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Who Is Psychic Katherine Glass?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 02/20/21 8:32 PM EST
  • Updated: 01/25/21 8:33 PM EST

Who Is Psychic Katherine Glass?

Katherine Glass has gone beyond psychic mediumship and has extended her passion for helping others to energy healing. She has studied clairvoyant reading and mediumship, psychic development and healing, which have led her to become an award-winning psychic. But what exactly does Katherine Glass offer, and is she as good as she claims to be?

Born into a Family of Psychics

Katherine Glass comes from a line of psychic sensitives and healers. She is related to Ralph Waldo Emerson, a transcendentalist poet and lecturer on spiritual experiences. She was born in the caul (with the amniotic sac intact), which is a sign of good luck and some even say that this is one of the earliest signs of psychic abilities. She has spent more than 20 years using her gift to help others both in-person and online.

What is the Healing Essence Center?

Along with her husband, Jonathan, Katherine Glass founded the Healing Essence Center. Jonathon brings others sets of skills to the table such as acupuncture, herbal therapies and lifestyle counseling. Together, they offer an impressive range of services including:


  • Acupuncture
  • Alchemical hypnotherapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Brennan energy healing
  • Jivatma healing
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Plant spirit medicine
  • Psychic & mediumship readings
  • Reconnective healing
  • Ultimate HCG weight loss
  • Total life cleansing

So, you can see how Glass has not only settled on just psychic readings but has continued to work on her abilities and learn how to help others through methods that many have never heard of.

The prices of services are certainly not cheap. For example, the Total Life Cleanse program that begins in January 2021 costs from $495 to $743 and even some of the cleansing products in their shop run into the hundreds. There is a 28-day program book more reasonably priced at $24.95.


Katherine Glass Services

  • Psychic Intuitive Readings- topics include things that you would expect like relationships, career, and finances but the sessions also help to guide your life direction and spiritual growth. There might be messages from a spirit while Katherine taps into your energy field.
  • Mediumistic Readings- this is a chance for you to connect with loved ones who have passed on the to the other side through Katherine. She provides loving messages and accurate information and while you may not connect with the person you are hoping to, Katherine explains that this person could lead the way to communicate with others.
  • Brennan Science Energy Healing- looking into the energy fields and the different chakras that are associated with them. this type of healing uses sophisticated healing techniques to help remove any blockages so that you feel more balanced, calmer, with more energy and a deeper connection to yourself. The number of sessions you need will depend on your own situation.
  • Reconnective healing- here, Katherine uses frequencies from a spectrum of light and information to heal. Reconnective healing works on the body and mind and the results have been seen in scientific labs.

Prices for consultations and readings range from $300 to $400.


6th Sense & Beyond

In 2013, Katherine Glass became the co-host of the Psychic Paranormal show called 6th Sense & Beyond. The show is all about learning to make the most of your sixth sense as learn from the experiences of others. Special guests have included other well-known psychics and mediums such as James van Praagh, Sterling Day and Bonnie Lee Robinson. The show has also featured other types of healers like John Boesen, a psychic handwriting analyst, astrologer Chris Flisher and Barbara Hopkins, a grief mentor.


Katherine Glass— Events

At the moment, all of the events have been postponed or switched to virtual because of the health crisis. Tickets are normally well priced at between $30 and $40. The events have special guests from other internationally recognized psychics.

Katherine is also part of a Calling in Abundance Retreat. This consists of 5 days in Costa Rica full of self-reflection and clam in order to connect with your soul. The trip is a great way to get in touch with nature but with a touch of luxury. The next retreat is planned for May 2021.


Katherine Glass—Awards

Knowing that a psychic has taken the time to train and prove their skills does bring about a sense of calm, knowing that you aren’t about to be scammed.  Glass’ awards and recognition include:

  • Tested and verified by the Certified Psychic Society
  • Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics 2016 Esteemed Member
  • Double-Tested and Validated by Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics
  • I.P Spiritual Leaders Top Pick 2018
  • Investigated & vetted by Private Eye, Best Psychic Directory
  • 2019 Psychic of the Year, Shay Parker’s Best American Psychic

Another good sign is that the Healing Essence Center and Katherine Glass Psychic Medium are both listed (although not accredited) with the Better Business Bureau.


What Are the Opinions of Katherine Glass?

Katherine has an amazing ability to connect with loved ones during both online readings and in-person readings. She has had times of surprising accuracy with things that couldn’t have come from cold readings but at the same time, she is calming and reassuring. She also has a great ability to be simultaneously funny, warm and caring. She is able to convince even the most skeptic of us in just a short period of time.

She has also done well helping others to heal and overcome their grief. Her sessions aren’t just about connecting with a loved one. Katherine uses her abilities to help people get their lives back on track and start to appreciate a happier mental and physical self.

Whether you have seen Katherine Glass on TV or heard her on the radio, you can get a sense of her honesty and genuine wish to heal. If you have been lucky enough to see her at an event or even a reading, it’s unlikely that you will regret the money spent. For some, the readings may seem expensive, but Katherine Glass is an excellent example of ‘you get what you pay for’ and I would rather spend more knowing I am going working with a tested and verified psychic than continuously losing money to scam artists.


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