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Who Is Gyorgy Gattyan?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 09/18/20 3:01 PM EDT
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Who Is György Gattyán?

Though unintentionally, when we conjure up an image of a man who started his fortune offering live video streams of adult content, it may not be a positive one. György Gattyán certainly breaks the mold and seems to be more of a Christian from 50 Shades of Grey than anything else. But how did the son of a mason and homemaker get to be the third-richest man in Hungary?

György Gattyán was born on 24th May 1970 in Budapest, Hungary. His father was a mason and went one to be a construction entrepreneur and his mother was a homemaker. He studied at Semmelweis University at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science and while he remains physically active today, he didn’t choose a career in this field. He spent most of the 90s as a car salesman before switching to IT in the early 00s.

Instead, in 2001, in his early 30s, György Gattyán created the LiveJasmin. This webcam site offered adult content combined with what was then, the latest streaming technology. It quickly became apparent that the innovation and creativity behind LiveJasmin were what would take György Gattyán much further than he had expected when began his modest garage project. In 2003, the website, which had an adult entertainment reality TV based theme, went from a few hundred users to a few thousand. From there, it just kept growing Dental practice
. Remarketed as, the site has 35 million visitors each day and Alexa has listed it in the top 100 most popular websites in the last decade—worldwide.

Docler Holding

In 2008, György Gattyán founded Docler Holding Enterprise. The company took the concept and technology from LiveJasmin and used it to provide various Internet-based services. The umbrella of companies that have been created and developed through Docler Holding is more than diverse. The main entertainment company, aside from, that relies on live streaming technology is Oranum is an online psychic reading site where people can sign up to chat for free live psychics, horoscopes, and Tarot Card readings. Premium services let Oranum users receive private psychic readings via live webcams.

Aside from entertainment and technology, Docler Holding is also involved in personal development and luxury and lifestyle. The latest is il Bacio di Stile, a luxury department store with more than forty world-famous designers all under the roof of a seven-story 5,000 square meter building. Not only this, but il Bacio di Stile is situated on a World Heritage site in the heart of Budapest. The department store has luxury beauty care, a classy café, and there are plans to open a roof-top bar and restaurant.

Docler Holding Key Statistics

Docler powers one of the most visited websites in the world and the companies combines have an impressive 3% of global internet users. Here is an overview of György Gattyán’s creation:

  • Locations in Budapest, Luxembourg, and Los Angeles
  • Over 1,000 employees
  • 6 data centers and 14 Network PoPs on 5 continents
  • 1,500 physical servers and 2,000 virtual servers
  • An average of 50 million daily users
  • com- 101 employers with $57.24 million in sales per year
  • com- annual revenue of $11 million
  • The average salary for a Docler Holding employee is $68,364 and job satisfaction is high

György Gattyán: The Producer

Alongside Docler Holding, György Gattyán has produced a number of mini-series and movies. The Travelling Mouse, a 7-part mini-series, was produced in 2005. He co-produced the 11 episodes of Hungarian Folk Tales and more recently, the movie Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks. György Gattyán was also involved with the TV mini-series based on Ken Follet’s bestseller, A World Without End. Docler Entertainment produces approximately 4 to 5 films per year in Hungary and the U.S. It only makes sense that György Gattyán sits on the jury of film festivals and works with the Golden Eye Cinematography Festival and the Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles. You will also find the Docler Holding New Generation Gábor Dénes Award.

György Gattyán: The Philanthropist

György Gattyán is a strong believer in giving back and although millions are reinvested into Docler Holding, millions are also donated to charity. Here are some of the charitable acts that have been carried out:

  • Docler Blood Donation- blood donations are organized so that staff member can donate and save hundreds of lives
  • Donations for Christmas- each year, a gifting action is organized for the Children’s Clinic.
  • Donations to Orphanages- more than 114 laptops and 27 PCs, all brand new, were donated to orphanages across to country to help with distance learning. There were also 60 Teqlite tables donated.
  • COVID-19- 1000 facemasks and 100 million Hungarian Forints ($329,213) were donated to quarantine hospitals.

As if that’s not enough, The Gattyán Foundation, a separate board that handles charitable acts, made a donation to reduce the National Debt Reduction Fund of Hungary. So far, most of György Gattyán’s charity work has been based in Hungary and focused on sport and culture but as Docler Holding continues to expand internationally, The Gattyán Foundation also supports charities in Luxembourg.

György Gattyán: The Man

When not working with Docler Holding, György Gattyán is also the founder of the Prima Primissima Foundation and the Junior Prima Prize Awards which both help celebrate the achievements of people in the world of arts and culture.

He is a keen sportsman and enjoys being outside. He speaks 3 languages, English, Russian, and Hungarian which helps his love of travelling.

He has an estimated net worth of $80 million but despite this, he remains grounded. There were some tax scandals, but he has dismissed what has mostly been tabloid gossip. His appearance in Forbes as the richest man in Hungary in 2012 still only mentions the professional side of György. His celebrity status has no encouraged him to lead a life in the public eye. Aside from the odd personal photo on Instagram, his personal life is literally personal. Which makes a refreshing change compared to other millionaires. The focus today is not even on the slightly controversial beginnings of his wealth, rather what he has managed to do to make the world a slightly better place.


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