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Why Should Psychics Be Involved in Police Investigations?

psychics and police investigations
psychics and police
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  • By Cindy Simpson
  • Published: 08/09/20 2:35 PM EDT
  • Updated: 08/09/20 2:36 PM EDT
Why should police be invovled in Police Investigations?

Psychics and mediums have been popular for centuries. Even from the ancient period, people used different divinatory practices to improve the quality of life, determine specific dates for various events and rituals, and implement astrological principles to know when to plant and harvest the fields. Even in the 21st century, psychics are admired throughout the entire world.

You might think that technological advancements have changed how people perceive fortune-tellers. But the fact is that psychics and mediums have not lost popularity. Instead, the emergence of so many online platforms made psychic services even more convenient.

Due to the comprehensive nature of psychic abilities, they have been operating in various sectors since ancient times. The diversity of supernatural powers can be applied to almost any field. For that reason, many of the companies hire psychics to receive guidance and solve even the most mysterious problems.

Among many other companies, some police departments also involve fortune-tellers in investigations of peculiar cases. While the involvement of psychics and mediums can lead to solved cases, the issue of whether they should be part of police investigations remains the subject of debate.

To determine if there is any need for psychics to be a part of police investigations, the article will be divided into several sections. The first section will discuss how psychics can help the police solve various issues. The second part of the article will focus on the reliability of psychic readings and the factors that need to be considered for the successful involvement of psychics in police investigations.


How Can Psychics Help the Police Investigate Various Cases?

Considering the fact that fortune-tellers specialize in a wide array of divinatory techniques and use contrasting tools, every single psychic can contribute to police investigations in a unique way. On the other hand, some types of psychics might not even be able to offer any valuable information that can be used for solving mysterious cases.

For instance, astrologers can provide lots of useful details about an individual’s future and how one should act to make the most of his/her life. Unfortunately, psychics that specialize solely in astrology might not have the ability to foresee the future accurately or find the lost ones.

Besides, cartomancers and palm readers can also be helpful for individuals seeking some guidance. But I doubt they can help the police with serious investigations. The fact is that one can simply learn how to spread and interpret Tarot cards or even read lines and mounts on an individual’s palm. This means that they can provide readings without even being gifted with extrasensory perception. Therefore, you should know what to expect from each type of psychic to choose the one that can really help you investigate bizarre occurrences.

The following is the incomplete list of psychics that can make a significant contribution to solving crime scenes and other cases that need to be investigated.

  • Clairvoyants, Clairsentients, Clairaudients, Claircognizants, Clairgustants, Clairalients

Psychics that can be the most helpful for crime investigations are the ones feeling, hearing, or sensing various past, present, or future events. The reason why these psychics can really help the police is that they have been gifted with the ability to uncover mysterious occurrences through extrasensory perception. These skills cannot be learned. You are either gifted with psychic abilities or not.

The terms describing such psychics include:

Clairvoyance – meaning “clear vision.” Clairvoyants can obtain information about different objects, people, or events through their extrasensory perception. They can see things that ordinary people cannot even imagine.

Clairsentience – meaning “clear feeling.” Clairsentients can gain information about various objects, individuals, or occurrences by feeling energy, the presence of spirits, physical pain of another person, and even slight changes in temperature. This might be one of the most useful abilities for crime investigations.

Clairaudience – meaning “clear hearing.” Clairaudients hear certain voices predicting the future or giving insights into various situations. The sound usually comes from the deceased loved ones, either of the psychic or the one receiving the reading.

Claircognizance – meaning “clear knowledge.” Claircognizants have the ability to gain psychic knowledge about certain events without knowing specifically how they obtained the information.

Clairgustance – meaning “clear tasting.” Clairgustants possess the ability to taste a substance without putting in mouth and actually tasting it. It is believed that clairgustants manage to perceive the taste of a substance through spiritual presence.

Clairalience – meaning “clear smelling.” Clairalients are believed to be able to gain insight into mysterious occurrences by simply smelling objects or people.

  • Remote Viewers

Remote viewing is one of the divinatory techniques in which psychics gain insight into events happening away from their present location through extrasensory perception. Remote viewers do not use the same exact tools. Rather, every single psychic might have his/her unique methods for providing readings. Psychics might even use one of the abilities that we have discussed above.

Remote viewers can be considered among the psychics being able to help the police and guide them through crime scene investigations. They can also assist with finding lost people or even dead bodies.

  • Astral Projection Practitioners

Astral projection is a form of divination in which a reader leaves his/her physical body and explores the world from out-of-body location. Astral projection supposes that there is a soul or an astral body that is different from the physical body. These astral bodies can travel across the universe, through which psychics can gain insight into various inexplicable events.

The idea of astral projection is commonly associated with the techniques of different types of meditation. Due to the fact that the phenomena of astral projection cannot be explained, it is regarded, similarly to other divination methods, as a pseudoscience.

Although some might associate the out-of-body experience with hallucinations, lots of psychics and mediums have the ability to provide accurate readings by leaving their bodies and observing the scene.

  • Psychometry Readers

Psychometry reading is among the most widespread occult practices in the world. Psychic readers attempt to reveal important details about an object or an individual through physical contact. Advisors gifted with the ability to obtain information by touching objects or people can help not only individual people but also benefit police investigations.

  • Aura Readers

Last but not least, aura reading is yet another divination technique used by numerous psychics and mediums worldwide. An aura, also referred to as a human energy field, surrounds any human body and even animals. Psychics specializing in aura reading claim that they can see different characteristics of an aura, such as color, vibrational patterns, and size.

Although scientists regard an aura as a visual illusion called afterimage, lots of psychics have managed to pass various tests demonstrating their aura reading abilities. Therefore, aura readers can be considered among the psychics that can contribute to solving varying crime scenes through their supernatural abilities.


Can Psychic Predictions Be Used as Reliable Sources of Information?

Although psychics have helped millions of people worldwide, individuals still doubt the need for their involvement in police investigations. The main reason for this might be the fact that people simply do not want to take risks. And they might be true when thinking so. Without any scientific proof that psychic abilities are actually genuine and can be used as a reliable source of information, it is extremely hard to let them be part of criminal investigations.

The main problem is that some people decline the involvement of psychics in investigations without considering some options. There are various ways one can ensure that the psychics are skillful and can successfully solve crime cases. Besides, knowing how to avoid unwanted situations and preventing psychic scams from happening is key to letting the occultists investigate mysterious cases.

There is no brief answer to whether psychic readings can be used as reliable sources of information for solving even unsolved crime cases. Obviously, different factors influence the trustworthiness of psychic readings. If one ensures that the readings are derived by a gifted psychic with supernatural abilities, the predictions can be used for investigations. On the contrary, if a random psychic is allowed to participate in solving a crime scene, one might end up receiving a bunch of readings that are far from reality.

Several factors that should be considered when searching for a genuine psychic for police investigations are discussed below.

  • Psychic’s Field of Expertise

As we have discussed in the first section of the article, not every psychic can benefit police investigations. Instead, one should check the specific skills, methods, and tools used by the psychic for divination. Choosing a psychic who has been gifted with the ability to foresee some critical occurrences and find solutions to unanswered questions is essential for solving criminal cases.

  • Psychic’s Experience with Working in a Particular Field

Another factor one should always consider when choosing a psychic for police or private investigations is his/her experience with working in a specific field. Even if a psychic proclaims that he/she has abilities to derive readings through extrasensory perception, having experience is a big plus. This lets you ensure that the psychic has spent years practicing and mastering specific divinatory techniques.

The fact is that even extremely talented psychics need some time to learn how to use their abilities. Besides, they also need to practice in providing readings, since not everyone knows how to interpret the visions or senses in the right way. Even if a psychic has been gifted with extrasensory perception, he/she might not know what the meanings of the visions are.

In addition, the same visions might not necessarily carry the same meaning in different situations. That is why it is essential for a psychic to have enough experience with interpreting the readings for him/her to be able to perceive the information correctly.

  • Psychic’s Successful Readings

The number of successful readings delivered by a specific psychic is of huge importance. This is the factor that tells all about the credibility and trustworthiness of a mystic. If he/she does not have many satisfied customers or has not successfully solved cases, it means that you should avoid involving him/her in your investigation. On the contrary, if you feel like the psychic has successfully interpreted the readings and helped most of the clients, you should consider hiring him/her as your psychic advisor.

After getting further information about how successful a psychic’s readings are, you can proceed to the next two factors that will finalize the article.

  • Psychic’s Ability to Demonstrate Supernatural Skills

If you feel like you have found a psychic with the ability to provide accurate readings in the field that can be applied to the police or private investigations, it does not necessarily mean that he/she can also be useful for uncovering mysterious details about unsolved crime scenes. Rather, you still need to take a few steps before hiring and introducing him/her to the crew.

One of the best ways to check the trustworthiness of a psychic’s abilities is to allow him/her to demonstrate the skills using various methods and techniques. You should make sure the experiments are related to real investigations. In this way, you will know whether a specific psychic is suitable for completing the job.

If you see that the selected psychic could not demonstrate the skills and the results of the experiment were not accurate, you should just find another one. Having unprofessional psychics involved in investigations might lead to serious investigation mistakes. You will just end up wasting time on checking predictions that might not even correspond to the truth.

  • The Effectiveness of the Readings Delivered by a Particular Psychic

Finally, you will need to check the efficacy of the readings and predictions delivered by the psychic who managed to pass the previous steps of examination. What this means is that a psychic should know specific techniques for deriving readings, particularly for investigating crime scenes or other cases. Even if a psychic is good at helping others with their lives, he/she might not be able to uncover the information that you need to solve the issue.

Psychics involved in either police or private investigations should know exactly what type of information can be used by investigators to find the guilty party or locate missing people. Psychics might provide accurate readings regarding the case, but the information might be useless for the investigation itself.

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