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60 minute Phone Readings: Varies
Audio is recorded and Shared with you after the session ends

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You and I have a collective goal: for you to walk away from your psychic reading with clarity. If you as a client are open, relaxed, and ask the right type of questions (the “How” questions and not the “When” questions), I can tune into information that can shift you towards a positive path of growth.

My job as a psychic is to communicate clearly. Your job is to make sure that you are understanding. If you get confused or wish for more detail, it’s your responsibility to interrupt the reading and ask. There may be a few minutes at the end of the session to explain anything you might find unclear Once the reading is over, the work begins.

You’ll receive a follow-up email by the end of my day to prepare you for what’s to come. The email will include the audio recording of the session, plus a list of links to any the resources/exercises I had mentioned during the reading.

To promote empowerment and prevent codependency I limit readings to once every six months per individual. In the interim, however, it is expected that you are working on the assigned exercises so that when you come back we can evaluate your progress and move forward.

Betsy Lefae

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As a matter of fact, the majority of online psychic platforms offer reading services that last for only a couple of minutes and provide answers to questions regarding specific aspects of life. But what if you want to have a longer conversation with a spiritual advisor and receive guidance concerning different passages of your life? In this case, you should consider booking your zoom or phone reading with award-winning psychic Betsy LeFae on New York City Psychic.

To make the psychic reading even more effective and accurate, Betsy shares some free tips you should know before referring to any psychic. If you are curious about what happens in a psychic reading or want to know how to prepare for a reading, Betsy has all the answers. In the case, if you have had a bad experience with a certain psychic in the past, Betsy also provides some useful information about avoiding psychic scams and staying safe while consulting advisors.

Summing up, Betsy LeFae is one of the honest and trustworthy psychics you can ever consult. Along with her super-effective reading sessions that can guide you through the major crossroads of your life, Betsy shares plenty of useful resources completely for free. If you are looking for a reliable psychic reading, scheduling a session with Betsy on New York City Psychic is the right thing to do!

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