Psychic Reviews

On this site, you`ll find trustworthy reviews from our team of experts in the field of spirituality, astrology, and psychics! We aim to present you research and background information about online psychics, psychics by location, psychic apps, psychic websites, astrology websites, free psychic readings, and free tarot readings.

We offer you clear background information on each of these sections, so that you can decide for yourself, where you want to put your money. In the online space it can be difficult to find the best psychics and readers. That´s why we created this site, so that you can form an informed opinion and know where to find the best psychics, by avoiding the 'odd ones'.

The reviews about psychic websites are here to guide you through the jungle of websites, offering psychic services. Most of them differ in their quality and the range of services. We aim to give the best overview possible so that you get what you are looking for! Psychic Websites are websites from psychics working as individuals as well as websites from companies offering psychic services and the like.

In the psychic apps section we present you the best psychic apps, and review the ones that don´t offer the best services. With apps it´s the same as with websites, there is many out there and it can be hard to choose the right one for you. Before you spend your money on readings that are being offered on psychic apps, read through our reviews and know what you are getting into, as the technology and services vary heavily on each psychic app.

Our section psychics by location shows you psychics in your area. We review as many psychics as possible, so that you can easily find out if there is a psychic near you that you can consult. Online as well as offline, you can run into the same problems. Some psychics are highly acclaimed and amazing at what they do, others are a scam and tell you lofty statements that don´t apply to your situation. Check our reviews before you make a decision!

Even with free psychic readings you sometimes don´t know what you are getting into! Oftentimes there is a string attached to a free reading. See our reviews to find out where it makes sense to leave your email! Many of these services are only looking to harvest your email and send you an automated reading etc. We want you to use ones that will get you the guidance and clarity you are looking for, on a budget.

Free tarot readings are short and give insight into one question. But not every tarot reader is good at what they are doing and some only want to sell you more. See which free tarto readings to avoid, to find a good one that stands out!