What is Bitwine?

Website Design, Quality, and Overall Functionality of BitWine

The very first thing you notice when launching the website is a bit outdated design from the 2000s. But we should never judge a book by its cover, right?

Although the website is old-fashioned, it is pretty easy to use and the color combinations are not even that ugly. Orange, blue, and purple dominate on different website pages and create a warm and cozy environment for the visitors. Initially, I thought that the website would not operate properly; However, I was pretty amazed by how practical it is.

BitWine offers some of the features that are not accessible on other psychic websites. For instance, a search bar allows you to search for an advisor by typing related keywords. You can also access the list of psychic reading categories and easily find the psychics specializing in particular occult practices. Unfortunately, there are no filtering and sorting options, making it relatively challenging to find an advisor offering readings for a desirable price.

Overall, is a fully functional psychic website. Still, a couple of filters would make it much easier for users to find the right advisor. Also, I would prefer the website layout and design to be more modernistic. Other than that, BitWine is an excellent website for quality psychic readings.

Rating of Bitwine

Quality 98%
Effectiveness 100%
Price 100%
Customer Service 92%
Transparency & Accuracy 82%

Our Review of Bitwine

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Updated: 24/11/2020

Psychics, mediums, and fortune-tellers play an essential role in many people’s lives. In fact, individuals refer to psychics whenever they face difficulties or need a piece of advice to make their lives better. Hence, it is crucial to find the right advisor in order to avoid psychic scams.

Luckily, various online psychic platforms enable us to connect to gifted and experienced psychics from all around the world. Without even leaving the house, you can consult psychic advisors and get in-depth readings within a couple of minutes.

BitWine is among the most popular psychic websites offering a large variety of reading services from talented psychic mediums. Although the readings on are pretty affordable and the psychics seem to be legit, some people are still skeptical about the functionality and effectiveness of the website.

Actually, BitWine is a quite reliable psychic platform with thousands of professional psychics working through it. To make things more explicit, I will provide the details you should consider before paying for a reading session on BitWine.

How much Does Bitwine Cost?

BitWine Price Packages

BitWine does not offer any specific price packages. Instead, individual psychics set their own rates and offer unique discounts. After selecting an advisor, you will be granted 3 free minutes for introductory purposes. This allows you to ask a specific psychic anything you want to know before paying for the actual reading session. As these 3 free minutes expire, a paid session will start (only after your approval).

Typically, psychics on BitWine offer readings from about $0.49 to $10.00 per minute. Evidently, BitWine is one of the most affordable psychic platforms. While other psychic websites feature readings for $20 or even $30 per minute, most BitWine advisors provide readings for $5 per minute or less.

Obviously, every psychic platform has some special deals, especially for new users. And BitWine is not an exception. You can always find some great deals offered by BitWine advisors and these discounts are proposed by the psychics themselves. In addition to that, there is a special offer called “$10 Deals.” For only $10, you can receive detailed answers to 3 questions, 20-minute reading sessions, comprehensive love readings, and many more. To check the details, you just need to visit a particular psychic’s profile and check the section “My $10 Deal.”

If you are more into the free stuff, there is a public psychic forum on where you can find answers to thousands of questions. You can even ask a question and wait for a psychic to provide advice. While these free posts are quite beneficial, they are not intended to replace one-to-one reading sessions. For more personalized and in-depth feedback, refer to paid reading séances.

In a nutshell, BitWine offers reasonably priced readings delivered by highly rated psychic advisors. No matter what your budget is, you can easily find the right psychic and receive an accurate reading within a couple of minutes.


Effectiveness and Accuracy of the Readings on

Although website design, functionality, and affordability are three essential factors to consider before connecting to a psychic, effectiveness and accuracy of the readings are even more important. To check the reliability of the readings delivered by BitWine psychics, I decided to consult different psychics and share my sincere thoughts about the quality of the readings.

During the first three minutes of the session, you can chat with a particular psychic for free. You can use these introductory minutes to tell the psychic about the type of reading you want to receive. Some advisors ask you to provide general details about you (name, date of birth, etc.). They obtain information needed for deriving a reading and then proceed with the paid session. However, other psychics simply say “Hello, how are you?” and ask you to continue with the reading.

In any case, you can use your free 3 minutes to tell the psychic anything you want before paying for the session. Hence, you will no longer have to pay for the seconds/minutes you spend introducing the issue and asking the main question.

Considering my personal experience, BitWine psychics are truly nice to their customers. The majority of them talk very frankly during the sessions and provide comprehensive and thorough readings. You just need to find the right advisor for you and make sure he/she can guide you through the specific issue.


Value for Price

BitWine offers one of the most budget-friendly psychic readings on the market. Along with reasonably priced services, individual psychics propose unique deals, making the platform even more affordable. While this is not a fancy psychic platform, it still provides insightful and honest readings by highly rated advisors. For a 15-minute reading session, you will need to pay somewhere between $10-20 and it is a great deal. For only a couple of dollars, you can receive legit psychic readings from even top-rated advisors.

While you get free three minutes before starting any psychic session, you cannot really receive a reading during introductory minutes. Still, this helps you save up some cash and pay only after you have introduced yourself.


The Pros and Cons of BitWine

To sum up the previous section, I will provide a shortlist of the pros and cons of using BitWine that you should consider before consulting an advisor.

The pros of BitWine include:

  • Easy-to-use platform;
  • Fully-functional website;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Great deals and offers;
  • Free introductory minutes for every psychic consultation;
  • No need to provide payment details to use the free minutes;
  • Free psychic forum;
  • Highly rated psychic advisors;
  • A large variety of psychics and tools;
  • Reviews are not being filtered, so you can see everything customers have written.

The cons of BitWine include:

  • Outdated website design;
  • Not many filtering and sorting options;
  • Free minutes can be used only for introductory purposes;
  • You cannot receive a reading until you accept the deal for a paid reading session;
  • No live chat customer support. You will receive a response within 24 hours.

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