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  • Dick Buchanan aka Sir Richard is a long time practicing psychic in the northern tier of Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York. Dick will explain information that is pertinent to your spiritual growth and well being. Read My Review

  • Numerology, Tarot Cards, Aura & Chakras, Magic Of The 4 Elements – Earth, Air, Fire & Water, Magic Stones and Crystals Read My Review

  • As a matter of fact, the majority of online psychic platforms offer reading services that last for only a couple of minutes and provide answers to questions regarding specific aspects of life. But what if you want to have a longer conversation with a spiritual advisor and receive guidance concerning different passages of your life? In this case, you should consider booking your zoom or phone reading with award-winning psychic Betsy LeFae on New York City Psychic. To make the psychic reading even more effective and accurate, Betsy shares some free tips you should know before referring to any psychic.… Read My Review