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Tell My Tarot Review

Psychics, mediums, and fortune tellers use a wide variety of divination practices to gain insights into situations you currently face or those that are likely to happen in the future. Although different occult techniques are characteristic to specific parts of the world, Tarot cards are the most popular tools used across the globe. Due to its simplicity and the comprehensiveness of resulting guidance, Tarot reading is well-favored by millions of people worldwide.

Back in the day, Tarot reading services were available through face-to-face sessions only. Besides, people could also get their own Tarot deck and draw cards by themselves. Nowadays, a variety of Tarot readings are delivered remotely and are much more accessible to a worldwide audience. In addition to that, some psychic platforms offer free Tarot readings with detailed and thorough interpretations. However, not every free Tarot reading website should be trusted. Prior to referring to any of the free reading websites, it is essential to do some research and ensure that the platform is reliable.

Tell My Tarot is one of the free Tarot reading websites offering a few Tarot spreads along with live psychic readings powered by Keen. Although the website features a compelling design and seems to be fully functional, we should consider a few factors to determine whether the platform is trustworthy. In this article, you will find detailed information about the services offered by Tell My Tarot. The following sections will also cover the issue of credibility and trustworthiness of the platform.

How Does Tell My Tarot Work?

Tell My Tarot is a free Tarot reading website that uses affiliate marketing to generate income by referring its customers to Keen, a live psychic reading platform. Like many other free Tarot reading platforms, Tell My Tarot does not require you to register to receive any of the free services. You just select the one you like and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Tell My Tarot advertises live psychic readings that are delivered by Keen advisors. If you are willing to receive guidance from actual readers, you will need to create an account on Keen. In fact, Tell My Tarot does not offer live readings directly through the website. Instead, they redirect you to Keen.com, where you can select a suitable Tarot reader.

In a nutshell, Tell My Tarot is a pretty useful Tarot reading website offering a large range of readings completely for free. However, there are a few factors you should be aware of before referring to any of the services featured by the company. In the following sections, you will find everything you might need to know about Tell My Tarot.

What Services Does Tell My Tarot Offer?

Services offered directly by Tell My Tarot are completely free. They include a couple of Tarot spreads for different occasions. Besides, Tell My Tarot is an affiliate promoting live psychic and Tarot readings by Keen. This service is not available on TellMyTarot.com. You will be redirected to the official Keen website, where you can find the list of available psychics.

Free Tarot readings offered by Tell My Tarot include:

  • Love Tarot Reading
  • Yes/No Tarot Reading
  • Past, Present, and Future Tarot Reading
  • Card of the Day
  • Discover and Learn Tarot
  • Mystical Angel Oracle Reading

Detailed information about each is provided below.

Love Tarot Reading

Love Tarot is a spread for answering questions about relationships, the person of interest, affairs, dating, and many more. You should just concentrate on a specific question related to your love life and let the Tarot cards guide you. You can receive answers to some of your burning questions by repeating the reading as many times as you wish.

To receive a love reading on Tell My Tarot, you should touch the deck first. This enables your aura to be transferred to the Tarot cards. Next, you should select 1 card from the spread while thinking about a specific love-related issue. Finally, you should click on your selected cards once again and you will be redirected to a new page with the Tarot card interpretation.

Yes/No Tarot Reading

Yes/No Tarot is a one-card reading that directly answers your questions with a Yes or No. This reading is especially beneficial for those experiencing ambiguous events in life.

To receive the reading, you should touch the deck and select 1 card from it. Since your non-dominant hand is more vulnerable to cosmic energies, use that hand to select the card. However, others might suggest using your left hand since it is associated with astrology. After choosing the card, you will receive a Yes or No response along with a complete explanation of your card.

Past, Present, and Future Tarot Reading

This 3-card reading provides insights into your past, present, and future life from three influential perspectives. The resulting interpretation helps you the right choice while taking into account your past life. The reading will also enable you to feel more relaxed and confident about your present life.

After touching the deck and adding your aura to the cards, you will be asked to select a total of 3 cards, a single card at a time. The first card represents your past, the second one is associated with your present life, and the last card is linked with your future. After choosing the cards, you will be redirected to a new page with a detailed explanation of your past, present, and future.  Each interpretation is accompanied by a short “Ask Yourself” section, giving you some advice to grow and develop as a person.

Card of the Day

Card of the Day is a one-card spread that reveals some information about the events that are likely to happen during the next 24 hours. The reading might also be closely related to your mood. To gain insights into your daily occurrences, you can consult this Tarot spread once a day.

To receive a reading, you just need to select one card from the deck. You will get an in-depth interpretation of your card of the day.

Discover and Learn Tarot Reading

Discover Tarot is a spread that educates those enthusiastic about Tarot reading in general. The reading gives you theoretical knowledge of the symbols on your chosen cards. After selecting a card, you will get to explore every single symbol represented on tit. Each symbol featured on Tarot cards has its unique meaning and is crucial for interpreting the cards in the right way.

To receive a reading, you just need to select one card from the deck. Carefully read the explanation of the symbols featured on your chosen card.

Mystical Angel Oracle Reading

This is a one-card angel reading that allows you to receive an interpretation guided by our guardians, guides, and helpers. The reading aims to help you feel loved, appreciated, inspired, and secure.

After touching the deck and selecting one card, you will receive an explanation of your angel card. Along with that, the reading will also discuss a couple of missions of yours.

Live Psychic and Tarot Readings by Keen

As mentioned earlier, Tell My Tarot features live psychic and Tarot readings. However, these readings are not delivered by Tell My Tarot advisors. Instead, you will be redirected to the official Keen page, where you can choose a psychic that feels to be related to your soul and energy.

Educational Content About Tarot Cards

Although there are no educational articles listed on the menu, the platform shares the explanation of each Tarot card from the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

When receiving any of the free reading on the website, you can click on “Read More About Your Chosen Card” to access the meaning of a particular card. However, you can access these meanings directly by following the links below:

Is Tell My Tarot a Legit Tarot Reading Website?

Overall, Tell My Tarot is a legit Tarot reading website with a variety of spreads you can consult completely for free. The website design ensures that you feel relaxed and calm when receiving readings. Besides, the platform is fully functional and I have not experienced any significant issues when testing the website.

To my surprise, free Tarot readings are exceptionally detailed and accurate most of the time. Each reading is accompanied by the following sections: Overview, Uses, How It Works, and Charmaine’s Take. The information under each Tarot spread helps you get a general idea of what to expect from the reading. You might also get lucky and find some useful tips on how to increase the accuracy of your reading.

Another factor that I really appreciate is that you receive readings using the cards in the upright or upside-down position. In fact, the alignment of Tarot cards significantly influences the outcome of the spread. Hence, ignoring the orientation of the cards when delivering a Tarot reading is not a logical thing to do.

However, I would like to point out a couple of factors to make sure you are aware of how the platform works and what to expect from it. Below are a couple of aspects of Tell My Tarot that seem a bit odd.

  • It is not clear who Charmaine Frapp is

The major factor that makes me dubious about Tell My Tarot is that it is hardly possible to validate whether the creator of the platform is a legit person. All we know is that he/she is called Charmaine Frapp and people often refer to him/her as Chimmi, Chazzi, or Mai-mai. We do not know the gender, nationality, age, or any other characteristics of the person.

The About Me section shares some background information about Charmaine and also mentions his/her parents. However, there is literally no way to check if these details are accurate.

When Googling “Charmaine Frapp,” the only search results that appear are associated with Tell My Tarot. There are no social media links directing you to his/her personal profile.

In a nutshell, Charmaine Frapp might be a pseudonym used to refer to a person (or even a group of people) who developed and launched the platform.

  • Tell My Tarot mentions Kasamba but only features Keen psychics

Another aspect that seems a bit unprofessional to me is that Tell My Tarot has dedicated a couple of paragraphs to praising Kasamba advisors and then lists psychics and Tarot readers working on Keen. While some of the pages mention both Kasamba and Keen, the one directing you to live readings only talks about how exceptional Kasamba advisors are. It seems like they have not updated some of the pages on their website yet.

Note that I am not criticizing services delivered either by Kasamba or Keen advisors. Both platforms are among the best psychic reading websites on the web. It is just essential to keep the information on your website pages updated so that it is not misleading for the customers.

How Can I Tell If a Tarot Reading Is Accurate?

Many people are not sure how to tell if they have received an accurate reading or just another ambiguous Tarot card interpretation. If you are among those, you should never feel frustrated or anxious about that.

Briefly addressing the issue, you cannot really tell if your Tarot reading is trustworthy. This is because Tarot cards are not always 100% accurate and the readings can change over time.

However, there are a couple of ways to ensure that you are not being scammed by an actual Tarot reader or even a free Tarot reading website.

Below are a few questions you should ask yourself when thinking about whether your reading is reliable.

  • How credible was the psychic I have consulted?
  • How reliable was the website I have received a Tarot reading from?
  • How detailed was the reading?
  • How accurate does the reading seem to be?
  • Is the reading related to me and my life in any possible way?
  • How accurate do the predictions seem to be?