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While some companies do not run their entire business over the internet, other industries are using online platforms to conduct and manage the business virtually. Owning an online business allows you to have clients 24/7 from all around the world. Besides, online business owners can also improve their customer service while saving costs.

As one of the largest industries in the world, the psychic industry is also presented on various online networks. You can easily connect with an online psychic and receive psychic readings without leaving home. Dark Tarot is among the companies offering online services to individuals willing to receive Tarot readings.

To determine whether Dark Tarot is an accurate psychic network, the article will provide additional information about what Dark Tarot is, how you can use the platform, what the different services are, and how much the services cost. Finally, we will discuss the issue of the trustworthiness of Dark Tarot.

What is Dark Tarot?

Dark Tarot is an online platform offering Tarot reading services completely for free. If we look at the “About Me” section on the home page, we will see a picture of a young lady called Amy Moreno. It seems like she is the one providing readings and posting information on the website.

As Amy claims, her astrologer mother passed on the passion to her, and she has been obsessed with astrology and the Tarot ever since she was born. As a traditionalist, Amy follows the indications of the first astrologers and esoteric people. For astrology readings, she refers to Ptolemy’s studies from the 2nd century AD. In the case of the Tarot, her favorite is Paul Christian.

To learn more about the services offered at Dark Tarot, keep reading! We will also address the issue of the reliability of the website.

How Can I Use Dark Tarot?

While most of the online psychic networks offer their services on several platforms, Dark Tarot can only be accessed by going to their official website. Next, you will just need to click on “Menu” and select the desired option from the list. Some additional information about different services will be provided in the next section of the article.

Additionally, Dark Tarot owns a Facebook page called “Gypsy’s and Decans’ Tarot – darktarot.com.” Although the link to the website is provided on their official website, it seems like the page is currently inactive. The fact is that the last post was made in June 2019, and there are no posts in 2020. Another announcement was published in 2018, and there is not a single post from 2015 to 2018. But the page might be sponsoring some of the old posts instead of creating new ones.

Anyway, you should just go to the official website of Dark Tarot and find a suitable service there.

What Services Does Dark Tarot Offer?

Generally speaking, online psychic networks offer a wide array of services, including Tarot reading, rune reading, clairvoyance, aura feeling, and many more. On the contrary, Dark Tarot provides just a single service through which you can receive a free Tarot consultation. There are some additional sections on the website purely for educational purposes.

The following are the services one can receive at Dark Tarot.

  • Tarot Reading

As mentioned earlier, Dark Tarot offers a single type of reading service, Tarot reading. To receive your free reading, you should follow the steps listed below. To make it easier for you to find the desired service, I have also attached the links that will direct you to the specific page on Dark Tarot.

Step 1: Find “Consult the Tarot” on the menu.

Step 2: There will be two options you can choose from: Tarot by the Gypsy or Decans’ Tarot.

Step 3: After choosing one of the options above, you will need to select a reading session with or without audio effects.

Step 4: For a relatively customized Tarot reading, you will need to enter your first name.

Step 5: In the case of Decans’ Tarot, you will be redirected to the page asking you to enter your date, time, country, and city of birth. If you have chosen the Tarot by the Gypsy, you will not be asked to enter any additional information.

Step 6: For Decans’ Tarot, the website will provide information about your zodiac sign, and you will need to enter your question. In the case of the Tarot by the Gypsy, you enter your question directly.

Step 7: You will need to click on the deck to spread the cards and then turn the cards over. After revealing each Tarot card, the website will display the meaning of the card.

That’s it! You have received your free Tarot reading.

The main difference between the two options is that the Tarot by the Gypsy lasts for about 2 minutes and is characterized by high customization. On the other hand, you will need about 4 minutes to receive Decans’ Tarot reading with maximum customization. Both Tarot readings are completely free.

  • Educational Resources

Although Dark Tarot offers two types of Tarot readings, there are several sections providing some information about the Tarot. You can learn the history of the Tarot, the meanings of Tarot cards, and read about some interesting facts about the Tarot.

The website features the section called “Thought of the Day.” You can check out famous quotes that are being updated on a daily basis.

  • Printable Tarot Decks

Finally, Dark Tarot allows the users to access the printable Tarot deck versions. The decks created by Dark Tarot can be printed out for personal uses only. Other types of applications or reproduction of the deck are strictly prohibited.

There are two options of printable Tarot decks available on the website. One of them is the “Court Games Tarot,” which consists of 78 cards. The other one is known as the “Archetypes Dark Tarot,” which also comprises 78 cards. For each Tarot deck, you can access PDF files with the Major Arcana cards, the Minor Arcana cards, the back of the cards, and mini versions of the cards.

Follow the links attached above, print out the PDF files, and enjoy your free Tarot deck!

How Much Do Dark Tarot Services Cost?

Tarot readings at Dark Tarot can be received completely for free. The reason for this is that you do not connect with online psychics for a consultation. You just enter some details (e.g., date and time of birth, name, etc.) and wait for the website to generate a free reading.

Any additional information, such as educational resources are also free on the website. You just go to the desired section and learn more about the Tarot and the meanings of individual cards.

Finally, printable versions of two types of Tarot decks (Court Games Tarot and Archetypes Dark Tarot) can be downloaded as PDF files for no cost at all. Be aware that you are not allowed to distribute these cards. You can just print them out and have them for personal uses only. 

Is Dark Tarot a Reliable Psychic Network?

To determine the trustworthiness of Dark Tarot, we should go to the “Legal and Contact” section on the menu. Then, we can choose one of four additional links: Copyright, Disclaimer, Privacy, and Contact Us.

We will discuss each of the sections in greater detail and take into account some other aspects that influence the reliability of the website.

Under the section “Copyright,” the website claims that the material published on the website is exclusive to the owners of Dark Tarot. On the other hand, images used on the website are subject to different types of copyrights. Dark Tarot does not allow the users to reproduce any material found on the website without having the permission to do so.

To get the authorization to use the images, texts, or animations published on the website, you should go to the “Contact Us” page and ask for guidance.

The fact that Dark Tarot uses materials that are either owned by the company itself or they have permission from the copyright owner to use the content is a big plus for the website. While this might not seem an important issue to you, avoiding copyright infringements is extremely important. It can be stated that Dark Tarot takes the business seriously and do not simply copy/paste images and texts from other websites.

The official website of Dark Tarot also includes a disclaimer about the characteristics of their services. Due to the fact that the services and resources are offered completely for free, Dark Tarot owners do not take any legal responsibilities for indirect or direct damage caused by the services. The website also claims that the users should not take the readings too literally.

There is no mention of the accuracy of the readings. Therefore, we can assume that the readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Another plus of Dark Tarot is that they do not memorize your personal information and do not share it with third parties. But, they do use cookies to improve the services. What this means is that other websites might have information about your browsing habits. So, you should not be surprised if you see Dark Tarot ads (or other psychic platforms) on Facebook after visiting their website.

Continuing with privacy, Dark Tarot only asks you to provide your name, date, time, and country/city of birth. The website does not have access to your personal information stored in your device. Thus, they cannot do anything with your name and date of birth since there might be dozens of Emmas born on July 21st.

The “Contact Us” section on the website allows the users to send feedback, suggestions, or ask some questions through their email. Note that you should not contact them for consultations. The only Tarot reading you receive is through their official website.

The fact that there is contact information provided on the website makes it easier for the user to reach the owners and solve issues if any.

  • The Absence of Online Tarot Readers

Unfortunately, Dark Tarot does not offer online Tarot reading sessions. Instead, you have access to already created readings shared on the website. This means that there is not a real person behind the screen of your device. You are just reading texts that might or might not correspond to your situation and life.

If you are looking for a website to receive online guidance from professional psychics, Dark Tarot is definitely not for you. You should check out online psychic platforms, such as Kasamba, Oranum, California Psychics, or Keen.

  • Generalized Readings

Finally, we should address the issue of generalized readings that can apply to almost anyone on our planet. Even if you enter your name and date of birth, you will receive a Tarot reading that is not created specifically for you. In most cases, readings mention some widespread issues and discuss general aspects of life. While reviewing the resulting readings, you will just try to find connections. If the readings end up being accurate for you, it was probably just a coincidence.


Considering all the information provided in this section, it can be stated that Dark Tarot does not give accurate Tarot readings. Although the website features dozens of amazing animations and shares plenty of useful information, you should not rely on their readings. Even the website says that they do not take responsibility if you are not satisfied with the results of the readings harmed your life in any possible way.

You had better spend your spare time reviewing free Tarot readings on Dark Tarot. But if you want to receive a reliable and accurate reading to improve the quality of your life, you should avoid using the website.