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  • Mediums / Spirit Messengers
  • Past Life Psychic Readers
  • Psychics / Intuitives

$90 -- $180


Please email me to schedule your session: alixflood@gmail.com

Since every reading is intuitively guided for the client on the day and time that we speak, no two are ever alike!

Below are some potential areas we may touch on during your session:

Insight Into relationships, love, romance

Twin Flame identification, healing, support

Your soul’s purpose + mission

Spiritual Coaching + development (this is a multi-session process)

Clearing unconscious shadows potentially blocking you

Healing and releasing fears

Understanding your karma (not as scary as it sounds!)

Illuminating your highest potential + gifts

Healing past lives, including past life trauma clearing

Guidance on relationships, family + career

Clearing + balancing your Chakras

Cutting cords of negative attachment

Removing entities from spaces + energy fields

Connecting you with your spirit guides

Healing messages from deceased loved ones

Animal communication + healing (we love our pets!)

Providing new tools to further support you on your path

Teaching intuitive development

And whatever else your spirit guides and higher self delivers!

NOTE: I also offer remote property clearing and healing (aka “ghost busting”)


I had the honor of being a recent guest on the lovely + light-filled podcast: “Seeds of Awakening”

Seeds of Awakening, Episode 19, Tap into Your Intuition (Spotify + Itunes)

Seeds of Awakening, Episode 18, Bonus Episode, Personal Readings (Spotify + Itunes)

Thank you!

Love + Blessings,

alexandra hope flood

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I am a second-generation intuitive, medium, and past life reader, as well as a spiritual energy healer and spiritual teacher.

I am grateful to work with hundreds of beautiful clients from all over the world.

Readings with me are always safe, loving + light-filled.

In addition to my private phone reading practice, I was the Intuitive Life Coach at All That Matters Yoga + Holistic Health Center (the largest non-residential yoga center in New England) for 5 years.

I am here to assist you in discovering your true gifts and soul’s purpose so that you can reach your fullest and happiest potential.

I can offer intuitive guidance about any issue in your life — all you have to do is ask!

There is always loving cosmic wisdom here to support us for our highest good, healing, growth, and evolution.



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