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Who is Psychic Lauren Bortolami?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 02/17/21 8:29 PM EST
  • Updated: 01/25/21 8:31 PM EST

Who is Psychic Lauren Bortolami?

When Lauren Bortolami Robbins was two and a half years old, she developed double vision (a condition where people see two of everything). After this, her gift began. The first four decades of her life were spent appreciating her difference, reading for friends in school and developing her connection with god.

Bortolami is able to connect to the spirit world and relate messages to others of her spiritual experiences. In her 40s, she realized that her gifts went beyond communicating with spirits. She understood that she had lived various previous lives, and this put her in a better position to help others.

She spent years suppressing her gift but after she lost her dad and went through a difficult divorce, Bortolami opened her first location. In 2007, the Reiki Shoppe was opened. She started to help others who were going through significant trauma, even saving many who were suicidal. When her family priest reassured her that she was doing the work of God, she went on to become a tested and endorsed psychic.

By 2013, Lauren Bortolami was named as one of the top 10 psychics in the world. As well as the Reiki Shoppe, Bortolami is the founder of The Massachusetts Paranormal Team and The Spiritual Path with Lauren Robbins.

What Services Does Lauren Bortolami Offer?

Bortolami provides readings as well as teaching sessions to help others learn how to connect with the loved ones who have passed on. Sessions can be 30 minutes ($150), 45 minutes ($225 minutes) or 60 minutes ($300). Some of the sessions available include:

Intuitive (Psychic) Sessions- working with an individual and their higher selves to find out more about life topics such as career, relationships, and finance. You can ask questions and any spare time; Lauren will give you additional information.

Medium Sessions- the chance to connect with people on the spiritual side.

Reiki/Spiritual Combination Sessions- healing and channeling in one, enabling people to overcome the pain of loss. These sessions are in-person only.

Personal Clearings- when you feel like your energy isn’t quite right or that you have too much negative energy. Again, these are in-person sessions only.

Paranormal Consultations– for those who feel they have a spirit in their home and need advice on what to do.

Family Bereavement Circles- Lauren provides evidential messages to families who have lost a loved one.

Medium Group Events- these sessions can be in-person or online for 15+ people.

Spiritual Ceremonies- as an Ordained Minister, Lauren can carry out weddings, renewal of vows and end of life ceremonies.


Lauren Bortolami- Testing and Awards

Due to the high number of scammers in the psychic world, it’s reassuring to know that there are institutions that test the abilities. Not only does it bring a sense of confidence but also a degree of professionalism. Here are some of Lauren Bortolami’s most noticeable endorsements and awards:

  • Tested and endorsed once by ‘She Breathes Wellness’ and two casting agencies
  • Tested and endorsed twice by Best American Psychics, Voices Across the Veil
  • Endorsed medium for the Voices Across the Veil
  • Award for Psychic of the Week, Feb 2017, Best American Psychics
  • Award for Best Psychic Medium, 2017, Ayrial
  • Award for Psychic of the Month, July 2018, Best American Psychics
  • Award for Best Psychic Medium, January 2019, Ayrial
  • Award for Best Psychic Medium, 2020, Ayrial

Voices Across the Veil is an organization that carries out research and projects using ethical guidelines to provide evidence of mediums’ abilities. She Breathes Wellness is a community dedicated to the renewal of women’s health. Best American Psychics perform reference checks, criminal backgrounds and double test psychics, Tarot readers, animal communicators, and astrologers. One test is with a professional and the second with a volunteer. Finally, Ayrial vet’s lifestyle consultants in a huge range of different fields from mediums to feng shui masters.


What Are People Saying About Lauren Bortolami?

We tend to steer clear of reviews left on a psychic’s website as they may not always give a complete overview of people’s experiences. However, Lauren Bortolami is highly regarded. Reviews on the Best American Psychics site are glowing. People are blown away by her accuracy and being able to tell people things that would be impossible for her to know unless it was through a genuine message. She is also praised for her ethical standards and professionalism.

A lot of people talk more about the healing and comfort that Lauren Bortolami provides during the sessions. People describe her as calming, caring, and compassionate. Nobody has a bad word to say about her.


Further Help from Lauren Bortolami

Not everyone can afford sessions, and this is perfectly understandable. Considering Lauren’s ethics, she probably wouldn’t want you to. You can buy pendulum kits, protection kits and a bundle pack from her website. She has also written a book, “Who Are You? Are You a Psychic, Medium, or Other Spiritual Worker?”. It explains some of the difficult times she has been through and how she has come out of it and go on to thrive. There are also a number of radio interviews, articles, and podcasts for you to learn more.


In Conclusion

What we almost love about Lauren is her dedication to the cause. There are no cheap websites with banners flashing for free minutes. There are no eccentric shows where Lauren charms the audience with humor or dramatics. There is just a woman who is earning a living by doing something she loves, something that helps people, and something she was obviously born to do. She is one of the best in the world but this hasn’t gone to her head at all.



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