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Who is Linda G, the Comanche Psychic?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 03/18/21 10:25 PM EDT
  • Updated: 10/25/21 3:21 AM EDT

Who Is Linda G, the Comanche Psychic?

Linda G, the Comanche psychic has a colorful heritage, she has fought personal battles and read for the famous. She has also made some impressively accurate world event predictions as well as gaining a YouTube audience of over 43,000 subscribers and 14 million views. So, how did this begin and what can you expect from Linda G, the Comanche psychic?
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What Is Comanche?

Linda’s father is of Irish/Scottish descent. It was her mother’s heritage that nurtured Linda’s abilities. Her mother’s side of the family is Comanche/Mexican. The Comanche tribe dominated most of what is now northwestern Texas and some surrounding areas. Aside from being famous for their skills with horses, they followed a belief know as Animism. The spiritual idea that every natural object in the universe has a soul or spirit.

When Linda was born, her mom took her to the Comanche tribe. The tribe told her mom that she had a third eye, an invisible eye that sees beyond the normal. Located around the lower forehead, it is closely related to intuition and psychic abilities. Linda is a registered Comanche Indian.

Linda G’s Psychic Path

From the early 1980s, Linda G started psychic readings, mainly to earn an income. After being told she was a great healer, her fame as a psychic began to spread. To her own surprise, she was even reading for famous people in San Francisco and Hollywood. Instead of the glitzy lifestyle, Linda G wisely used her income from psychic readings to put herself through nursing school.

Sometimes, major life events take over and one thing gets put aside for another. Lind G stopped reading after having her children in the mid-90s. Respect to Linda G for fighting and surviving breast cancer! She found that after this experience, her psychic abilities where so much stronger and this is when she began reading again.

Linda G, the Comanche Psychic on YouTube

Within 1 minute of watching Linda G on YouTube, we are laughing. Straight away she has called out those who start insulting her on social media by calling her a fake and a fraud, “Sorry, I didn’t see the PhD after your name Mr. 2 Followers”. Linda G is not messing around.  The intro to the video also makes you feel like you are sat around her kitchen table “You met Cousin Sue”.

Her first psychic prediction is about the freezing weather in Texas. Though things are going to get worse before they get better, it will be over by the end of the week. She saw bodies leaving souls and a lot of angry people.

Linda G spends 45 minutes answering questions from her viewers. She tends to keep her answers relatively short, which allows her to get through quite a few questions. Many are related to politics but that might be because of the political turmoil. Still, there are questions about a range of different topics including free will, natural disasters for Hawaii, new medications and more.

If you subscribe to her channel, you will be able to watch videos from 2019 of Linda G predicting the pandemic and everyone wearing face masks. You can watch her accurate presidential predictions, the Boeing crash and the Tham Luang Nang cave rescue, to name a few.

In other videos, Linda G has guests, and she will also do Tarot card readings for viewer questions. On average, Linda G posts 3-5 videos a week, between 30 minutes and an hour. All of the videos create the same feeling, like you are sitting around having a chat with your neighbor. As she shuffles her cards she asks if you watched a particular show or has a little sing. She is captivating. Her huge number of subscribers and viewings is a testimony of her popularity. Although there is no feedback on her accuracy, you can only assume that a large percentage of people have faith in her readings, or she wouldn’t be so popular.

Linda G, Comanche Psychic Services

To book a session with Linda G, you need to go through Angel Heart 4 You, a store in Benicia, CA. The store offers candles, essential oils, crystals, incense and aromatherapy, and books. The store is open, but all psychic readings are carried out over the phone at the moment. A 30-minute phone reading with Linda G costs $110 and for $200, you can have an hour reading.

Linda G is also part of an annual retreat called the Scared Connection Sedona Retreat (featuring Linda Grindel and friends). It is a 4-day retreat at the Mago Center, Sedona, Arizona. The center is situated in an amazing area of red monoliths, Native American ruins and is well known for its spiritual and healing abilities. The 163 acres come with a healing garden, a lake, outdoor swimming pool and jacuzzi, a farm, 12 small vortexes, trails and everything you need to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

In 2019, Linda G provided a 2-hour intensive mediumship session to small groups, allowing people to hear from those who had passed away. Other activities included a silent sunrise meditation, star meditation, past regression, a release and manifest fire ceremony, and even a UFO watch. The 2021 dates haven’t been announced yet. If you are interested, it will set you back between $1600 to $1800 per person, meals included.

In Conclusion

Linda G respects her heritage and appreciates the spiritual connection that comes with the Comanche Indian beliefs. That being said, she certainly doesn’t flaunt it, and neither is she over the top with it. From watching her videos, you probably wouldn’t even know this fact about her.

She is also not a performer, which we certainly prefer over some of the theatrics other famous psychics use. She is honest, speaks her mind, and has so much passion for her viewers. In terms of price, we think that her sessions are quite reasonable considering her experience and the number of free questions she is able to answer in her YouTube videos.



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