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Who Is Psychic Cristine Lynn?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/05/21 8:40 PM EDT
  • Updated: 03/08/21 8:46 PM EST

Who Is Psychic Cristine Lynn?

Like so many others, Cristine Lynn has a beautiful website outlining her skills and services. As a psychic and advisor, she has decided to follow a path in life that helps others by offers intuitive insights. Her website is packed with information, but is she the real deal?

Cristine Lynn is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She is able to experience visions regarding the past, present and future. Her above-average hearing ability allows her to hear messages that others might not pick up on. And her clairsentience enables her to feel all of the energies around her, which helps with physical and emotional healing.

Aside from being a natural born empathetic medium, there is no information on how Cristine Lynn has developed her abilities over time. We know that the hustle and bustle of Washington life was too much, and she chose to move to Florida. For Lynn, the Florida lifestyle was much more suited to her needs in terms of the sunshine, history, scenery, and the close contact with nature. Being so close to the sea allows Lynn to be at one with God, her church, where she practices prayer and meditation.


Psychic Cristine Lynn Services

Also like many other psychics, Cristine Lynn’s services have been limited since the pandemic. However, she still offers a range of phone and email readings.

Telephone Readings

  • Telephone Psychic Readings- telephone readings are only available to U.S and Canada residents.
  • Yahoo Messenger- for international readings, Lynn uses Yahoo messenger.

You can book either a 30-minute reading or a one-hour reading. It’s quite nice that you get 5 free minutes with every 30 minutes that you book. Payment is always in advance and as soon as she receives a payment, she contacts you to schedule your session. 30 minutes costs $60 and one hour is $120.


Email Readings

 It’s nice that Lynn has taken the time to explain how email readings work. For those who are a little skeptical, it helps to know that email readings work by focused energy. If you take the time to concentrate on your questions when putting together your email, she can pick up on that energy and then provide you with answers. She is right in saying that email readings are often more convenient, especially when it comes to receiving your answers and choosing the best time to read them.

The minimum number of questions you can send in an email is 5. 5 questions costs $45. For 10 questions, it’s $90. It can take up to a week for Lynn to reply so perhaps not the best if you are in a hurry for insight.


Psychic Development

 If you are interested in becoming a psychic or just improving your own intuitive abilities, Lynn offers a psychic development service. You will be assessed on your senses and learn guided techniques to enhance your accuracy. This is a one-hour session costing $100.

Guided Chakra Energy Alignment

The seven chakras that run along our spine are energy wheels. They can be overactive, underactive and/or unbalanced. When energy doesn’t flow in the right way, you may experience various physical and emotional symptoms. As well as learning how to check your chakras, Lynn will help to align your energies. For a 45-minute energy session, it costs $75.

Aura Reading

A shorter session of 20-30 minutes, you will be able to get a deeper understanding of the energy fields around you and learn about what the different colored auras mean. What is fun, is that you will receive a hand-sketched copy of your aura. An aura reading costs $50.

Astrological Charts

Psychic Cristine Lynn uses modern software to create different astrological charts. There is also a good amount of information on each type of chart to help you decide which one best suits your needs. An astrological natal birth chart costs $65, as does a secondary progressed chart. If you want a synastry chart (a combination) it is $25. If you already have one of the other charts, it’s just $65.

Cristine Lynn’s site also has a ton of information on guided meditation, holistic healing and animal psychics. There is plenty of advice on choosing a psychic, the frequency of your readings and how to create questions that will enable you to get the most from a reading.


Should You Trust Psychic Cristine Lynn?

To an extent, this will depend on your own intuition, which may sound ironic! There is plenty of detail on Lynn’s site which leads you to feel that a real person has taken time to create content and genuinely wants to help. Ethically, she has the right legal disclaimer warning us that her services shouldn’t replace legal or medical advice. And you even have a link to the children’s book she has written. She is active on Facebook and Twitter, and she provides you with her email.

If we had to be concerned, it would be with the limited information about Cristine Lynn outside of her website. She claims to have worked with law enforcement on high profile missing cases. While it’s not necessary, some more information would have been nice so that we could feel a little more reassured.

Her reviews are the same. Whatever business you might be in, if potential customers can only find reviews on the website, there is no way to verify that they are real, especially when copied rather than embedded from a review site. Naturally, all of the reviews are extremely positive. She is kind, compassionate, amazing, and even has a sense of humor. She is extremely accurate and honest. We just wish that Yelp or MapQuest also had some reviews so that we could confirm what all these lovely clients were saying.

Psychic Cristine Lynn— In Conclusion

It’s a strange one. There is no reason not to trust her but at the same time, there is no reason to trust her. We definitely liked the fact that there was plenty of information and advice on the site, this worked in Lynn’s favor. Her prices are a little on the expensive side. Our advice would be to use Lynn if you have some experience with psychic readings. If this is the first time, you may want to search for a cheaper option while you master your questions.


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