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What is Psychic Encounters?

Psychic Encounters provides online services for individuals using Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Since the platform is not that popular, you may be wondering whether the readings are accurate by any means. If that’s the case, this article is definitely for you.

To help you make the right choice, I will provide a general overview of the website and discuss the overall design, quality, and functionality. Next, you will find some information about different price packages and payment options. Then, I will share my honest thoughts about consulting a psychic on Psychic Encounters. Finally, we will consider all the details to reach a verdict about the accuracy and convenience of the readings provided by advisors on Psychic Encounters.

Rating of Psychic Encounters

Quality 75%
Effectiveness 77%
Price 82%
Customer Service 88%
Transparency & Accuracy 90%

Our Review of Psychic Encounters

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  • By Sarah Abramson
  • Updated: 11/02/2021

As you may have already noticed, the number of companies offering online services has been increasing during these couple of years. The availability of distance amenities has always been convenient for individuals across the globe. Due to the COVID-19 situation going on, virtual resources are becoming even more popular among different societies.

As one of the largest industries in the world, the psychic industry has also been offering distance services for the last decade or two. While everything started with phone and email readings, technological advancements of the 21st century allowed the companies to provide readings through websites and mobile apps.

One of the well-known online psychic companies is Psychic Encounters. Through the official website and the app, Psychic Encounters provides online services for individuals using Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Since the platform is not that popular, you may be wondering whether the readings are accurate by any means. If that’s the case, this article is definitely for you.

How much Does Psychic Encounters Cost?

Website Design, Quality, and Overall Functionality

Since the website was launched in 2016, the design is pretty modern. Still, it is very simple and does not offer any innovative patterns. After entering the website, you will notice the domination of purple and blue colors on every single page. The color scheme of the site makes a cozy environment allowing the users to feel relaxed when consulting a psychic.
Overall, the quality of the website seems to be pretty good, only if we ignore some of the images that stretch whenever you minimize the tab on your computer. Regarding the accessibility of different features, the simplicity of the Psychic Encounters website makes it quite easy to find the section of interest.

While this is not the best website you can find, it is fully functional and serves its purpose. Still, the site requires some improvements for it to be more appealing to the eye.

Price Packages

Similarly to any other psychic website, Psychic Encounters offers reading services for which you pay, depending on the minutes you spend consulting a particular psychic. The major difference is that most of the platforms allow you to add funds to your account that can be used for receiving a reading. In the case of Psychic Encounters, the only option is to select your payment method which can either be your credit/debit card or PayPal.

The problem with this payment system is that every transaction is being pre-authorized for verification purposes. Although some might find the pay-as-you-go model convenient, a temporary hold in the amount of $29.70 or $59.70 will be placed on your account. The amount of this pre-authorization hold is dependent on the rate of a given psychic. Note that pre-authorization is required only for your first reading and new payment methods you may add. For the following readings, the pre-authorization holds will be equal to $1.
Despite the fact that the pre-authorization will be cleared after completing your reading session, the process may take some time.

Regarding the pricing, the website “Pricing” section states that all readings through calls and live chat are available for only $0.99 per minute. But the fact is that some psychics provide services at $1.99. In any case, these are the two options you can go with, which seems to be pretty affordable compared to other online psychic platforms.

Effectiveness and Accuracy of the Readings

To determine the effectiveness and accuracy of the readings, I decided to consult an actual advisor on Psychic Encounters and share my honest thoughts with you. Due to the fact that most of the people are looking for an affordable psychic, I wanted to consult an advisor providing services for a relatively low price. And believe it or not, every single psychic on Psychic Encounters is AFFORDABLE. You do not have to pay more than $1.99/minute to receive spiritual guidance from even top-rated psychics.

The only issue that makes it challenging to find a psychic is that not many of them are online simultaneously. Whenever I tried to find the right advisor, there were only 10-15 (sometimes not even 10) online psychics on the platform. The majority of them did not even provide services through live chat. And even if they did, they may not even respond to your request to start the chat.

Although it was not that easy to start a reading session with a psychic, I finally managed to connect to the one with a relatively high rating and positive customer feedback. If you want to know more about my personal experience with the psychic, keep reading!
Be aware that personal information of the psychic will not be shared in the following sections.

• My Experience with a Psychic on Psychic Encounters

As mentioned above, I was looking for an affordable psychic with positive customer feedback and a high rating score. Since people are usually concerned about their love life and this is one of the common reasons for consulting a psychic, I wanted to find a love reading specialist.
Some details about the psychic that I consulted are provided below:

– Overall Rating – 4.2/5.0
– Number of Reviews – 817
– Rate Per Minute – $1.99
– Specialization – Love and Relationships

Since this was my very first reading on Psychic Encounters, my payment method was pre-authorized by holding $59.70 on the account. Note that the final payment amount will be based on the length of the reading and the hold will be cleared. Still, the process may take some time, which is pretty disadvantageous.

After requesting a live chat reading with the psychic, she quickly responded and we started the session. As I told her that I wanted to receive a love reading, she asked me to tell her the names and dates of birth of my loved one and me. In a minute or two, I received a reading that not only seemed to be vague but also consisted of a bunch of sentences explaining different terms she had used in the text. Although you may think it was nice from her to provide the meanings of different expressions, I had not really asked her to do that.

Along with the reading being too general, I did not really like how she tried to lengthen her feedback by providing unwanted definitions. Instead of getting a real love reading, I ended up getting random texts.

I felt extremely deceived when I received this type of reading from the advisor that had a Top Psychic badge on the website. I thought the reading would be much more accurate, but it seems like my assumption was completely wrong. The reading was not only inaccurate but also full of details that I was not willing to receive.

Value for Price and Convenience of the Website

As we have already reviewed the overall functionality of the website and talked a little bit more about my experience with the advisor on Psychic Encounters, it is time to conclude the article by discussing the value for the price and convenience of the readings.

As mentioned earlier, the platform provides affordable services for $0.99 or $1.99 per minute. Obviously, these rates are pretty low compared to other psychic websites. But are the readings accurate, or are the psychics reliable by any means?

For my answer to be more accurate, I wanted to consult a couple of psychics but only managed to talk with a single advisor. The reason for this is that only a few psychics are available online at a time and the majority of them do not even provide live chat readings. Besides, the ones that seem to be online may not respond to your request. What this means is that you may end up spending hours to consult psychics and find the right one for your further readings.

To reach a verdict, we will need to consider a couple of aspects regarding the pricing and convenience of the services offered by Psychic Encounters.

• Are the readings on Psychic Encounters Affordable?

Yes, the readings on Psychic Encounters are affordable since advisors provide services for $0.99 or $1.99 per minute. Both audio call and live chat readings are offered at the same rate, which is quite exciting since the majority of online psychic platforms provide readings for much higher prices.

• Are the readings on Psychic Encounters Accurate?
Since dozens of advisors on Psychic Encounters have positive customer feedback and high rating scores, we may assume that the readings on the platform are accurate most of the time. Unfortunately, my experience with the advisor on Psychic Encounters was a complete fail. I cannot even say whether the reading was accurate since the psychic talked about some general things and provided definitions of different terms.

Although the reading was inaccurate and useless, it does not necessarily mean that every psychic on the platform provides false readings. Instead, you may find a genuine psychic providing reliable readings that can guide you through some tough periods of life.

• Is it easy to find the right psychic on Psychic Encounters?
No, it is not easy to find the right psychic on Psychic Encounters. It is not even easy to find a psychic in general. The main reason for this is that not many psychics are available on the platform at the same time. And the majority of online psychics are not responsive to the requests whatsoever.

In fact, you need a couple of reading sessions with different psychics to find your favorites. Therefore, it is hardly possible to find the right one unless you spend hours or even days searching for high-rated psychics.

Is it convenient to receive guidance through the Psychic Encounters website or app?
Finally, it is also important to address the issue of the convenience of the platform. Taking into account the factors we have discussed throughout the article, the brief answer to whether the platform is convenient to use is NO.
The fact that only a few psychics are available at a time and some of them are still not responsive makes it hardly possible to consult a psychic. Besides, the amount of the pre-authorization hold for your first reading session on the platform is too high. This can be problematic if you do not have enough funds on your credit/debit card or PayPal account and you may even have to contact your financial institution to clear the pre-authorization in time.
The main factor that makes the platform somewhat inconvenient to use is the fact that you may not be able to receive a reading whenever you need it. For instance, if you are facing difficulties in your life and need urgent spiritual guidance, there is no guarantee you will get it on Psychic Encounters. I would suggest that you visit some of the top psychic websites with more available advisors that can really help you solve the issue right away.

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