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Working as a Psychic on Oranum

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Published: 12/10/20 12:51 PM EST
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Working for Oranum as a Psychic

People are into psychic readings more than they have ever been before. The main reason for this is that psychics have become much more accessible and affordable. No matter where you live, you can reach out to the top psychics 24/7. Instead of traveling to a particular advisor, you can simply connect to them remotely. Since individuals are so interested in getting quality readings online, the number of remote psychics increases rapidly.

If you have already noticed that you possess some supernatural abilities and can actually guide people through challenging periods of life, then you should probably consider becoming an online psychic. Along with being able to work from home, there are plenty of benefits of working as a remote advisor. However, you will need to carefully select the right platform that can help you grow and develop as a person and as a psychic.

Oranum is a leading psychic website offering readings over live chat. Due to its reputability and trustworthiness, many newbie psychics consider working on the platform. If you are among those, then you should definitely check out this ultimate guide and learn more about how to become a psychic on Oranum.

What Is Oranum and How Does It Work?

Oranum is a website that features hundreds of professional psychics and has been offering various reading services for over a decade. The platform aims to help people find their clarity and teaches them how to make the most of their lives.

While many psychic platforms offer live chat and audio readings, not many of them feature video chat readings. And this is what makes Oranum so unique. As soon as you launch the website, you will see the list of live psychics. After selecting any of them, you will be redirected to the psychic’s live channel. This feature allows you to see the psychic live and access the public live chat. The cool thing is that you do not need to be registered on Oranum. You can ask questions in the public chat as a guest.

However, if you want to connect to the psychic in a private chat, you should create an account and top up the balance first. Upon registration, you will receive 9.99 free credits. To consult a psychic in a private chat, you should just click on the “Start Private Show” button. The rate of the psychic will be displayed and the session will start only after your approval.

Is Oranum a Reliable Psychic Platform?

The main question people ask about psychic platforms is whether they are trustworthy or not. And believe me, you do not want to work on a platform that is not trusted by the customers. Luckily, Oranum is one of the most reputable psychic websites on the web and working as an Oranum psychic is a great honor.

But what makes Oranum so reliable?

First of all, Oranum features experienced psychics with various cultural backgrounds, meaning that it is pretty easy to find the right match for you. Another factor that makes Oranum a trustworthy psychic website is that advisors are being tested until they are allowed to broadcast on Oranum. And finally, the video chat feature enables you to see whatever the psychic is doing does while delivering your reading. You can clearly see his/her actions and reactions, making it easier for you to tell if a psychic offers a genuine reading.

Why Should I Become a Psychic on Oranum?

If you are wondering why one might want to consider becoming a remote psychic on Oranum, below are just a couple of reasons:
– Oranum comprises one of the largest spiritual communities on the web;
– Oranum is trusted by hundreds of thousands of people and currently has over 660,000 active customers;
– Oranum offers 1.1 million sessions per month;
– Working on a reputable psychic website is an honor;
– You can create a psychic account for free;
– You can set your own schedule and work from home;
– You will get paid every 15 days;
– Oranum offers payouts via paper check, PayPal, and Wire Transfer;
– Oranum offers 24/7 live support for psychics.
While these are some of the advantages of working as an Oranum psychic, you should also consider a couple of possible cons. For instance, Oranum offers psychic readings via live video chat ONLY. Therefore, you should not think of becoming a psychic on Oranum if you are not comfortable with having your camera on at all times. The good thing is that you are not required to talk. Some psychics simply type in a public or private chat and you can do the same.

How Can I Work as a Psychic on Oranum?

In this section, you will find a detailed guide on how to become a psychic on Oranum.  We have more information about working as a psychic on oranum here The process is pretty straightforward and there is nothing to worry about. Below are the steps you need to follow to successfully create a psychic account on Oranum and start delivering live video readings.

Step 1: Create a Free Psychic Account
By clicking here, you can register on Oranum as a psychic or as a psychic network. In the case of creating a psychic account, you just need to provide your screen name, email address, and password. If you run a psychic network and want to create a network account, you will just need to enter your email address and password. This will allow you to manage the details of all psychics using just a single account.After registration, you should provide your personal information, including your full name, gender, country, nationality, date of birth, and experience working as a psychic. After completing this step, you can follow the procedures listed below or reach out to customer support for detailed instructions.

Step 2: Contact Oranum Psychic Support to Activate Your Account

After registering on Oranum as a psychic, you will need to reach out to Oranum online support and ask them to activate your account. You can also talk about anything you are not sure about. The customer support team is available 24/7 and can answer any of your questions related to further procedures.

Step 3: Provide Your Billing Information Under Payout > Payout Options
For identification purposes, you will be required to provide your billing information. To do so, find “Payout” under the settings and go to “Payout Options.” If you are an individual psychic, you just need to upload the front and back of your ID, type the ID number, country, city, ZIP/postal code, and address. If you have registered a psychic network, you will need to register the company and then register the managing director or representative.
The next step in both cases is to select your payout option and get paid. However, psychic networks are also required to send invoices in order to get paid.

Step 4: Review the Work Guidelines Sent by Oranum via E-Mail
After activating your account and providing billing details, you will receive the Work Guidelines via email. You should carefully review the document and make sure you agree with every single point.

Step 5: Visit Psychic Support Chat to Pass the Internet Speed Test
The next step is the internet speed test. To pass the test, you need to contact Oranum support and wait for further instructions. There are a couple of technical requirements and recommended specifications that you can check here.

Step 6: Pass Video and Audio Tests
After completing all the steps above, you will need to pass video and audio tests. This helps Oranum ensure that the psychics can deliver quality readings with minimal interruptions during the sessions.

Step 7: Complete a Test Reading and Upload a Profile Picture
This is the most critical step. If you comply with all the requirements, you will be asked to complete a test reading prior to allowing you to work as a psychic on Oranum. If you successfully pass the test, you may be able to deliver live readings on the platform. In addition to that, you need to upload a high-quality profile picture so the customers know who they are about to talk to before accessing your life channel.

Step 8: Download OranumCam to Go Online in HD Quality
Finally, download the OranumCam app on your Windows or OSX device and enjoy your experience with Oranum. OranumCam allows you to deliver live video readings in HD quality, making the session more enjoyable for the customers.

If you have any questions on how to become a psychic on Oranum, you can feel free to reach out to the customer support team and receive detailed answers to all of your concerns.

What Should I Consider Before and After Creating a Psychic Account on Oranum?

To make your experience with Oranum even better and be able to genuinely assist your customers, here are a couple of aspects you should contemplate before creating a psychic account.
– Do not waste your time if you are not a legit psychic advisor;
– Do not apply if you are not comfortable with being on camera;
– Be oriented to helping people;
– Value your customers and never play with their emotions;
– Be nice to all of your customers;
– Initially, offer readings for an affordable price;
– Be as honest as possible;
– Always check your customer feedback to grow as a psychic.

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