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Who owns Psychic Encounters?

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 04/30/21 10:33 AM EDT
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Who Own Psychic Encounters?

As a matter of fact, psychic readings and other related services have become incredibly popular during the last two decades. Although people have always referred to psychics, mediums, and fortune tellers for some good advice, technological advancements made the psychic industry much more sought-after like fountain pens rather than tablets for writing. Nowadays, you can receive a large variety of accurate and affordable readings without even leaving your home: a reading by phone, via e-mail, audio/video call, or live chat. Psychic Encounters is among online psychic reading platforms, offering audio call and live chat readings by professional psychics.

Obviously, being aware of the credibility of a parent company makes it much easier for us to determine the trustworthiness of a particular brand. Similarly, learning more about the owners of Psychic Encounters will enable you to tell if the psychic reading platform is worth spending your time and money.

To make things even more explicit, we have gathered some information about Outlook Amusements, the company owning Psychic Encounters. We will briefly overview the basic registration process and provide further information about the services for those who do not really know how the platform works and what it offers. Finally, we will compare two psychic reading platforms owned by Outlook Amusements and share our honest thoughts about each.


What Is “Psychic Encounters” and How Does It Work?

Psychic Encounters is an online psychic reading platform that offers a variety of reading services by real psychics worldwide. The platform aims to offer affordable, straightforward, and high-quality psychic readings with a large selection of psychic advisors. Psychic Encounters was launched in May 2016 and has been growing ever since then. Currently, the network consists of over 250 psychics who do their best to support and make their clients’ spiritual experience even more joyful.

What makes Psychic Encounters so unique is that the reading sessions cost either $0.00 or $1.99 per minute (for calls and live chat readings). This is not what you would typically see on other psychic platforms. Although various websites and apps offer readings from $0.99/min, the prices go higher and sometimes reach $30/min. Expensive as hell, right?

To get started on Psychic Encounters, you should first decide which option works best for you at the moment:

  • Consult a psychic advisor via your browser
  • Speak with a psychic advisor via your smartphone

If browsing experience makes things more convenient for you, you should simply go to the official Psychic Encounters website and create a free account. Next, you should just select a psychic or medium that seems to be suitable for you.

If you prefer communicating with psychic advisors via your smartphone, it will be better to download the app instead. The Psychic Encounters app is available for Android and iOS devices. Then, you just follow the instructions displayed on the screen and you are ready to go. Now you can consult your favorite psychic, even when you are on the go.

Check out our Psychic Encounters review article to get a better idea of how the platform works and what it offers.


The Owner of “Psychic Encounters”

Psychic Encounters is a brand owned by the company “Outlook Amusements.” The company was created in February 1994 and has been connecting people with top-notch psychic advisors ever since then. Outlook Amusements is dedicated to improving the entire experience of its clients and staff members. To ensure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of the services, the company higher passionate, team-oriented, and experienced professionals. They respect and support diversity and create a healthy environment for people with different cultural backgrounds.

Currently, Outlook Amusements owns two brands: Psychic Encounters and California Psychics. These two psychic reading platforms are among the top-rated networks offering spiritual guidance, amazing spirit messages, a wide range of psychic readings, and answers to almost any type of question. By owning these two brands, Outlook Amusements get a revenue of around $28 million annually. Nowadays, Outlook Amusements’ top competitors are Oranum and Ask Now, with annual revenues of $11 million and $10 million, respectively.

Outlook Amusements has also created an online psychic community for Spanish-speakers, Conexiones Psiquicas. The platform offers 24/7 psychic services through the official website or a one-click mobile app. although there is no live chat or phone support, Conexiones Psiquicas is still one of the best online psychic services for those speaking Spanish. For further information, explore this Conexiones Psiquicas review article by Sarah Pritzker.

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Timeline of the Development and Growth of Outlook Amusements

February 1994 – Outlook Amusements was created

January 1995 – Outlook Amusements moved into their first office in Beverly Hills

August 1995 – Outlook Amusements broadcasted their first infomercial for Psychic Encounters

June 1998 – Outlook Amusements moved into the West Hollywood office with 5 employees

June 1999 – Outlook Amusements moved into the Los Feliz office with 10 employees

January 2002 – Outlook Amusements launched their first website, 1-800-Predict

May 2002 – Outlook Amusements launched their second website,

October 2005 – Outlook Amusements moved into the Hollywood office with 50 employees

December 2006 – Outlook Amusements launched the Karma Rewards program

August 2007 – Outlook Amusements completed 1 million readings in total

June 2009 – Outlook Amusements reached 150 psychic advisors

December 2010 – Outlook Amusements moved into the Burbank office with 120 employees

June 2011 – Outlook Amusements reached 250 psychic advisors

September 2011 – Outlook Amusements created employee self-directed volunteer team, OWLS

February 2012 – Outlook Amusements launched their first in-office yoga class

June 2013 – Outlook Amusements reached 300 psychic advisors

March 2014 – Outlook Amusements held their first Office Olympics

July 2014 – Outlook Amusements launched their first official mobile site for California Psychics

June 2015 – Outlook Amusements celebrated their first Donut Day

November 2015 – Outlook Amusements launched California Psychic’s responsive website

May 2016 – Outlook Amusements re-launched Psychic Encounters

June 2016 – Outlook Amusements reached 450 psychic advisors

July 2016 – Outlook Amusements launched the live chat feature for California Psychics

February 2017 – Outlook Amusements launched Facebook live events for California Psychics

June 2017 – Outlook Amusements released their first iOS app

November 2017 – Outlook Amusements opened their San Antonio office

November 2017 – Outlook Amusements launched Conexiones Psiquicas

December 2017 – Outlook Amusements released their first Android app

February 2018 – Outlook Amusements launched GROW, a total well-being program for personal growth

May 2018 – Outlook Amusements launched video call readings for Psychic Encounters

June 2018 – Outlook Amusements reached 650 psychic advisors

September 2018 – Outlook Amusements moved into a new San Antonio office

April 2019 – Outlook Amusements celebrated their first Fiesta in San Antonio

June 2019 – Outlook Amusements reached 850 psychic advisors

June 2019 – Outlook Amusements updated their Karma Rewards program

Working for Outlook Amusements

Clearly, Outlook Amusements is among the companies working towards further growth and development in the field. The company’s primary goal is to improve its clients’ psychic experience by offering some of the best advisors with genuine psychic powers. If you are enthusiastic about becoming a member of such a great company, there are a couple of ways to work for Outlook Amusements.

  1. Become a Psychic on Psychic Encounters or California Psychics

If you are good at spirit communications and are capable of educating people on crossing over and proof of life after death, real ghosts and phantoms clearing haunted houses, you can actually start working as a psychic on Psychic Encounters or California Psychics. You do not actually have to be a medium; any psychic ability and the knowledge of reading techniques would work just fine. You just have to make sure that you can actually guide people through their extraordinary lives. Those looking for personal guidance should be able to receive high-quality readings with accurate details. Hence, if you are an intuitive psychic and would love to work for Outlook Amusements as an advisor, go ahead and contact their hiring team.

If you are a beginner, take your time to master psychic reading techniques and only apply after developing certain psychic abilities. Use online resources to view some tips for psychics. This will definitely help you become a better advisor who can actually help people with various issues in life.

  1. Work with Outlook Amusements Directly

Another way to work for Outlook Amusements is to apply for one of their job postings on their official website. They offer a couple of full-time positions at various locations. Along with creating a truly supportive environment, Outlook Amusements offers plenty of benefits, including healthcare, identity protection, employee socials, fundraising events, yoga classes, meditation rooms, fully-stocked kitchen, subsidized gym membership, dental services, free psychic readings, free parking, company-matched 401k plan, paid time off, internal wellness plan, and various volunteer opportunities.

Although employee reviews are pretty mixed, the environment at Outlook Amusements still seems to be friendly and enjoyable. The average annual salary at the company is around $75,000 and the majority of employees consider the amount as fair with respect to their position and responsibilities. Overall, Outlook Amusements is a great company to work with, allowing you to improve your work-life balance.


Psychic Encounters vs. California Psychics – What’s the Difference?

Finding a legit resident psychic in your area is not an easy job. Although there might be plenty of experienced and talented advisors in a particular city, you might not get a chance to consult them due to living too far away. Luckily, online psychic reading platforms enable us to receive a large variety of services without leaving our homes.

Psychic Encounters and California Psychics are two of the most popular psychic platforms across the globe. Although both brands are owned by Outlook Amusements, there are a couple of differences you should be aware of before consulting a psychic advisor on any of them.

Both psychic platforms feature advisors who can deliver love readings, provide career advice, and help you with evil spirits or spirit messages encounters. Some of them are exceptionally good at mind reading, while others offer incredibly accurate past life readings. The advisors are compassionate and help you understand the power of choices in life.

Psychic Encounters and California Psychics also offer the best advertising experience for the customers. Hence, website visitors will only see relevant ads rather than promotions of fake deals and inappropriate services.

The major differences between Psychic Encounters and California Psychics are listed below:

  • California Psychics comprises much more psychics and mediums than Psychic Encounters
  • It is easier to find an available psychic on California Psychics than on Psychic Encounters
  • Psychic Encounters offers readings for $0.99 and $1.99 per minute, while readings on California Psychics cost between $3.00 and $15.00 per minute
  • California Psychics offers more advanced filtering options than Psychic Encounters, allowing us to find psychics specializing in the desired field

Considering your personal preferences, you should select the psychic platform that works best for you. If you prefer paying less, Psychic Encounters is definitely for you. If you would like to have access to a larger variety of psychics, then go for California Psychics. However, you might have to pay more in this case.

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