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Tarot-Reading.net Review (AKA Lotus Tarot)

Who would have thought divination practices would be so widespread and popular across the globe? Especially in the 21st century, the age of technological advancements. In fact, psychic readings and other occult techniques are still incredibly admired worldwide. Since so many people are enthusiastic about what their future holds, the psychic industry started offering remote services. And in some cases, these services are completely free.

As a matter of fact, Tarot reading is one of the most in-demand services. Therefore, it is no surprise why so many companies offer Tarot predictions online. Since Tarot card readings are relatively straightforward and slightly easy to deliver, some companies even offer free services. Awesome, right? However, not every free Tarot reading platform should be trusted. Some of them are just created to grab customers’ attention by offering free readings and then promote premium services instead of delivering them for free.

One of the so-called “free” Tarot reading websites is www.Free-Tarot-Reading.net, also known as Lotus Tarot. Although the platform advertises free readings, there is not much you can actually receive. In fact, other free Tarot readings are much more beneficial and seem to be more accurate as well. Although I am not a big fan of Lotus Tarot, there are still a couple of aspects I like about the platform. Overall, Lotus Tarot is not among my favorite Tarot reading platforms and the following sections will explain the rationale behind my perspectives on the website.

How Does Lotus Tarot Work?

How Lotus Tarot works is pretty straightforward. To access the services, you just need to go to Free-Tarot-Reading.net. Next, you just select either free online Tarot readings or paid live chat and phone readings. You can receive a free 6-card Tarot reading without even registering on the website.  However, other online readings become available whenever you create a free account and sign in.

Upon registration, you will receive 5 additional free readings and you will also be allowed to save your numerology readings. However, the majority of readings are accessible to members only. To access these services, you need to upgrade your membership by purchasing a 30-day, 12-month, or VIP lifetime membership plan.

Along with free and premium readings, Lotus Tarot offers live psychic readings powered by Kasamba advisors. There are 8 psychics featured on the website that are actually advisors working on Kasamba. If these advisors are not available at the moment, you should click on “Chat & Phone” to be redirected to the official Kasamba website.

Overall, Lotus Tarot offers regular Tarot and psychic reading services. To get a better idea of what to expect from the platform, keep reading. The following sections provide an in-depth review of Lotus Tarot and the services offered on the website.

What Services Does Lotus Tarot Offer?

Lotus Tarot offers different types of free and premium Tarot readings as well as live psychic readings delivered by Kasamba advisors. You can find the list of services and detailed information about each below.

Services offered by Lotus Tarot (Free-Tarot-Reading.net) include:

  • Free Numerology Reading – Life Path Number Calculator
  • Free Universal 6-Card Tarot Reading
  • Free Tarot Readings Available for Registered Users
  • 12-Week Course to Learn Tarot Reading for Free
  • Free Access to Tarot Card Meanings by Kasamba Psychics
  • Tarot Readings Available Only for Members
  • Paid Personal Numerology Reports
  • Live Psychic Readings by Kasamba Advisors
  • Lotus Tarot Decks

Free Numerology Reading – Life Path Number Calculator

Lotus Tarot offers free numerology readings using the life path number calculator. To access the feature, you need to go to www.Free-Tarot-Reading.net and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Next, you click on “Shot It All” and “Numerology” will pop up. By entering your first name and birth date, you can get your life path number and a corresponding report. The reading will explain a life path number in general and discuss the meaning of your life path number.

Free Universal 6-Card Tarot Reading

Universal 6-card Tarot reading is the only free reading you can receive without registering on the website. The spread is useful for uncovering answers to some of the specific questions and has been used more than 50 million times since 2002. The reading features cards from the Major Arcana only and the response is pretty straightforward.

First, the deck is shuffled and you can shuffle it again. To start the reading, you should click on the deck and select 6 cards in total. Then, you just click on “Get My Reading” and you will be redirected to a new page explaining your chosen cards.

Below is what you will get in your universal 6-card spread:

  • Card 1 – How you feel about your self
  • Card 2 – What you want the most right now
  • Card 3 – Your fears
  • Card 4 – What is going to happen in favor of you
  • Card 5 – What is going to happen against you
  • Card 6 – Possible outcome

Free Tarot Readings Available Only for Registered Users

If you want to access additional 5 readings for free, you will need to create a free account that would take about a minute. To sign up, you need to enter your first name, e-mail address, the date of birth and create a password. Upon registration, you can tick the box to receive personal weekly Tarot card readings from Lotus Mail.

The following are 5 free Tarot spreads for registered Lotus Tarot users:

  1. Live the Life You Desire Now by Laurie

This Tarot spread helps you deal with current issues to take a step forward to your goals. The reading also uncovers some positive aspects of your life that could possibly happen if you use the tools suggested by cards. The spread aims to encourage you to love yourself to fulfill whatever your heart truly desires.

After shuffling the deck, you will be asked to begin the reading and choose 3 cards from the deck. Your first card tells you how to empower yourself, the second card reflects the outcome if you use the suggested tools, and the third card is all about self-love inspiration to help you as you move forward.

  1. Wisdom from Mistakes by Safina

The spread aims to help you retain positivity when things do not go as planned. It highlights the fact that people can learn from the mistakes they make in their lifetime.

After shuffling the deck, you should click on it and select 4 cards to start the reading. The first card tells you what is behind you, the second card is associated with where you are at right now, the third card talks about your potential mistakes, and the last card uncovers where you are headed.

  1. Card of the Day (Major Arcana) by Chrisalis

The spread simply helps you gain insights into your day and warns you about its possible negative aspects. It makes it easier for you to know what to avoid during the day. This daily Tarot card reading covers topics such as life, love, and work.

To receive a reading, you just need to select one card from the deck. The final interpretation will explain the meaning of the card with respect to your life, love, and work.

  1. What Lies Between You (Overview) by Fiona

Spread reveals the energies that surround you right when you draw the reading. The reading aims to help you make some choices during the day. However, it does not guarantee the predictions since the future depends on the decisions you make on a daily basis.

Start the reading by shuffling the deck and selecting 3 cards. Card #1 represents you, Card #2 uncovers your relationship and love interests, and Card #3 is a reflection of your partner or the person if interest.

  1. Your Tarot Rhythm by Lotus Tarot

The reading aims to reveal your current situation with respect to your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is more like a daily outlook reading, so it is better to use it only once a day.

After shuffling the deck, choose 3 cards from the deck to get your reading. You will receive a short report about your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Each card will be described using just a couple of words.

12-Week Course to Learn Tarot Reading for Free

If you are enthusiastic about how Tarot readings work and what are the meanings of different Tarot cards, you should definitely check out the free course offered by Lotus Tarot.

The Pleasure of Tarot is a short and easy 12-week course that allows you to learn more about Tarot cards. Although the website says it is a 12-week course, you can undoubtedly finish it even earlier.

If you want to master Tarot reading techniques, it is better to have your own Tarot deck and a comprehensive book to refer to when needed. The course offered by Lotus Tarot is too basic and can only be used as an introduction to Tarot reading.

The topics covered by the Pleasure of Tarot course include:

  • Lesson 1 – 78 Cards of Pure Magic: An Overview of the Tarot Cards
  • Lesson 2 – The Major Arcana Part I
  • Lesson 3 – The Major Arcana Part II
  • Lesson 4 – The Numbered Cards from 1 to 10 of the Suit of Wands
  • Lesson 5 – The Numbered Cards from 1 to 10 of the Suit of Cups
  • Lesson 6 – The Numbered Cards from 1 to 10 of the Suit of Swords
  • Lesson 7 – The Numbered Cards from 1 to 10 of the Suit of Pentacles
  • Lesson 8 – The Court Cards of Wands and Cups
  • Lesson 9 – The Court Cards of Swords and Pentacles
  • Lesson 10 – Spreads Part I
  • Lesson 11 – Spreads Part II
  • Lesson 12 – Cartomancy

After completing each lesson, you will be asked to take a quiz to check your knowledge and master Tarot card reading. The quizzes consist just a couple of questions and you do not need more than 3-4 minutes to complete them.

Free Access to Tarot Card Meanings by Kasamba Psychics

Lotus Tarot shares Tarot card interpretations created by different Kasamba psychics. You just need to select the suit, a specific card, and one author from the list. The website will display a comprehensive explanation of your chosen card. To learn more about the card, you can read articles posted by different psychics.

Tarot Readings Available Only for Members

Unfortunately, Lotus Tarot offers only 6 free Tarot reading spreads. To access other readings, you actually have to purchase one of the membership plans. There are three types of memberships you can choose from:

  • 30-Day Membership for $9.95
  • 12-Month Membership for $39.95
  • VIP Lifetime Membership for $79.95

After purchasing one of the membership plans mentioned above, you will gain access to another 50 readings.

The topics of premium Tarot readings offered by Lotus Tarot include:

  • Universal Readings
  • Money and Career
  • Personal Growth
  • Meditation and Insights
  • Let Fate Decide
  • Love and Relationships
  • Health and Well-Being
  • Predictions and Forecasts
  • A Bit of Fun

Paid Personal Numerology Reports

If you are into numerology and the free report offered by Lotus Tarot is not enough, you can also get a personal numerology report by master numerologist and author, Hans Decoz. To get an idea of what to expect from the report, you can view celebrity sample reports for free.

Personal numerology reports offered by Lotus Tarot include:

  • Complete Personal Package for $42.95
  • Short Personality Profile for $9.95
  • Full Personality Profile for $14.95
  • 12-Month Forecast for $14.95
  • Relationship Compatibility for $14.95
  • Lucky Numbers for $7.95
  • The Diamond for $9.95
  • Name Advisor for $7.95

Live Psychic Readings by Kasamba Advisors

Lotus Tarot offers live chat and phone readings. However, the platform does not feature its own advisors. Instead, the website lists 8 Kasamba psychics and directs you to the official Kasamba website if none of these advisors are available at the moment. The platform offers the same exact discounts as you would get if consulting a psychic directly on Kasamba.

Lotus Tarot Decks

Lotus Tarot offers a Tarot card deck for those interested in Tarot reading. This deck features a unique design and can easily be distinguished from traditional Tarot decks. You can purchase the Lotus Tarot Signature Deck for $99.

If you are a collector and want to hang the Tarot deck on your wall, you can purchase the Uncut Print Sheets for $195. This Collector’s Item includes a set of 3 sheets with all 78 cards and is signed by the artist Angie.

Here is a short YouTube video clip by The Mystic Wonder reviewing the Lotus Tarot deck. Do not forget to check it out prior to purchasing the deck.

Who Are the Live Psychics on Lotus Tarot?

As mentioned in the previous section, Lotus Tarot features live psychics on the platform. These are advisors working on Kasamba that also offer services for Lotus Tarot users. However, the website only lists 8 of them.

Kasamba advisors featured on Lotus Tarot include:

  • Laurie – $9.99/min
  • Safina – $7.99/min
  • Fiona – $6.99/min
  • Chrisalis – $10.00/min
  • Rachel – $8.99/min
  • Aurora – $5.99/min
  • Libby – $7.99/min
  • Lynn – $5.99/min

Although these are the psychics currently listed on Lotus Tarot, the platform might add/replace the advisors over time.

To contact other live psychics, you should click on the “Chat & Phone” icon under the section “Live Readers 24/7.” You will be redirected to the official Kasamba website, where you can fund a bunch of other online psychic readers. Currently, Kasamba offers the first 3 minutes for free, plus an additional 50% discount for your first reading session. The same deal applies to psychic advisors on Lotus Tarot.

Is Lotus Tarot a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

Although I do not really like Lotus Tarot, it can still be considered as a legit Tarot reading website. This is because Kasamba psychics delivers the majority of paid services and we all know that Kasamba is the No.1 psychic reading platform on the web.

Lotus Tarot offers just a couple of services that are also provided by many other free Tarot reading platforms. That being said, the website does not feature any unique readings that would be any better than those found on other platforms. Besides, paid readings are not even delivered by Lotus Tarot psychics, making the purpose of the website unclear.

It seems like the website was launched to promote the Tarot deck since this is probably the only product created by Lotus Tarot. Other than that, the services featured on the website are offered by Kasamba advisors.

To get a better idea of what to expect from Free-Tarot-Reading.net, check out the following section, in which I discuss some of the aspects of the platform that I like and dislike.

What I Like and Dislike About Lotus Tarot

In this section, I will share my honest thoughts about Lotus Tarot that are based on what I have personally experienced when navigating through the website.

The only thing I like about Lotus Tarot is the deck they have designed and launched. This is a luxurious deck with high-quality cards and unique prints. However, the deck is still too expensive. Paying almost $100 for the Lotus Tarot deck might be ridiculous since there are tons of premium-quality Tarot card decks available on Amazon for less than $25.

Do you want to know what I do not like about Lotus Tarot? Ugh… The list of things I dislike is quite extensive but let’s get started. Below are some of the things I HATE about Lotus Tarot.

  1. The Domain Name

The domain name of the website is what I hate the most. Why would anyone create a domain www.Free-Tarot-Reading.net when the company is called “Lotus Tarot”?

Okay, let’s ignore this claim and assume that it is a cool domain name. The majority of services are paid, so why would you call your website “Free Tarot Reading”? All you get for free is just a couple of readings and educational content that can be easily found on Google or other search engines. The readings are not even that comprehensive to be worth spending your time. There are plenty of free Tarot reading websites that actually offer a variety of useful services completely free of charge.

Moving your website to a new domain is not that challenging after all.

  1. Website Design and Quality

Lotus Tarot features poor website design and quality. Although the platform seems to be fully functional, the design is just awful. When launching the website, you will be greeted with dark colors. The website is almost black and white, jeez!

Obviously, black shades are typically associated with negativity and incorporating such colors in your website theme is not a logical thing to do whatsoever. The color palette of the website creates a mysterious and gloomy environment. When launching the website, all I want to do is close the tab and never launch it again.

  1. Just a Few Free Services

Although the URL says “Free Tarot Reading,” there are just 6-7 free readings available on the website. The majority of services are paid and require purchasing one of the subscription plans. I feel really disappointed because I could not get what I was expecting from Lotus Tarot. The resources that are available for free can be found online.

  1. Free Readings Are Not Detailed Enough

There are a couple of really good Tarot reading websites that offer comprehensive interpretations completely for free. Yet, Lotus Tarot is not among these useful platforms. The readings you get for free are not detailed enough to benefit you in any way. They just provide the meanings of cards you select from the deck. The readings do not mention how combinations of different Tarot cards affect resulting interpretations.

  1. Registration Required to Receive Free Services

The only two services you can receive without registering on the website are free numerology reports and a universal 6-card Tarot reading. To unlock additional 5 readings, you need to create your account. Although it only takes a couple of minutes, I do not get why they would need your personal information and e-mail to deliver free readings on the website.

  1. Live Psychic Readings Are Not Even Delivered by Lotus Tarot Advisors

Lotus Tarot does not even feature its own psychic readers. Instead, the platform directs you to the official Kasamba website to receive paid live readings. Psychic rates and special offers are identical to what one can see on Kasamba. So, why should I consult them on Free-Tarot-Reading.net if I can speak to them directly through Kasamba? That’s strange.

It seems like Lotus Tarot is just an affiliate, earning a commission by directing customers to Kasamba.

  1. Vague Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

When scrolling down to the bottom of almost every website, there are a couple of sections called About Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Legal Information. Although not many people check the information shared in these sections, the details are extremely important.

In the case of Lotus Tarot, the information about legal concerns is too general. The sections only mention a couple of things about copyright issues, the use of cookies, and the collection and use of personal data. They also provide a legal disclaimer that they are not responsible for literally anything.

Obviously, these sections do not necessarily have to be extensive, but they have to be professional at least. And guess what? Lotus Tarot is not professional whatsoever!

How Can I Improve My Experience with Tarot Readings?

If you were also disappointed with Lotus Tarot or any other Tarot reading website, you should consider a couple of tips to make your experience with Tarot reading more enjoyable.

Below are some tips that will help you improve your overall experience with Tarot reading and receive accurate interpretations.

  • If you are not familiar with Tarot reading, find a free Tarot reading platform and explore different spreads to get a general idea of how everything works.
  • For entertainment purposes, you can continue referring to free Tarot reading websites.
  • For a more personalized and detailed reading, it is better to consult actual Tarot readers.
  • Do some research to find a reliable Tarot reading platform or a Tarot reader.
  • Take a few deep breaths before starting your reading session.
  • Be open-minded during your Tarot reading séance.
  • Keep your questions simple and specific for more accurate results.

Even if you follow the tips listed above, you should keep in mind that Tarot readings are not always 100% trustworthy. Therefore, you should avoid taking the interpretations too literally. Instead, you should take Tarot readings as warnings rather than specific instructions.