How much do Psychics Get paid on Oranum?

The program is slightly confusing and resets every period. At the start of a period, everyone starts at 30% commission.

Level 1 is called “Aware” and when your Earnings are below $150 dollars you earn 30%
Level 2 is called “Knowledgeable” and when your Earnings are $150 – $400 dollars you earn 35%
Level 3 is called “Wise One” and when your Earnings are $400-$800 dollars you earn 40%
Level 4 is called “Sage” and when your Earnings are $800 – $2000 dollars you earn 45%
Level 5 is called “Awakened” and when your Earnings are $2000 – $3000 dollars you earn 50%
Level 6 is called “Ascendant” and when your Earnings are greater than $3000 dollars you earn 60%

Of course! Let us assume that you earned $1400 in a given period so far. $1100 of it is level dependent income and $300 is level independent. This means that if you are at level 4 ($800 – $2000, Sage), you will receive 45% of your earnings. So, if you have a $1.99 per minute rate and someone takes you to a 5 minute Private, your total earnings for the Private would be: $1.99 x 5 x 45% = $4.4775. (After this Private your overall income would be $1404.4775 and the total level dependent income of this is $1104.4775)

How Often do Psychics Get Paid on Oranum?

You are paid twice a month. Each month consists of two Periods. The first period is the 1st – 15th of the month and the second period is the 16th – last day of the month.

The minimum payout for psychics on Oranum is $100 dollars a period. If you reach this minimum payout amount, you will reache your payout on the 10th day of the following month for Period 1 and the 25th day of the following month for Period 2. For Example If you earned $500 dollars Jan 1st to Jan 15th, You would be paid out on February 10th of the following month. Basically a 3.5 week payment lag. This gives Oranum time to check for fraud and deal with refunds/chargebacks.

For more information about working as a psychic on Oranum Click Here 

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What can I set my Rates at?

You can set your rates as low as $0.39 / minute and as high as $9.99/minute

Where do I apply to work as a Psychic on Oranum?

Click here to Apply to work as a Psychic at Oranum Today

*If this is the first time you’ve ever signed up for Oranum, please contact us on our Contact Form Here and let us know. We have recently negotiated with them that any psychics who Join via our website will receive VIP support and other perks.


What are my Payment Options at Oranum?

Oranum pays psychics via Payoneer, Paypal or wire transfer. These are the most common payment methods. They are all tried, trusted and true.

Are Chargebacks Taken out?

Yes Chargebacks are taken out.

Oranum Psychic Support

Oranum Psychic Support is 24/7 via a customer Service Chat App, Quite Basic but when tested, they responded reasonably quickly. At this point we do not have any information leading us to believe they offer email or telephone support.

You can reach Oranum Psychic Support once logged in, by clicking here

Money Making Advice and Tips when working with Oranum

Oranum says The amount of money you make is completely up to you. Make sure your live shows have the best possible quality video and that you are engaging. There are tricks that they claim will boost your income.

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