Submit Your Psychic Business

Please Read First

We get hundreds of Psychics submitting their businesses every month and we will try to review them all and add them to our psychic directories as fast as we can. Once your site has been submitted all you have to do is sit back and wait. Once the site is online and approved, we will send you an email letting you know.

Requirements to be Listed on

  1. You must use your real first name and last name.
  2. You must own a website.
  3. Your Website cannot just be a link to a psychic network or directory etc.
  4. Your Website cannot be your twitter/instagram/facebook account.
  5. You must upload a Photo of yourself.
  6. You must link back to our website first, if we do not see your link, we cannot do your review.
  7. Your website must present you as a psychic, medium, medical intuitive, or tarot reader, etc.

Important Points

  1. If you remove our link from our website, your listing comes back automatically via our software detection.
  2. If you have plenty of negative reviews about your service or a poor BBB rating, we will not review you.
  3. We will not list anyone that participates in spell casting or curse removals etc.
  4. If your Information Changes, Contact us so we can update it.
  5. We have the right to remove your link at anytime and for any reason. This is a Free Service.
  6. Click Here to Add Your Psychic Business to Our Directory