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Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/13/20 11:27 PM EDT
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There are lots and lots of murder cases that have changed the way we think about people and their capabilities. In some cases, we hear brutal and inhuman details that make our blood run cold and curdle. While some of the cases are solved and the murderers are sentenced to prison, dozens of crimes remain unsolved.

As time passes by, it is getting harder and harder to find a person who has committed the crime decades ago. One of the most horrendous unsolved cases of all time is the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, a six-year-old girl who was killed in her house in Colorado.

Although some evidence was collected at the crime scene, it was still not enough to find the murderer. The case remains unsolved even after a self-confession that ended up being false. Several psychics have also provided some valuable information about how the killer looked like. Although almost 24 years have passed since JonBenet was murdered, the case has not yet been solved and remains a mystery.

In this article, you will learn more about JonBenet Ramsey’s life and her death. You will also explore some interesting details and facts about the evidence and suspects. Finally, you will read about the involvement of psychics in the investigation of the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

Who Was JonBenet Ramsey?

Born on August 6, 1990 (Atlanta, Georgia), JonBenet Patricia Ramsey was an American child considered as a beauty queen. Her father, John Ramsey, was a businessman who moved to Boulder with his second wife, Patricia (Patsy) Ramsey. JonBenet had one brother who was 3 years older than her. Moreover, the Ramsey family lived in Boulder, Colorado, and she was enrolled in a local kindergarten at High Peaks Elementary School.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the innocent child who was murdered at the age of six. All we know is her lovely smile and exceptional beauty that helped her win the titles of America’s Royale Miss, Little Miss Colorado, National Tiny Miss Beauty, Colorado State All-Star Kids Cover Girl, and Little Miss Charlevoix.

The Death of JonBenet Ramsey?

On the night of JonBenet’s death, the only people that were in the family house were Patsy, John, and Burke. On December 26, 1996, Patsy found a long ransom letter on the kitchen staircase and this was when she noticed that her daughter was missing. Patsy called two family friends and 9-1-1 at 5:52 AM.

The family believed that JonBenet had been kidnapped and waited for the kidnapper’s instructions with the local detective Linda Arndt. Since there were no further instructions, Arndt asked the family and their friend Fleet White to search the house for any evidence that could lead to the finding of the little child. They found JonBenet’s body in one of the rooms of the basement. At that moment, her mouth was covered with duct tape, her body was wrapped in a white blanket, and there was a nylon cord around her neck and wrists.

The Evidence

Forensic investigators collected evidence at the crime scene. Some of the most valuable information was expected to be found by analyzing the ransom note, blood samples, autopsy results, and evaluating the crime scene itself. Further details on each evidence will be provided below.

  • Ransom Note

Ransom note was the very first thing the family found. The kidnappers introduced themselves as representatives of a small foreign faction. They claimed that JonBenet was safe and unharmed, and if they wanted her to see 1997, they should have withdrawn $118,000. They also requested to include thousand $100 bills and nine hundred $20 bills.

Moreover, they provided some additional instructions on how John should have delivered the money. Finally, they made it clear that JonBenet would be killed if they notified any authorities and delivered marked bills. They guaranteed that their daughter would return safe and healthy if they followed all the instructions clearly. The letter was signed with “Victory! S.B.T.C.”

You can read the transcript of the ransom note by following the link to the article on 9NEWS.

John claimed that the amount requested by the kidnappers was almost equal to what he had received for Christmas bonus the previous year. For that reason, he thought that the kidnapper could have been someone who knew the Ramsey family or had access to the information. At the same time, the police were thinking about the connection between the amount of money and Psalm 118.

Another interesting thing was that the ransom letter was too long compared to this type of notes found at other crime scenes. Both the pen and the piece of paper on which the note was written belonged to the Ramsey family. For that reason, some reported that the letter might had been written by Patsy or someone related to the family. As a result, six handwriting experts concluded that Patsy was not the one who wrote the ransom note.

  • Crime Scene Evaluation

The body was discovered shortly after 1:00 PM in the basement of the Ramsey family house. JonBenet’s dead body was swaddled in a white blanket with her mouse covered with duct tape and neck and wrists wrapped in a nylon cord. After discovering the body, John picked up JonBenet and took her upstairs. This led to contamination of the crime scene and disruption of some of the most valuable evidence.

Another important evidence was a bowl of pineapple on the kitchen table. John and Patsy claimed that they had not put the bowl on the table and did not remember JonBenet eating it. Although they reported that their son slept and only woke up several hours after police arrival, Burke’s fingerprints were found on the bowl.

  • Blood Samples

Blood samples were collected from each member of the Ramsey family. After extracting the material from JonBenet’s underwear, forensic investigators reported that there was a DNA belonging to an unknown man. The sample did not match any DNA profiles found in the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System.

The report of 2016 showed that there was evidence of two male figures except for JonBenet. New evidence can be explained by the fact that forensic analysis techniques and equipment were not that sensitive in the 90s.

Although forensic scientists managed to collect enough material to establish a DNA profile, they could not find the corresponding person(s).

  • Autopsy Results

The autopsy revealed that the cause of JonBenet’s death was asphyxia by strangulation linked with traumatic injuries involving the cranium and intracranial structures. Although there was no evidence of rape, scientists have not eliminated the possibility of sexual assault. Seminal fluid was not found, but the examination of the vaginal area showed some injuries.

The autopsy also showed that JonBenet had eaten pineapple just a few hours before her murder. It was never determined when and how JonBenet ate pineapple and why the bowl had Burke’s fingerprints on it.

Suspects and Theories of the Case of JonBenet Ramsey

Police have never stopped investigating the case of JonBenet Ramsey. Throughout the last two and a half decades, there have been various assumptions and suspects. Some of the theories and suspects will be discussed below.

  • Family Members

If we consider statistics, there is a 12-to-1 probability that a family member or a caregiver is involved in similar murder cases. Therefore, the police deemed the theory of a family member killing the little girl. Although there was no sign of forced entry, police found evidence of the staging of the crime scene. Another reason for doubting their innocence in the case was that the Ramsey family was not cooperative at the beginning of the investigation.

Police investigators stated that Burke has never been a suspect of the murder. At the time when JonBenet was killed, Burke was a 9-year-old boy who could not have done what the murderer did to her sister. After breaking silence 20 years after JonBenet’s murder, Burke seems to smile a lot during the interview. This fact made lots of people think that he might have been somehow connected to the murder.

Since the police could not prove the involvement of the Ramsey family in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey, they continued examining other theories as well.

  • Outsiders

The next theory was about the possible involvement of intruders in the case. The reason for this was the fact that police found an unknown boot mark in the basement. The investigators thought that an outsider managed to enter the basement through the broken window. But the theory was ruled out since the cobweb covering the window was intact.

Some of the suspects included the following:

– Neighbor – Bill McReynolds

– Former Family Housekeeper – Linda Hoffmann-Pugh

– Michael Helgoth

– Gary Howard Oliva

Unfortunately, police and forensics could not find any valuable evidence to prove the involvement of any of the suspects in the murder of JonBenet Ramsey.

  • John Mark Karr

On August 15, 2006, a 41-year-old man named John Mark Karr made a self-confession stating that he had drugged (or he might have used other medicaments) and sexually assaulted JonBenet Ramsey before accidentally killing her. Karr also claimed that he loved JonBenet and this was just a mishap.

The strange thing is that Karr could not describe the murder scene clearly. Besides, some of the information provided by him was not true at all. Therefore, police had to release him due to the lack of evidence that could associate him with the murder of JonBenet.

The Involvement of Psychics in the Case of JonBenet Ramsey

Psychics have been involved in the investigation of dozens of mysterious cases. They have helped the police find not only the guilty party but also missing people and dead bodies. To learn more about why psychics should be involved in police investigations, follow the link to our article.

Dorothy Allison was a self-proclaimed psychic who has helped the police investigate a series of murder cases. While some believed she could provide accurate information and assist police investigation, names that she sometimes gave were not proved helpful at all. But in 1992, Allison assisted the search for Heather Dawn Church in the Black Forest, near Colorado Springs. She provided valuable information about the possible killer that ended up being accurate.

In 1998, Allison was invited to a talk show called “Leeza,” during which she uncovered some details about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. She claimed that her parents were not involved in the murder and described a man who had possibly committed the crime. Consequently, police declined to use the information and have not considered Allison’s readings. The facial composite representing Allison’s vision can be found here.

There is another psychic named “Antphrodite who owns a YouTube channel and posts psychic readings on various unsolved murders. You can check out his readings on the JonBenet Ramsey case by following the link to the YouTube video.

Final Thoughts

The article combined some of the key facts and details about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. We have discussed several theories and suspects, along with the readings of Dorothy Allison. Even though 24 years have passed by after the murder, the case remains a mystery. Police investigators could not gather enough evidence to find the guilty party. Although forensics managed to analyze the DNA found on JonBenet’s body and underwear, they could not find a match in the DNA profile database. The fact that JonBenet’s whole family seems to be suspicious and strange makes the case even more mysterious and hard to be solved.

It can be said that the only valuable information that the police had was the appearance of a possible killer described by Dorothy Allison. The fact that the case remains unsolved makes us believe that the involvement of psychics in police investigations is sometimes crucial, especially in such strange and mysterious murders. Through extrasensory perception and supernatural powers, psychics can uncover the details that no one else can.

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