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Tarot Goddess Review

Tarot cards are among the most convenient divination tools accessible to people worldwide. Whether you are worried about your love life or have some burning questions regarding your career success, Tarot cards can help you gain insights into various occurrences within a couple of minutes. Still, you should be aware that Tarot readings do not give specific instructions on how to move forward. Instead, the interpretation allows you to be prepared for some possible events that you might face in the nearest future.

Since Tarot readings are so well-liked by people across the globe, various businesses have been launching companies offering Tarot-related services. During the last 20+ years, similar services have become available online. Instead of visiting a reader in person, you can simply launch a given website or app and consult professional Tarot readers remotely.

Luckily, there are lots of free Tarot reading platforms that are especially beneficial for newbies. Without spending too much cash, you can gradually become familiar with Tarot cards, spreads, and reading techniques. Yet, not every Tarot reading platform should be trusted. Prior to referring to any of the platforms, you should do some research and ensure that you are about to receive legit guidance.

Tarot Goddess is one of the Tarot reading websites offering services completely for free. The platform features a unique variety of free Tarot readings for different occasions. To better understand how the website works and what it offers, check out this ultimate Tarot Goddess review.

How Does Tarot Goddess Work?

Tarot Goddess features a large variety of free Tarot interpretations using a couple of different decks and spreads. To receive any of the free readings, you just need to follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Luckily, you are not required to register on the website or provide your e-mail address, meaning that your mail will not fill up with spam messages from the company.

There are three general steps you need to follow to get a free reading on Tarot Goddess:

  1. Choose a reading topic
  2. Choose a deck
  3. Ask your question
  4. Explore your reading

However, specific instructions are slightly contrasting for different types of readings. Further details will be covered in the next section.

While most free Tarot reading platforms are in partnership with other psychic companies to generate revenue via being an affiliate, Tarot Goddess does not mention anything like this. Tarot Goddess makes it clear that they are not interested in affiliate marketing. However, they do offer advertising opportunities through different sized ads.

Another cool feature is that Tarot Goddess offers all of the services in Spanish as well. You just need to go to TarotDiosa.com and enjoy your experience with this incredible platform.

In a nutshell, Tarot Goddess offers Tarot reading services completely for free and they do not ask you to refer to any paid consultations on other psychic platforms.

What Services Does Tarot Goddess Offer?

Tarot Goddess offers over 15 Tarot readings completely free of charge. To be honest, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the variety of Tarot spreads and interpretations since the majority of websites feature only a couple of free services.

For almost every Tarot reading and oracle, you will be asked to select one of the following decks:

  • Rider Waite Tarot
  • The Goddess Tarot
  • The Lover’s Path Tarot
  • Goddess Inspiration Oracle
  • Sacred World Oracle

Next, you will also be asked whether you prefer a reading based on the cards in an upright position or you would like to include reversed cards as well.

Free Tarot readings and oracles offered by Tarot Goddess include:

  • Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading
  • Celtic Cross Reading
  • Two Choices Reading
  • True Love Tarot Reading
  • Answers to Burning Questions
  • Lover’s Path Reading
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Reading
  • Higher Purpose Reading
  • One-Card Oracle
  • Yes/No Oracle
  • When Will It Happen?
  • Rune Oracle
  • Bibliomancy
  • Daily TarotScopes
  • Daily Goddess LunarScopes
  • Birthday Reading

You can find further information about the free services offered by Tarot Goddess is provided below.

Past, Present, Future Tarot Reading

If you have any simple questions regarding your past, present, or future, you should definitely use this reading. This spread gives you a quick and basic overview of your past, present, and future occurrences. You might also receive a piece of advice on how to proceed in a particular situation.

To receive a reading, you should provide your name and specific question. Next, you reveal the three cards displayed on the screen, one at a time.

  • Card 1 – Your Past
  • Card 2 – Your Present
  • Card 3 – Your Future

Celtic Cross Reading

Celtic Cross is the most popular reading on Tarot Goddess. The reading offers insights into varying aspects of life via displaying 6 cards in a cross-like pattern and another 4 cards along the side. After typing in your name and question, you will receive a complete 10-card interpretation.

  • Card 1 – Your current situation
  • Card 2 – Factors that make your situation better or worse
  • Card 3 – The basis of the issue
  • Card 4 – Your past and other factors influencing the issue
  • Card 5 – What you have in mind at the moment
  • Card 6 – Represents the nearest future
  • Card 7 – How the issue affects your life and how you see it
  • Card 8 – How others see your issue and how they help or hinder
  • Card 9 – Your hopes and fears
  • Card 10 – A general overview of your situation

Two Choices Reading

If you are stuck between two choices and do not know which one to proceed with, this reading will help you understand the pros and cons of each. After providing your name and a specific question, you will receive a 5-card reading discussing the pluses and minuses of the two choices you have.

  • Card 1 – A general overview of your current situation
  • Card 2 – Positive aspects of Choice #1
  • Card 3 – Negative aspects of Choice #1
  • Card 4 – Positive aspects of Choice #2
  • Card 5 – Negative aspects of Choice #2

True Love Tarot Reading

The reading is based on the cards from the Major Arcana. It is ideal for answering some of the urgent questions about your love life or related issues. To receive a 3-card reading about your relationship or other romantic matters, you just need to provide your name and question.

  • Card 1 – Symbolizes you and reveals your contribution to the relationship
  • Card 2 – Represents your partner or POI and tells you how they feel about the relationship
  • Card 3 – A general overview of your romantic relationship and a piece of advice

Answers to Burning Questions

If you have some pressing questions that you need to be answered right away, you should consider getting the Burning Question reading on Tarot Goddess. This is a 7-card reading with the main card positioned in the center of the spread. It is associated with the specific question you have in mind. The remaining 6 cards are situated around the main card and symbolize influential factors around your question.

  • Card 1 – Main card symbolizing your question
  • Card 2 – Barriers or supporting factors
  • Cards 3 and 4 – Your hopes and fears with respect to your question
  • Cards 5 and 6 – Further details you should consider
  • Card 7 – A general overview of your issue

Lover’s Path Reading

If you have any questions about your romantic relationship, this is the right Tarot spread for you. The reading examines your relationship at four different levels and considers the elemental forces of fire, earth, air, and water. This 13-card reading aims to provide a comprehensive picture of your current relationship.

  • Cards 1 and 2 – Emotional needs of Partner 1 and Partner 2
  • Cards 3 and 4 – The ways Partner 1 and Partner 2create changes in the relationship
  • Cards 5 and 6– Intellectual needs and communication patterns of Partner 1 and Partner 2
  • Cards 7 and 8 – Sensual and romantic needs of Partner 1 and Partner 2
  • Card 9 – An overview of emotional issues you might face in the relationship
  • Card 10 – Goals you should strive for in the relationship
  • Card 11 – The sagacity gained by loving each other
  • Card 12 – Ways to make the relationship brighter and more enjoyable
  • Card 13 – An overall theme for your romantic relationship

Mind, Body, Spirit Reading

This insightful reading reveals holistic perspectives of your current situation. The 5-card spread helps you make the right choice to proceed.

  • Card 1 – Represents your current situation
  • Card 2 – Symbolizes the actions that should be carefully contemplated
  • Card 3 – Reveals physical limitations to be explored
  • Card 4 – Is associated with karmic ramifications that must be considered
  • Card 5 – A piece of advice for a better outcome

Higher Purpose Reading

This is a relatively quick but insightful 4-card reading that helps you understand various aspects of your current situation.

  • Card 1 – How you see your current situation
  • Card 2 – How you react to your current situation emotionally
  • Card 3 – The primary purpose of your current situation
  • Card 4 – Tells you how to proceed

One-Card Reading

This is the most straightforward reading available on Tarot Goddess. While focusing on a specific issue, you should reveal the card displayed on your screen. The card will give you the insights you need at the moment. This one-card oracle is ideal for daily meditation.

Yes/No Oracle

If you have a Yes or No question, this oracle is definitely for you. You can receive a quick response to your burning question within a couple of seconds.

When Will It Happen?

This is another one-card reading that allows you to know when a particular event might occur. Keep in mind that the dates are subject to change. The dates are accurate in the case if everything around you continues to be as it has been so far.

Rune Oracle

Rune Oracle is yet another simple reading that allows you to gain insights into the situation of interest. Similarly to the one-card reading mentioned above, this rune oracle can also be used as a meditation daily.


Bibliomancy oracle opens a random book and offers you a reading based on a random passage from the book. The list consists of more than 100 inspirational quotes, one of which is selected as a response to your question.

Daily TarotScopes

Daily TarotScopes are short but complex Tarot readings, personalized for all 12 zodiac signs. Each Tarot card is thoroughly explained using a few sentences and the platform suggests another free reading to gain more explicit insights into different aspects of your life.

Daily Goddess LunarScopes

Daily Goddess LunarScopes include detailed information regarding lunar phases, moon astrology, and goddess empowerment. However, the reading is not personalized and you will receive the same exact text during the day.

Birthday Reading

A birthday reading offered by Tarot Goddess is based on the principles of numerology and Tarot cards. However, you cannot select your birthdate. You can only receive a reading when checking the platform on your birthday.

Another issue is that the numerology part of the reading does not seem to be accurate. Although the page mentions the right date, the numerological value is calculated using the date 3 weeks ago from today.

Free Tarot Lessons

If you are into Tarot reading and you are looking for some free educational resources, Tarot Goddess offers free Tarot lessons with some exceptional tips and tricks to improve your reading skills. Besides, the lessons cover the theoretical part of Tarot reading and include explanations for all Tarot card from the Major and Minor Arcana.

Is Tarot Goddess a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

In a nutshell, Tarot Goddess is an incredible Tarot reading platform offering probably the larges variety of free services. Although there are many free Tarot reading websites and apps, not many of them feature 15 services delivered using 5 different decks.

There are only a couple of things I do not really like about Tarot Goddess. Firstly, the website seems to be a bit outdated. Although some might not pay attention to it, I personally prefer visiting modern platforms with a wider variety of features. Still, the website is fully functional and I have not experienced any significant issues when testing different Tarot readings and oracles.

Secondly, there are tons of ads that might be distracting when receiving a reading. However, these ads are relevant and suggest some other psychic services from reliable companies.

Lastly, I would prefer picking specific cards and spreading them by myself. I feel like this makes the readings more personalized since your aura is actually transferred to the deck from the very beginning.

Other than that, the website seems to be pretty legit to me. And the fact that they offer all of the readings and oracles in Spanish makes the platform useful for a larger audience. Overall, Tarot Goddess is a great tool for those trying to get familiar with Tarot reading in general.

Are Free Tarot Readings Reliable?

Although some free Tarot reading platforms tell you that their services are 100% accurate, the claim just cannot be completely valid. The main reason for this is that these readings are not delivered by a real human and your energy or aura might not be transferred to the cards. Therefore, computer-generated Tarot readings are not always personalized specifically for you. They might be extremely detailed and thorough, but this does not necessarily mean that they are accurate. You should always keep in mind that such platforms are created for entertainment purposes only. The readings are not meant to provide precise guidance or specific instructions.

Still, free tarot readings offered by platforms like Tarot Goddess are ideal for those not familiar with Tarot reading in general. These free resources prepare you for a live reading with an actual Tarot reader. Therefore, consider referring to free Tarot reading websites to learn more about the Tarot cards and different spreads used for divination purposes.