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7Tarot Review

In this day and age, psychic services are incredibly popular and the number of people interested in divination practices gradually increases. Although there are many different occult tools and techniques, Tarot cards are still among the most popular options worldwide. Due to its relative simplicity and the variety of secrets it can uncover, people refer to Tarot readers much more often than to any other psychic whatsoever.

Since the demand for Tarot readings is so high worldwide, more and more people consider learning how to divine information and gain insights into various events using the Tarot deck. The good thing is that the Tarot reading technique can be learned and mastered through some practice.

In addition to that, tons of individuals or businesses launch free Tarot reading platforms and offer a pretty large variety of services. While some readings are computer-generated, others ask you to provide your birth information to make the reading personalized and accurate. However, even if you fill in your birth profile, you have no guarantee that the resulting reading will be based on the information provided by you.

In this article, I will focus on a specific Tarot reading platforms that offers services entirely for free. The website is called 7Tarot and the “About Me” section says that it was created by Mary Cole. However, when carefully checking legal information shared on the website, it no longer seems like Mary Cole is a real person. To learn more about how 7Tarot.com works and what are the services offered on the website, keep reading!

How Does 7Tarot Work?

7Tarot works similarly to any other Tarot reading website on the web. You go to the website www.7tarot.com and select a suitable Tarot spread or reading type. The specific instructions and guidelines will be displayed on the screen and you should read them carefully. Then, you just click on “Start” and follow further instructions provided on the screen.

Basically, the platform will shuffle cards for you and you will be asked to select cards from the deck. The number of cards you choose depends on the type of Tarot reading you are about to receive. Next, you will be able to see your reading and you might be asked to select a couple of cards from the cards you had already chosen in the previous step. You should continue selecting cards until you are redirected to a new page.

At this point, you have already selected the cards and you will be asked to provide your gender, first name, country, and the topic and context of your question. Finally, you enter your e-mail address and you will be immediately redirected to a page with your complete Tarot reading.

For detailed information on different types of draws offered by 7Tarot, proceed with the following section.

What Services Does 7Tarot Offer?

7Tarot offers a large variety of Tarot readings using different spreads and draws. Along with Tarot readings, 7Tarot provides meanings of the major and minor arcana cards. For every single Tarot card, you can check the general overview of the definition, characteristics from different viewpoints, its short- and long-term influence, and full interpretation of the card in upright and reversed positions. What makes the website even more useful is that you can actually pair two different Tarot cards and reveal the corresponding meaning.

You can find the meanings of all 78 Tarot cards here.

The services offered by 7Tarot.com include:

  • Free E-mail Reading
  • Paid Phone Reading
  • Daily Tarot Reading
  • Yes / No Tarot Reading
  • Classic 32-Card Reading
  • Love Tarot Reading
  • The Path of the Pyramids Reading
  • Crystal Ball Reading
  • The Oracle of the Moon Reading
  • The Angel Oracle Reading

For every Tarot reading listed above, you will be asked to select a specific number of Tarot cards from the deck. Next, you will be redirected to a new page, where you should type in your name, gender, and current country. After choosing the topic of your question (love, work, money, or general) and providing your e-mail, the reading generates a free Tarot reading for you.

Free E-mail Reading

When completing one of the free Tarot readings on 7Tarot.com, you will see an offer for a free e-mail reading answering one of the questions listed below:

  • Are you going to meet your soulmate?
  • Could your ex come back?
  • What opportunities will you have in 2021?
  • Who is this man/woman who appears in your draw?
  • What does the future hold for your relationship?
  • When will the problems end?
  • What events do you need to prepare for?
  • What are your career prospects?
  • Could you win a large sum of money?
  • Will your projects be successful?
  • What does he/she feel for you?
  • Can you imagine a future with this woman/man?
  • What does your life path look like?

Note that this option becomes available only after you complete one of the Tarot readings on 7Tarot.com.

Paid Phone Reading

Another thing you should consider is that 7Tarot offers Tarot readings over the phone. Yet, this service is not advertised on the main page and is not even listed on the menu. After receiving a free Tarot reading, you should scroll to the bottom of the page.

Here is what you will see:

Basically, you provide your phone number and wait for a psychic to call you back. New customers can receive a 10-minute phone reading for only $1. Starting from the 11th minute, you will be charged anywhere between $3.50 to $8.50 per minute. The rate depends on the psychic advisor you will be speaking to.

However, 7Tarot.com does not clarify the process of receiving a phone reading. The website only mentions that the service is powered by Telemac INC, but the description does not include any information about particular Tarot readers.

Since the website did not provide enough details about telephone consultations, I decided to check legal information instead. It turns out that 7Tarot partners with Telemac INC, Keen, and Kasamba. 7Tarot claims that customers should obtain all the necessary details about the services from the partner firms before paying for phone consultations. Although I thought that Telemac INC was a company specializing in telecommunications, 7Tarot redirected me to a totally different website offering psychic readings.

Before paying for a reading on 7Tarot, make sure you thoroughly read the terms and conditions of partner companies:

Daily Tarot Reading

Daily Tarot readings are delivered using the Doors to Discovery spread. The spread can help you gain insights into your current situation and future opportunities. After shuffling the cards, you will be asked to choose 10 Tarot cards from the deck. The next step is to think about your personal situation and select 3 cards, the first one for your past, the second one for your future, and the last one for your biggest desire.

Then you choose a card that you would like to accompany you during the upcoming weeks. From 6 cards that are left, you should select another 3 based on your intuition. You choose those that you believe can help you during challenging periods of life. Finally, you eliminate one card that will not be included in the resulting reading.

Yes / No Tarot Reading

Time for Answers is the spread that is used for delivering a Yes/No Tarot reading. All you have to do is to wait for the cards to shuffle and select 7 cards from the deck. Then, you just click on the selected cards one at a time to place them on the yes or no scale. The side with more cards will determine the final response to your question. Along with the yes or no answer, you will receive a comprehensive reading based on the cards you had selected earlier.

Classic 32-Card Reading

For classic reading, 7Tarot will use the oldest form of divination known as Cartomancy. Using the regular deck of cards, you will gain insights into your past, present, and future. The draw will help you identify what truly matters to you.

To receive a reading, you should select 12 cards after shuffling them. Next, you choose 3 cards that might represent the objectives that could possibly help you reach the goal. Then, you select another 3 cards that represent challenges in your life and 2 cards that you link with opportunities. After that, you choose 2 cards that relate to possible dangers or hindrances to your current plans. From the remaining two cards, you should eliminate 1 to reject it from the final reading.

As a result, you will receive a comprehensive reading discussing your character and future opportunities, along with some predictions.

Love Tarot Reading

Cupid’s Oracle is the spread used for delivering love Tarot reading. The spread will help you understand what the future of your love life will possibly look like. The reading can guide you through various situations and help you decide what genuinely matters to you.

After shuffling the cards, you will be asked to choose 10 cards from the deck. Then, you should think about your love life and select 2 cards accordingly. As you have already selected to compatible cards to you, now it is time to choose those 2 that are incompatible. Finally, you categorize the remaining 6 cards based on your preferences.

The Path of the Pyramids Reading

For divining the Path of the Pyramids Reading, 7Tarot uses a special Egyptian Tarot spread. The spread aims to take you back in time to Ancient Egypt and interpret your future opportunities accordingly. The reading can help you evaluate your goals and reveal the scope of your life path.

To receive a reading, you should wait for the cards to shuffle and select 12 of them from the deck. While thinking about your biggest desire, you should select 3 cards that are associated with your goals, plans, and future opportunities. Next, you should think about the challenges you are currently facing and choose another 3 cards linked with the difficulties. Finally, you should select 4 cards that feel influential to you to keep them in your draw.

The final interpretation of the selected cards will tell you what factors could possibly help you reach your goal and provide general information about the events you should prepare for. The reading will also discuss some aspects of your life path you should be aware of.

Crystal Ball Reading

As a part of divination practices, the crystal ball will grant you the strength to proceed with your plans and get closer to your goals. The crystal ball reading will help you understand your life path and explore a variety of aspects of it.

You should select 8 cards from the shuffled deck and then identify 3 cards that you associate with your life path. The next step is to choose a card that would give you protection against various challenges in life. Finally, you should prioritize the remaining four cards based on your preferences.

The resulting reading will include details about your life path, future promises, the lessons of the draw.

The Oracle of the Moon Reading

The Oracle of the Moon is a spread that helps you get closer to your dreams and the unreal by making your subconsciousness more vigorous. The reading will grant you a different perspective of your future opportunities by underlining occurrences that do not seem to be realistic.

To receive a reading, you should select 7 Tarot cards from the deck. Next, you choose 2 cards that awaken positive feelings in you and another 2 cards that you associate with difficulties. From the remaining 3 cards, you should reject one and continue with the reading.

Your reading will include a different way of looking at your present life, the promises of the oracle, what the moon has to teach you, and the eye of the Tarot reader.

The Angel Oracle Reading

The Angel Oracle represents the light that guides you through your daily activities using the energy of your guardian angel. The spread allows you to uncover some of the aspects of your future and help you decide what is best for you.

After shuffling the cards, you should select 9 of them to proceed with your draw. Next, you select 3 cards that you associate with your guardian angel. Then, you should select 3 cards that are linked with difficulties and uncertainties in your life. These 3 cards will be discarded from the draw. Finally, you categorize the remaining 3 cards according to your personal preferences.

The final interpretation of the selected cards will include what the angels see, the predictions of the oracle, the teachings of your guardian angel, and the eye of the Tarot reader.

Is 7Tarot a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

Overall, 7Tarot is a legit Tarot reading website offering a large variety of reading services completely for free. The platform features some of the best animations on the web. Honestly, this is one of the best Tarot reading websites I have visited in my entire life. However, it is not that easy to tell whether the website offers accurate readings.

Although the readings are incredibly detailed and include all the information you might be willing to know, it is unclear if there is a real tarologist behind the scenes. When reading the “About Me” section, you will probably think that the content on the website is created by Mary Cole, an experienced tarologist. Mary Cole also mentions Eva Delattre and claims that they worked on the readings in tandem. But are these real people at all?

At first glance, you would think that Mary Cole is an actual Tarot reader since there is a picture of a charming lady provided on the website. However, legal information mentions that these names are pseudonyms used by the Publisher in order to humanize the readings. It also says that Eva Delattre and Mary Cole are pseudonyms of a computer program, not a real human. Hence, it is not clear who specifically interprets the readings.

Still, free Tarot readings offered by 7Tarot are incredibly detailed and tailored to meet customers’ expectations. Besides, the fact that 7Tarot partners with Keen and Kasamba makes the website even more reliable since these two platforms are among the best on the web.

Keep in mind that computer-generated Tarot readings are not always accurate. If you are looking for genuine psychic guidance, it is better to refer to actual psychic advisors instead.

Should I Trust Free Tarot Readings?

There is no specific answer to whether one should trust free Tarot readings. In fact, it all depends on how and where you receive a reading. There are two primary ways through which you can get a free Tarot reading:

  1. A computer-generated Tarot reading
  2. A Tarot reading delivered by a genuine psychic

Basically, free Tarot reading websites are typically created for entertainment purposes only. In such cases, you select a suitable spread and choose a few cards from the deck. Next, you may be asked to provide your birth details to make the reading more specific. However, not every free Tarot reading website asks you for further information about you. No matter how comprehensive the resulting reading is, there is no guarantee that it is 100% accurate and trustworthy. The main issue is that the computer cannot really feel your energy and your attitude might not be transferred to the deck. This has a significant influence on the quality of the outcome.

If you are looking for accurate guidance, receiving a free Tarot reading from a professional psychic is undoubtedly a better option. Although the reading is free, the advisor is still a human who can feel your energy and deliver a more personalized reading for you. However, speaking to a human reader does not always mean that you will receive a 100% reliable reading. Rather, psychics might also be wrong sometimes. Therefore, try to find a psychic with whom you feel a strong connection. This will help the advisor provide a more thorough reading.

Summing up, free Tarot reading websites are generally created for having fun. Along with entertaining people, such websites often advertise various paid services, as it was in the case of 7Tarot. While you get different readings for free, the platform offers some other paid services as well. So, the website grabs your attention by listing the free Tarot readings and then makes sure you are into receiving an additional reading for some cash.

I would recommend you not to take free Tarot readings too literally. Oftentimes, they are quite misleading, indeed. Yet, these free readings are incredibly entertaining if you get bored in your leisure time. If you require real psychic guidance, be sure to refer to professional readers instead.