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Why do psychics not give medical advice?

psychics wont give medical advice
why do psychics not give medical advice
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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 08/08/20 11:49 PM EDT
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Why do psychics not give medical advice?

Why psychics prefer not to give medical advice

Uncertainty during adversity is one of the most uncomfortable experiences a human can face. When our personal health or the health and wellbeing of a loved one is at risk, it’s natural to feel drawn to mediums or psychics for answers. Though many psychics can sense or intuit illness, most prefer not too. Doing so is a liability issue for the psychic as they are not qualified to make a diagnosis.

Psychics process information from multiple sources, electromagnetic fields, auras, physical and spiritual planes. Their heightened senses are a bridge between material existence and angelic realms, allowing them access to insights we might not be able to perceive on own.

Because of a psychic’s unique supernatural skills, they can cast a wider net for information. For this reason, people frequently attend readings to be screened for serious illness or receive a prognosis on a pre-existing condition. Others go in search of reassurance when faced with the possibility of losing someone dear to them to a potentially terminal illness.

Taking a question like ‘when will I die’ or ‘do I have cancer’ to a reading is not advisable as most psychics prefer not to give out this information at qtreatment alcohol rehab nj. There are certain things in life which are unavoidable, like a soul agreement to finish its journey on earth at a particular time. But for the most part, the future has not been decided.

Conscious life is cyclical, and our spirit will repeat patterns until it has fulfilled its karma by learning the lesson. However, the way this plays out is not predetermined, and so the future may change. Say, for example, you go to a reading to find out if your cancer is terminal and the psychic envisions you in a place of deep eternal peace.

One way to interpret the reading is that you have crossed over. The knowledge of your passing may result in a transcendent experience so profound it bestows you with the clarity and perspective you have always needed. As you let go of stress, grudges, resentment, life takes on new meaning, your relationships heal, and soon you are peace.

The shift creates a healthy environment in your body, facilitating a full recovery. You no longer need to cross over to feel eternal peace because the illness provoked deep emotional healing. On a metaphysical level, the only goal of the human spirit is to grow and know love, so it will conjure the necessary experience to make that happen. Your decisions determine the outcome, not just the predictions made by a psychic.

Outside of soul agreements and karma the future is not predetermined; it is evolving in real-time with the choices made by every individual on the planet, including you. Your actions can influence the energy of people you have never met and visa versa. Because of this, it’s only possible to divine potential outcomes, no one can say with 100% confidence what will happen in the future.

Consequently, for liability reasons, most psychics won’t share insight regarding death or severe illness. Extrasensory perception comes with the responsibility to care for the wellbeing of the client. Predictions about physical health and death may be detrimental to a persons wellbeing whether or not they prove to be accurate.

We live in an increasingly litigious society with claims against holistic, alternative therapists on the rise. For the sake of the client and the practitioner, it’s safer to avoid giving such critical information.

That doesn’t mean a clairvoyant won’t make a recommendation during a reading if they sense something wrong. There are countless cases of mediums who see clients on entirely unrelated issues but pick up during the process a significant imbalance in the body requiring urgent attention.

In these cases, even if the psychic can recognise the cause of the issue, they will generally not give a diagnosis. What they will do instead is urge the client to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

However, if you are interested in alternative therapies and would like the assistance of someone who is spiritually intune you can reach out to a medical intuitive (MI).

Medical intuition is steadily gaining popularity, emerging as a discipline in the field of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. The most notable MI is Caroline Myss, who for years has assisted doctors with their patients by helping with the identification of the emotional roots of the disease.

People who practice MI understand how to listen to the body. Some scan energy others prefer to channel guides for information, but all of them work to understand where the physical body is holding pain, illness, or trapped emotion.

We know from current research that acute stress, trauma, depression and anxiety cause a list of diseases. Medical intuitives can support your journey to true healing with their awareness of the emotional body. As with all psychic services, be sure to do your due diligence before employing an MI as it is still a largely unregulated field.

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