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Nowadays, various industries consider making their services available to customers online. Believe it or not, the psychic industry is one of the most booming sectors with hundreds if not thousands of remote services accessible to a worldwide audience. No matter how anxious you are about the difficulties you have to face in life, professional psychics can help you deal with even the toughest challenges. The primary advantage is that you can consult psychics 24/7 without leaving your home!

It is no surprise that virtual psychic services are so convenient and therefore, popular across the globe. But are they even worth spending your time and money? Briefly addressing the issue, they definitely are. However, you need to do some research prior to referring to any online advisors. This helps you ensure that you are consulting a genuine psychic rather than a typical scammer. The best way to discover legit advisors is to find a legit psychic platform first. And this technique works even for free psychic or Tarot reading services.

Since Tarot readings are so popular, especially those delivered for free, this article will focus on one of the free Tarot reading websites called Salem Tarot. If you have ever come across the website but were unsure about what to expect from it, this article is for you. In the following sections, I will briefly describe how Salem Tarot works and what the website offers. I will also consider the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the readings to reach a verdict. Finally, I will share some tips on how to increase the accuracy of remote Tarot readings.

How Does Salem Tarot Work?

The way Salem Tarot works does not differ from typical Tarot reading platforms. To receive a free reading, you need to launch the official Salem Tarot website and select a suitable reading from the list. The platform offers a 3-card reading for free and a couple of other paid readings.

To receive a free reading, you do not need to register on the website. However, paid readings require you to log in to your PayPal account and payment. In the case of phone Tarot readings, you can either log in to your Click4Advisor account or dial directly using a particular advisor’s dial-in ID.

Along with free and premium Tarot reading services, Salem Tarot shares educational content for those interested in Tarot reading. You can access the content completely for free and without registration. Although the texts are too general, they help you gain a basic understanding of how Tarot cards work.

Besides, Salem Tarot features a couple of articles about Witches and Witchcraft. If you are into witchery, the website provides you with some of the witchy places around Salem, Massachusetts.

For further information about the services offered by Salem Tarot, check out the following section.

What Services Does Salem Tarot Offer?

In a nutshell, Salem Tarot offers a free Tarot reading and short educational articles that you can access completely free of charge as well. In addition to that, the website allows you to receive more accurate and personalized guidance through paid readings. Detailed information about the services offered by Salem Tarot is provided below.

Free 3-Card Reading

If you are worried about a specific issue in your life, you can consult the Tarot cards on Salem Tarot. The resulting interpretation will provide an explanation for your past, present, and future life. The reading will help you make rational decisions in life and get closer to your “Higher Self.”

All you have to do is to focus on a specific question, shuffle the cards, and click on the deck to reveal your reading. The website will direct you to a page with your free 3-card reading.

Although the reading is pretty detailed and mentions various important aspects of your life, there is one thing I do not really like about the reading. You cannot select cards yourself. Instead, the website will choose 3 random cards for you. I feel like clicking on the deck for the program to generate your cards is not enough for the reading to be accurate and personalized for you. Selecting individual cards from the deck would have been much more reasonable.

Free Educational Content

Although the only free reading service offered by Salem Tarot is a 3-card reading, the platform allows customers to access various educational articles for free. If you are interested in Tarot reading or witchery, Salem Tarot covers some fundamental topics that can help you get a general idea of how these practices work.

Free educational articles offered by Salem Tarot cover the following topics:

  • Tarot History
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Tarot
  • Choosing the Right Tarot Deck
  • Tarot Card Meanings
  • Tarot Topics
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Witches
  • Salem Witchcraft
  • Witches and Tarot
  • Spell of the Day
  • Visitor’s Guide – Witchy Places Around Salem
  • About Salem

Send a Free Tarot Postcard to Someone You Love

Salem Tarot offers a unique feature through which you can send a Tarot postcard to someone you love. All you need to do is select a Tarot card and provide the name of the recipient, his/her e-mail address, your name, your e-mail address, and an optional message. Next, you click on “Preview the Postcard” and the website will redirect you to a page with the meaning of your chosen card. Finally, click on “Send Card” and you are ready to go!

Paid 10-Card Reading

If you want to receive more detailed advice, you should consider getting a 10-card Tarot reading for only $3.00. The reading highlights some of the most critical aspects of your life and guides you to make reasonable decisions. Along with explaining your past, present, and future, the reading provides deep insights into your mood and basis of events/people surrounding you.

To receive a 10-card Tarot reading by Salem Tarot, you should click on the “Click for your 10-card reading” icon and log in to your PayPal account to pay the fee. Then, you should just follow the instructions displayed on your screen.

Paid Phone Readings

For more personalized readings, you should consider referring to actual psychic advisors and Tarot readers. Although computer-generated Tarot readings are also comprehensive sometimes, those delivered by professional readers are much more accurate and reliable.

Salem Tarot offers a wide range of phone readings by talented psychics from all around the world. The website features over 30 psychics with unique extension codes. You can call psychics that are available immediately or arrange calls with offline advisors.

After selecting an advisor from the list, you can either send an email or call him/her. The service is powered by Click4Advisor and you need to create an account to email/call advisors through the website. To make sure a specific psychic is suitable for you, you should check his/her bio and feedback as well.

If you prefer connecting to psychics directly via your phone, you can dial at 1-888-626-7386 and a particular advisor’s unique Dial-IN ID. You will also need your Dial-In ID and PIN that can be found on your Click4Advisor account.

Phone psychic readings offered by Salem Tarot are pretty affordable. You can consult a professional advisor for as low as $1.99 per minute and prices go up to $5.99 per minute. After creating your Click4Advisor account, you will get 3 free minutes for your first phone consultation with any psychic from the list.

Is Salem Tarot a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

Salem Tarot is a legit Tarot reading platform created by a modern-day Warlock, Christian Day. The website has been around since 1995 and during these 25 years, it has been offering Tarot reading services from a Witch’s perspective. Although the 3-card reading by Salem Tarot is not among my favorite free readings, it still gives you some basic insights into your life.

From my personal point of view, paid 10-card reading is way better than the one delivered for free. However, I would still not recommend you taking the interpretation to literally. The best way to get some quality advice is to contact actual psychic advisors and Tarot readers via phone.

How to Receive an Accurate Tarot Reading Online?

As a matter of fact, psychic readings are not always 100% accurate. And even if they seem to be correct, they might change as you make different decisions on a daily basis. The same applies to Tarot readings, especially those delivered remotely. This is because your energy has to be transferred on to the Tarot cards for them to reveal some of the important aspects of your life.

There are a couple of tips you should consider when getting a Tarot reading online:

  • Get familiar with Tarot reading by referring to free educational content and readings available online;
  • Find a reliable Tarot reading platform;
  • Select the right Tarot reader if you are willing to receive an accurate reading, either free or paid;
  • Know how to formulate your questions and always keep them as specific as possible;
  • Be open-minded during a Tarot reading session and let the cards guide you through challenging periods of life.

Even if you consider the tips listed above, keep in mind that Tarot interpretations should never be used as specific instructions. Instead, you should consider them as warnings that can help you avoid a variety of unpleasant situations occurring daily.