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  • TAROT CARD READINGS: Tarot Card readings can provide clarity and affirmation when you are at a crossroads in your life. These sessions start with a prayer. Next, Lorri connects with Spirit, an energy of unconditional love. She uses this connection and tarot cards to share personalized messages about your past, present and future. Sometimes messages from loved ones that have crossed over can come through. There is a lot of information given in the first 10-15 minutes of the session. You can take notes, record the reading, or just listen. After that, you may use the remaining time to ask… Read My Review

  • I offer many services, but the most popular are mediumship readings and psychic readings. CHANNELING/MEDIUMSHIP READINGS - These are great for reconnecting with loved ones who've crossed over. I'm an evidential medium, so I pick up on details such as the spirit's appearance, nature of their passing, personality, or even exact names. These sessions usually bring my clients inner peace. PSYCHIC READINGS - These are great for understanding the path that you're on and what may be coming up for you. I do these readings by using a combination of the Tarot cards and by tuning in to the energy.… Read My Review