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EvaTarot.net Review

Psychic readings are incredibly popular among different societies. Although there is a large variety of divination techniques, most people still refer to Tarot readings to uncover some of the most peculiar secrets of their lives. The main reason for this is that Tarot reading is a quick and efficient way to gain insights into your future and face issues with a calm and peaceful mind. However, you should be aware that Tarot readings are not always as accurate as other types of psychic methods.

Still, if you are willing to ask Tarot cards some questions but have never done this before, consider giving free Tarot readings a try. Although free Tarot interpretations are typically less detailed and sometimes inaccurate, they allow you to get a general idea of what to expect from a regular Tarot reading. In this way, you can avoid wasting your well-earned money and invest in paid services only after you master how to behave during Tarot reading sessions.

Finding a free Tarot reading platform is a pretty easy job, but you should consider a couple of factors before deciding if the website/app is worth your while.

EvaTarot.net is one of the Tarot reading websites offering different types of draws entirely for free. If you have never used the platform before, this article will help you navigate through the website. I will provide further details about the services offered by EvaTarot and how accurate they can actually be. Finally, I will share some tips on how to receive a reliable Tarot reading in general.

How Does EvaTarot.net Work?

EvaTarot.net is a free Tarot reading platform through which you can receive up to 10 different readings without even registering on the site. The way it works is quite straightforward. After selecting a suitable Tarot draw from the list, the screen will display specific instructions that you should carefully follow. First, you shuffle the cards and cut the deck. Next, you choose a couple of cards, depending on the type of reading you have already selected.

From your selected cards, you will be asked to choose 1-4 cards while thinking about a particular aspect of your life. After completing all the steps displayed on the screen, you will need to enter your gender, first name, country, and e-mail address. Then, you select the topic of your question and a specific issue from the list. Finally, you will be redirected to a page with a comprehensive interpretation of the Tarot your Tarot cards.

Along with your reading, the page will display a couple of Tarot reading services that are not featured on the main page or the menu. Further information about the services offered by EvaTarot.net is provided in the section below.

What Services Does EvaTarot.net Offer?

EvaTarot.net offers a variety of Tarot reading services completely for free and you do not even have to create an account to receive your free interpretation. While some of the services are advertised on the main page and are also listed on the menu, there are a couple of hidden Tarot readings that you can access by completing one of the draws.

After receiving an interpretation of the spread, you can ask another question for free. You just need to provide your first name, valid e-mail address, and country. Eva Delattre will get back to you with a free e-mail reading. Unfortunately, the approximate wait time is not mentioned on the website. To receive a free reading, you will also be asked to choose one of the questions from the list. The questions cover the topics around love, relationships, 2021 opportunities, problems, career, successful projects, and your life path.

The services offered by EvaTarot.net include:

  • Psychic Readings
  • The Latin Tarot
  • The Love Tarot
  • The Daily Tarot
  • The Yes/No Tarot
  • The Celtic Cross
  • The Angel Tarot
  • The Oracle Cards

Detailed information about each of the readings is provided in the following subsections.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are delivered via the fortune teller’s draw that uses 36 cards in total. These cards are associated with different esoteric symbols, using which you can gain insights into your future. The fortune teller’s draw is one of the most frequently used divination techniques worldwide.

After finding a calm and quiet place for you to concentrate on a specific issue, you should select 10 cards from the deck. Next, you choose 3 cards that seem to be positive to you. These cards will help you accomplish your goals. Then, you select another 3 cards that can be associated with negative aspects of your life. These 3 cards are the challenges you face while trying to succeed. The remaining cards enable you to express subconsciousness and you should categorize them based on your preferences.

The Latin Tarot

Latin Tarot, also known as Tarot de Marseille, is among the earliest Tarot playing cards dating back to the 15th century. Latin Tarot is especially popular within European countries. Similarly to the majority of traditional Tarot decks, the Latin deck consists of 56 cards categorized under 4 suits. The major difference is that the Marseille deck uses Batons instead of Wands and Coins instead of Pentacles. Other than that, the Latin Tarot can be used to conduct all types of readings utilizing the same spreads that one would normally use with modern Tarot decks.

To receive a Latin Tarot reading on EvaTarot, you will need to select 10 cards after shuffling and cutting the deck. Then, you should think about your strengths and choose 3 cards. You should also think about your weaknesses and select another 3 cards from the spread. Finally, choose another 3 cards while thinking about your future.

The Love Tarot

The love Tarot is among the most popular readings across the globe. If you want to uncover some of the mysterious aspects of your romantic life, the Love Tarot spread is definitely for you. You do not necessarily need to be in a relationship to receive a love reading. You should just focus on a specific issue connected to your love life.

To receive a love Tarot reading, you should select 8 cards from the deck. You can also shuffle the cards and cut the deck first. After that, you should choose 3 cards while thinking about the characteristics you would love your partner to possess. Next, simply imagine your love life and select 2 cards from the spread. Finally, think about some of the disappointments in your love life and choose another 2 cards.

The Yes/No Tarot

If you have a yes or no question, you should definitely consider getting the Yes/No Tarot reading. All you have to do is to concentrate on a specific question and let the Tarot cards provide a quick “Yes” or “No” response. Along with that, the interpretation of the cards will explain the resulting answer in great detail.

First, shuffle the cards and cut the deck. Next, select 6 cards from the deck while having a specific question in mind. You should then think about some positive aspects of your life and choose 2 cards from the spread. Lastly, imagine the possible negative aspects of your life and select another 2 cards.

The Celtic Cross

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread can be used to divine readings about a wide variety of topics. To receive the Celtic Cross Tarot reading on EvaTarot, you should focus on a specific question and select 7 cards from the deck. Then, you should choose 3 cards while thinking about the current situation in your life. Try to think about personal aspects that are valuable to you. Finally, think about your future and select another 3 cards.

The Angel Tarot

The Angel Tarot is used to symbolize your guardian angels in order to help you find peace of mind and clarity. The Angel Tarot is a great tool that allows you to gain insights into your future. The most optimal way to receive an accurate Angel Tarot reading is to focus on the challenges you currently face. The Angel Tarot draw will help you discover your real purpose in life and uncover some of your meaningful opportunities.

To start the draw, you will need to select 10 cards from the deck. After that, choose 3 cards from the spread while thinking about some of the factors that you need to accomplish your current goals. Then, think about the possible challenges you might face as you step forward to completing your current projects and select another 3 cards. Finally, you decide which 3 cards do not want to be included in your final interpretation and you are ready to go!

The Oracle Cards

If you struggle with anxiety or feel doubtful about your life, you should probably try getting the Oracle Card reading. This spread uncovers some of the most exciting aspects of your future and carries a message of hope.

To overcome your fears, start the reading by selecting 10 cards from the deck. Then, concentrate on your future and choose 3 cards from the spread. Next, think about your personality and select another 3 cards. Finally, choose 3 cards that you do not want to be included in your Tarot reading.

Additional Tarot Reading Services on EvaTarot.net

While Tarot readings and spreads discussed above are listed on the menu and are currently available for every single individual, there are a couple of additional services that are not accessible yet. You cannot even find them on the main page or menu. To learn more about these services, you need to complete one of the readings and scroll to the bottom of the page. You will find 4 Tarot reading services that might be offered on the website soon.

The additional Tarot reading services that should be featured on EvaTarot.net soon include:

  • 32-Card Tarot Reading
  • Egyptian Tarot Reading
  • Chinese Tarot Reading
  • Osho Tarot Reading

Unfortunately, further information on these services is not provided yet. If you are into any of the readings listed above, make sure you check the website for some updates.


Is EvaTarot.net a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

Although EvaTarot.net is a completely free Tarot reading website, it is of huge importance for the platform to be accurate as well. Due to the mysterious nature of psychic readings in general, many people and businesses try to scam people and simply bilk hundreds if not thousands of dollars out of them. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when selecting a psychic platform or advisors themselves. In this way, you can avoid becoming a victim of a well-organized psychic fraud.

In a nutshell, EvaTarot.net is a 100% legit Tarot reading website offering various free reading services. However, there are a couple of factors you should consider in order to make your experience with the platform even more enjoyable.

Below is all you need to know to determine the credibility of EvaTarot.net.

Are Tarot Readings Offered by EvaTarot.net Always Accurate?

If you wonder whether EvaTarot readings are always reliable, the brief answer to the question is NO. When receiving a free Tarot reading, you get a prewritten interpretation based on the specific cards you select. Although free Tarot readings are created by genuine Tarot readers, they are still not personalized enough to be as accurate as live readings.

That being said, you should never expect for a computer-generated Tarot reading to explicitly portray the facts about you and your future. Instead, refer to actual professionals for more accurate and personalized Tarot readings.

Still, EvaTarot.net offers different types of Tarot readings that are incredibly detailed and comprehensive. If you into free Tarot stuff, you should definitely check them out!

Who Is Eva Delattre?

Another factor that we should consider to tell if EvaTarot.net is a reliable Tarot reading platform is the issue of its creator. As mentioned on the main page of the website, the platform is operated by Eva Delattre, a clairvoyant and tarologist with about 30 years of experience practicing various fortune telling arts.

With the aim to share her knowledge and educate those interested in Tarot cards, she decided to offer Tarot reading services completely for free. Her main goal is to help people uncover the mysterious meanings of various things and allow them to gain an understanding of future events and opportunities.

You can check the “About” section to learn more about Eva Delattre.

Although it seems like Eva Delattre is a real person, the Terms and Conditions of the website mention the opposite. “Eva Delattre and Mary Cole are pseudonyms representing a computer program intended to present the content of the Publisher, the interpretations of the draws and the commercial offers made to Users.” It turns out that Eva Delattre is not an actual person; Rather, her name is used instead of a computer program generating the readings.

The terms of use of EvaTarot.net also mention Mary Cole. If you have never heard about her, then you should probably check www.7Tarot.com. This is another free Tarot reading website, the creator of which is Mary Cole. However, the terms and conditions feature the same exact content as found on EvaTarot.net.

Overall, Mary Cole and Eva Delattre are just protected trademarks used as pseudonyms of a computer program. Although they do not seem to be real, these two Tarot reading websites are among the best free options available on the internet.

How to Receive an Accurate Tarot Reading?

Unfortunately, some people are still unaware of the factors that influence the accuracy of Tarot readings. They commonly ignore the steps one should take to receive a reliable interpretation. This commonly leads to a negative experience with Tarot reading in general. While you might think that preparing for your Tarot reading is a frustrating thing to do, there are a couple of quick ways to easily make the process more enjoyable.

To increase the accuracy of your Tarot reading, consider these tips:

  • Get a general idea of how Tarot reading works before receiving one yourself
  • Refer to free Tarot reading websites first to avoid wasting your money
  • Find a reliable psychic platform to receive a more accurate Tarot reading
  • Select the right Tarot reader and make sure the energy between you two is strong enough
  • Focus on a specific question and formulate it in the most explicit way possible
  • Vague questions will probably lead to confusing or inaccurate answers, so avoid them
  • Be open-minded during the Tarot reading session