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Who Is Psychic Jeffery Allen?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 02/24/21 8:34 PM EST
  • Updated: 01/25/21 8:35 PM EST

Who Is Psychic Jeffery Allen?

You only need to look at Jeffery Allen to see that he is a man of peace and tranquility. It sounds like a cliché, but Allen has the white shirt, beaded wristbands, and this tight-curled hair that makes you feel like he spends a lot of time on the beach. His happiness seems magnetic.

Jeffery Allen is a motivation speaker and life coach. Thanks to the experienced teachers he has had in his life, he is now able to share his knowledge and love for helping with the rest of the world. He is part of the Mindvalley and the creator of the Duality Energy Program. His journey is quite an extreme one as he went from a software engineer to opening a clairvoyance school in Japan—in just a decade.

He understands how much life can consume us. Technology has become a necessity, so much so that we rarely take a break from it. The fast face of work, responsibilities, obligations, all leave very little time for ourselves. Allen aims to use techniques like mindfulness to improve ‘spiritual fitness’ and understand more about the body, mind and soul.


What is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley is a platform dedicated to personal growth and an education that schools and universities often forget. There are over 10 million students taking courses worldwide and Allen is one of more than 200 authors, speakers and activists. The platform has live events, workshops, talks, and even has its own private social network for learners to connect to likeminded people around the world.

Becoming a member gives you access to more than 50 long form Quest Programs and 200 short programs in some of the following areas:


  • Positivity
  • Self-love
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Increased Energy
  • Enhanced Intuition
  • Improved Overall Health
  • Healing after Trauma
  • Growing your Finances
  • Entrepreneurial Success
  • Athletic Performance


Membership comes with a meditation app and a 22-minute personal life assessment. There are also Mindvalley events, like A-fest, which combine wellbeing and workshops with activities and parties. All in all, the platform is a fun way to start living a more fulfilling life.

What is The Duality Energy Program?

While at an A-fest event in Thailand, Jeffery Allen met Vishen Lakhia, the founder of Mindvalley. This was where the idea for the Duality Energy Program was born. Allen wanted to create a program that would bring together all of the energy tools and techniques he had been learning over the last 20 years.


The program is an 8-week online journey that is broken down into a new topic each week:

  1. Personal Presence & Energy Awareness
  2. Mental &Intuitive Clarity— Cultivating a Balanced Mind
  3. Healing Your Body— Healing Your Body & Channeling Energy
  4. Energetic Boundaries—Understanding Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries
  5. Chakra Healing for Communication & Manifestation
  6. Changing Your Beliefs— Clearing Your Filters, Reputation & Hot Buttons
  7. Using Your Intuition— Flowing with Synchronicity & Abundance
  8. Expanding Your Awareness— Connecting with Your Spirit Guides & Higher Self

You also get a ton of additional material like 8 weeks of daily recorded coaching sessions, Energy Work Q&A audios, Energy Healing Start Guide and downloadable MP3 audios for the meditation sessions. It comes with lifetime access and annual upgrades to the program.

The program is highly popular. There are 979,983 enrolled students with the materials available in 5 different languages. You can read over 8,000 stories of those who have gained from the program on the Mindvalley platform.

Considering all that both Duality and Mindvalley have to offer, the pricing is not bad at all. The Duality program costs $349 and you can pay in 3 installments of $129 if it makes life easier. Annual membership to Mindvalley is $499, and most of us spend more than this on a coffee a day.


Other Masterclasses by Jeffrey Allen on Mindvalley

The Power of Spiritual Fitness- 61,160 students

Learning about how your fitness level impacts your spiritual journey, exploring you 12 spiritual muscles, discovering the root causes of stress, depression and guilt and be guided through a 6-step process.

Embrace Your Energy Body- 769,543 students

Appreciating your own intuition and how it can be used in conjunction with 4 powerful energy tools to transform your life, clearing your energy block and what the next best steps are for you.

Jeffrey Allen Credentials

Allen studied under experts such as Michael Tamura, Mary Bell Nyman, Jim Self, John Fulton and Nassim Haramein. He has worked with clairvoyants, healers, and spiritual teachers in the United States, Europe and Japan. He has served on the board of directors for the Psychic Horizons Center, the same location in which he completed his clairvoyant training and gained his teacher’s certification. He is also the co-founder of Spirit Mind Living, Inc. and the Oneness Company.

Jeffrey Allen the Psychic

Jeffrey Allen is working to break the stereotypical image of psychics. He smiles at those that ask him the usual questions like if they are going to win the lottery or random questions about their past to confirm his skill. For Allen, being psychic is all about energy, perception and the present.

Taking lessons from Einstein, everything is energy. Energies can appear as physical aches, like the backache that has been niggling you for a while or some form of emotional trauma that may have occurred in your childhood. By noticing the energies, you are able to make a change. Perception is about tapping into your senses but also your intuition. The sixth sense that tells you something might be off. Finally, Allen focuses on the energies at present as it’s these energies that will help us to determine the right steps to take next. That being said, he also understands that the present energies can provide insights into past and future energies.

Allen’s advise is to ask the right questions of psychics, those questions that can help shift your mood, outlook, or even help you make a decision. You can focus on the predictions of energies in the future, we do it every day when looking at the weather forecast, but you will probably gain more from learning about your present energies.

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