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I have studied metaphysics since the 1980’s after meeting and intuitively recognizing someone I had known in previous lives. I use tarot cards to assist clients to understand their circumstances better. To help clients integrate and understand their every day experiences, relationships, career, money, family and the way forward, I also use my psychic abilities, practical skills and intuition.

I assist clients to explore specific questions as well, with a down-to-earth, easy-going style, caring, and humor.

When I give readings I do not want to know anything about the person before I start. When someone calls me for a reading all I want is their first name and when they want to come for their appointment. I believe it is my job to give the information. Plus, knowing anything about the person I’m reading before I begin influences the reading. I start each appointment with a general reading. In many cases I can pick up on the person’s questions and what’s going on in their life as well as the outcomes before they ask their questions. I give credit to Shirlee Teabo and Elva May for this approach. They taught me how to read cards.

The experience of presenting information to the person I am reading without consciously knowing anything about them or their questions beforehand is validation for both of us that I am connected to them.

Bill Champlin

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Looking for personal growth? Enable Your Best Future. Find The Answers You Need Now!

Do you have questions about fulfillment, love life, purpose, career or finances? Looking for an accurate reading?

I offer practical guidance through Psychic Tarot Card Readings using the Brotherhood Of The Light Egyptian deck as well as your soul history (Akashic Records). My offerings also include Energy Assessments and Intuitive Spiritual Advise to guide you toward your answers and explore specific questions as well, with a down-to-earth, easy-going style, caring and humor. I will share my vast experience through many lifetimes of learning and 11 successful years reading for clients. By appointment only!


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