comes across as being manipulative, which may be an attempt to get people to purchase her products and services. I’ve decided to go elsewhere.

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