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Who is Psychic Violetta

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 02/07/21 6:20 PM EST
  • Updated: 02/12/21 6:22 PM EST

Who Is Psychic Violetta?

It’s always refreshing to see a psychic that isn’t completely over the top. We have seen enough websites with entire essays on their personal lives and the struggle they went through to learn how to appreciate their gift. Psychic Violetta is quite the opposite, so much so that we know very little about her.

The Psychic Violetta website states that she is a spirit medium offering a full psychic experience. She can provide insight into the past, present and future. We also know that she owns an antique store with her partner, where she lives, in Canada. Originally, Violetta was from Poland. What you will find on her site is an awful lot of testimonials, 5 pages in total!

We get more of an idea of Psychic Violetta from her YouTube channel. The setting is quite impressive. The walls are covered in art and there are figurines both on the table and across the mantelpiece. It’s fitting, but still not over the top. It creates a warm atmosphere but it’s not like some physics with crystal balls and gemstones.


Psychic Violetta on YouTube

One of her earlier videos was an explanation of how she carries out her readings, or what you can expect when you book a session with her. Her gold set of Tarot cards are ready in her hands, which are covered in over-sized rings. Just in front of her is a candle that she uses to cleanse her cards. She speeds through her example with a man counting as a guide for her to stop. The three cards represent his present situation— he lacks trust. The next 9 are for his future. There will be a relationship and love.

So far, we aren’t too impressed. These are quite general, and many would be able to nod in agreement. Yet, we admire her confidence with the cards. They aren’t the Rider-White set, and she doesn’t spend a great deal of time showing them to the camera, so it’s hard to always understand which cards she has drawn. All that aside, you can tell she has full faith in her readings.

Some of her videos are just with Violetta, others are with what we assume is her assistant, Tracey. Tracey is there to read out the questions and count the drawn cards. Tracey is the person who receives all of the emailed questions as Violetta’s email is more for private readings.

The one thing that stood out more than anything was the types of questions Psychic Violetta would answer. They were very much all political. On election day the whole world had political questions and it was normal for Violetta to answer questions like “Will this president cause damage to the White House before he leaves?”. But after watching three of her YouTube videos, all questions were the same. Extremely specific and a lot of them related to Polish politics. We tend to keep our eye on the world news, but we didn’t know of any of these political situations, which made it hard to fact check or look into her accuracy.

We took a closer look at her Super Bowl predictions for 2019. She said the winner would be the team with the more feminine name. Between the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots, the New England Patriots won.

What Type of Readings Can You Have with Psychic Violetta?

The readings are all the same, a double reading where several questions can be asked. Violetta then has a vision, and the answers are confirmed with the Tarot cards. The differences in the readings are in the length of time and price.

  • A 30-minute phone reading costs $100
  • A 45-minute phone reading costs $140
  • A 60-minute phone reading costs $170

Each of these options is also available by Skype and the prices are the same. Psychic Violetta does say that Skype readings are easier for both parties.

Aside from the pricing, testimonials and legal disclaimer, there is not much else on Violetta’s site. The funny thing about her testimonials is that they are all handwritten and seem to be photos, perhaps from her sign-in book. Usually, you can find a couple of review sites that have opinions of psychics, the good and the bad. We have only found one on— a daughter had ‘caught’ her 65-year-old mom on the phone to Violetta and felt it was a scam. Hardly a genuine complaint.


Psychic Violetta— In Conclusion

There are no real red flags when looking into Psychic Violetta. We live in a world where we expect everyone to have an online presence. Her website is a start but even her social media page lacks personal information. Still, one shouldn’t be punished or distrusted for this.

Her readings are not limited to any particular topic. Her advice won’t replace professional medical, legal, or financial advice. It’s a little bit of a shame that her YouTube channel is limited to political questions. We felt like we weren’t able to get a full sense of her readings when the questions were so specific to topics that were of a particular interest. Again, one could argue that it is nice to see a psychic who doesn’t just answer the typical questions.

The other thing that is very different from other psychics is that there are no free minutes or any type of discounts. There is no rule saying that you have to do this, but considering her prices are so high, it would be nice to get a little taster before committing, even if it were just a free email question. Email readings are also not an option.

As there is nothing bad said about Psychic Violetta online and her confidence when reading the Tarot cards, there is no indication that she is a fake. You won’t receive any annoying emails saying you have a curse on you, and you need Psychic Violetta to remove it. The only thing you should really bear in mind is that the readings are quite expensive for a psychic we know little about.

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