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next tarot review

Next Tarot Review

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The psychic industry is among the most successful businesses worldwide. While some psychics offer in-person readings, online psychic networks allow you to receive psychic services without leaving home. You just need to go to the specific website or download an app on your device, and you are ready to go! Now, you can connect with the desired psychic and receive guidance to heal your soul or improve the quality of life.

Obviously, there are several online psychic networks offering exceptionally reliable readings by their professional psychics. Some of the best online psychic companies include Kasamba, Oranum, California Psychics, Keen, Psychic Source, and Psychic Center.

Notwithstanding, you might doubt the credibility of some of the online psychic platforms, especially if they are offering services completely for free. Plus, if you see that there is not a real person behind the screen, you are most probably getting generalized readings that can be applied to almost anyone in the world.

Next Tarot is among the websites offering free Tarot card reading services. Instead of connecting with a psychic in live chat, you just select the desired service, and the website displays pre-existing content.

But are these readings even reliable? Should I take them literally?

To answer the questions above, review the following sections and learn more about what Next Tarot is, what services they offer, how much the services cost, and if the website is trustworthy at all.

What is Next Tarot?

Next Tarot is an online platform offering different types of Tarot card readings completely for free. Unfortunately, the website does not have the “About” section, meaning that it is impossible to find any information about the owners or the credibility of the readings.

The only thing the website states is that its free Tarot readings have been consulted several millions of times. They also claim that the readings can reveal details about any aspect of your life. Next Tarot ensures that choosing one of the online Tarot card readings from the list will help you achieve self-empowerment. Besides, you can also get some information about the origins and history of the Tarot, and that’s it.

To explore different services offered by Next Tarot and determine the trustworthiness of the website, check out the following sections.

How Can I Use Next Tarot?

Numerous online psychic networks offer services on several platforms, including their official website, mobile app, and social media. However, Next Tarot can only be accessed by going to their official website.

You might think that the website will not be convenient to use from your mobile device. But Next Tarot allows you to choose the version of the website you want to load on your device. You will just need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and select either “Mobile” or “Desktop.” Now, you can fully enjoy your online Tarot card readings.


What Services Does Next Tarot Offer?

Continuing with the services offered by Next Tarot, we should state that the only tool the website uses is the Tarot. Still, you have access to different types of free Tarot readings. Depending on your question, you can choose one of the Tarot card reading options from the list.

After clicking on any of the Tarot card reading services, you will see a general overview of the specific service as well as some basic instructions for preparing yourself for the reading. Before choosing the cards, you should close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and concentrate on the specific issue if you feel calm and relaxed. Next, open your eyes and choose tarot cards from the deck. The website suggests that you never refer to the Tarot if you are not calm enough or have some other things to do.

The types of services you can receive at Next Tarot are discussed below.

  • Daily Tarot Reading

For a daily Tarot reading, you will need to select one Tarot card from the deck. You can shuffle and cut the deck before choosing the card. Next, you just press the button “Get Your Tarot Reading!” and wait for the divination to be displayed.

  • Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

After shuffling and cutting the deck, you pick 10 Tarot cards and click on “Get Your Tarot Reading.” You will see the cards arranged into the Celtic Cross Spread. You can either select individual cards to see the reading or click on “Show All” to display the meaning of every card in the spread.

  • Love Tarot reading

Love Tarot reading will help you uncover the status of your love life. After choosing one Tarot card from the deck, you will be able to see if there are any problems with your partner or if you should be careful to avoid some difficulties.

  • Study Tarot Reading

For the study Tarot reading, you will need to choose one Tarot card from the deck. The card will tell you how to improve your academic performance and help you achieve educational success.

  • Career Tarot Reading

You will need to pick a single Tarot card from the deck to reveal some important aspects of your work, career, and business.

  • Money Tarot Reading

Money Tarot readings can uncover details about your financial situation and possible risks. Choose one Tarot card from the deck and learn more about the issues to be careful of.

  • Health Tarot Reading

Select one Tarot card from the deck to reveal health issues, if any. You can also see how to cure the sickness or even prevent it.

  • Family Tarot Reading

Choose one Tarot card from the deck and foresee if your family members are facing any serious problems in their lives. Learn how to resolve the issues or get rid of unwanted situations.

  • Luck Tarot Reading

Luck Tarot reading can tell you if you are on the right track by just picking one Tarot card from the deck. See your luck as you take a risk or make an investment.

While these are the services you can get as you visit Next Tarot, there is no mention of the accuracy of the readings. To determine whether the readings should be considered for making life-changing decisions, read the last section of the article.

How Much Do Next Tarot Services Cost?

Next Tarot offers Tarot reading services completely for free. It does not cost you a penny to receive any of the Tarot readings listed in the previous section. The reason for this is that you are not connecting with a real psychic and the readings are not personalized at all. The owners of the website just wrote the meanings of each Tarot card and you just see the pre-existing texts. It seems like Next Tarot simply relies on ads displayed on the website.

Is Next Tarot a Reliable Psychic Network?

For the last section of the article, we should address the issue of credibility and trustworthiness of services offered by Next Tarot. The brief answer to the question of whether the services are accurate is that they are NOT. The reason for this is that the readings have already been generated and they are extremely general.

Instead of interpreting the readings based on personal characteristics or other attributes of an individual, the website simply displays the universal meaning of the specific Tarot card. Besides, the energy and your spiritual state are not transferred to the deck while shuffling and cutting it before picking one or more Tarot cards.

The website does not ask you to share any personal information, such as your first name and date of birth. What this means is that the readings are not personalized at all. The only thing Next Tarot asks is to stay open minded and relaxed while choosing the cards from the deck. They claim that the accuracy of the results is entirely dependent on your intentions and thoughts at the time of selection.

Another issue is that Next Tarot does not tell the users anything about its owners or the credibility of their services. There are no sections that provide further information about the company, their privacy policy, and terms of use. You cannot even contact them if the readings seem a little bit unclear, or you just need some guidance.

The fact that lots of people doubt the reliability of Next Tarot can be explained by the factors discussed above. It seems like the website was created purely for entertainment purposes. Despite the fact that the home page says you should follow the readings to achieve personal empowerment, I would not recommend taking the readings too literally. You can just spend your spare time on the website but never consider the context of these free readings for making decisions.

In the case, if you need psychic guidance, you should just register on one of the reliable psychic platforms as mentioned above in the article.

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